If "evolve" was a tribe, this would be a "tribal evolve deck". But it's not, so instead it's just a silly one.

When I saw Kruphix, God of Horizons spoiled, I knew I wanted to build a commander deck with him at the helm. Not so much because of what the card actually does (although his abilities are certainly useful), but because when it comes to legendary creatures to helm a Simic-colored EDH deck, at the time there were only 6 possible choices and the other 5 all screamed "I am going to do degenerate things, please kill me quickly", while Kruphix doesn't really do much of anything by himself. A general that's unobtrusive is exactly what I needed you see, because the terrible idea I'd been contemplating for a while prior to that spoiler was "Tribal Evolve" (not a real tribe), and his release was what prompted me to actually build it.

Essentially, I have all the evolve. Good, bad? Doesn't matter, get in the deck evolve creatures! But there's not enough of those plus the various Simic support creatures that interact with +1/+1 counters to be a deck all by itself, so I originally threw in a sub-theme of taking other people's stuff, when I'm not fastidiously growing mine (hence the deck name), though most of those cards have been swapped out over time. Folks examining this list might notice a conspicuous shortage of counterspells and ramp staples of other U/G decks, but I have an explanation for that: Those are boring.

If I was being smart about it, there really should be a whole lot more big -costed spells or effects that care about cards in hand on the list, instead of almost none of those at all, but the point was never to make a GOOD Kruphix deck, just an entertaining one that happened to have him at the helm for reasons I've already mentioned, and durdling around evolving all the things is endlessly amusing to me. So while I might change elements of the deck around from time to time, it's never not going to be about making small stuff get bigger and caring entirely too much about how my deck interacts with itself from turn to turn to bother trying to win most of the time. The fact that it can and has won quite often anyways just makes the durdling that much more amusing.


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At long, long last, WotC has seen fit to print... another creature with the Evolve ability! It's even a pretty good one too: Scurry Oak would have joined the "tribal evolve" deck on principle alone (because I run all of those creatures, even the garbage ones), but it doesn't just get bigger, it makes adorable squirrels when it gets bigger - hurray!


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