An Ayula deck leaning into the +1/+1 counters and Overrun themes. Shying away from anthems and Bear Force One clones.

Notable Inclusions:

Sylvan Library + Words of Wilding : Bear making machine and fun nonbo.

Ecological Appreciation : A second copy of Grizzly Fate with potentially a different kind of upside if you can play the politics game with one of your opponents.

Ordeal of Nylea : A ramp and counter card that does everything the deck wants to do. Extremely easy to achieve 3 or more counters. Often a 2 mana Explosive Vegetation by just playing the deck.

Command Beacon and Road of Return : Our deck really needs it’s commander in play to function and these give us ways around prohibitive commander tax levels with no downside.

War Room and Bonders' Enclave : Sneaky card draw for mono colored decks that doesn’t cost us anything to include and gives us a card draw option if we’re sitting on the mana.

Notable Omissions:

Seek the Horizon : Synergizes with Ayula's Influence but the rate felt bad when it’s not in play. I really like Nissa's Triumph and Sprouting Vines a lot more here but couldn’t make room.

Kamahl's Summons : Even with Ayula in play I didn’t like giving my opponents bears and clogging things up.

Flaxen Intruder : You don’t get the bear tokens if you play the creature first and she’s really unreliable removal. And I’m dumb enough to be ok with 3 bears for 7 mana, so it was a tough call.


Ayula Bearstorm

Bear Force One



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