To Get Many Treasure Triggers But Very Expensive (1)

To Turbo Out Ognis But Very Expensive (1)

This is an Ognis list that I put together based on other lists I've seen, card suggestions from various videos, and from the recommendations on EDHREC. I don't have the physical cards yet, as I'm not sure if the current list is the strategy I want to go with. The goal is to go into combat a lot to generate treasure and then spend the treasure on some neat rewards. Stealing creatures seems powerful since the stolen creatures gain haste and it gives me a way to get some creatures if my board is looking sad. Amulet of Vigor + Hellkite Charger + Ognis, the Dragon's Lash seems like a pretty crucial combo for the deck, and Magda, Brazen Outlaw can put Hellkite Charger directly into play for just 5 treasures.


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