Oppressive Rays

Oppressive Rays

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant Creature

Enchanted creature can't attack or block unless its controller pays .

Activated abilities of enchanted creature cost more to activate.

Oppressive Rays Discussion

wallisface on Budget U/W Blink (Soulherder)

5 months ago

zapyourtumor it depends - if the creature is something super-oppressive that you can’t deal with, it’s only buying you one turn from your opponent not having it on the field, which usually won’t be enough. If your opponent has no way to shuffle their library, then 90% of the time your best use of Oust is just using on the first creature the opponent plays to slow them down and ruin their turn-3 draw. Oppressive Rays often serves as a closer budget-option for replacing Path, as it’s more likely to actually shut down the threat. Depending on what classes as “budget”, Fateful Absence is an even better option also

9-lives on

9 months ago

Yes, TriusMalarky! 1 mana drop 5 toughness Aegis Turtle is difficult to face in the first two turns, at least combat wise. What I'd like to look out for is hexes and destroys, and I have Lazotep Plating for that. Unfortunately, it's an instant, but extremely effective, making all of my permanents hexproof (hence all of the enchantments!) even making a 1/1 zombie army token, for 2 mana! I think Oppressive Rays will be more useful than Portable Hole because it will basically stop a 2 or 1 mana in its tracks, and who wants to pay for a 1 or 2 mana cost card unless its extremely valuable?

9-lives on

9 months ago

I was really thinking hard about the problem of Oppressive Rays and Detention Vortex when I was laying to take a nap. I think Oppressive Rays is far more useful. This is because it automatically basically makes a creature useless except for its ETB, and Detention Vortex does not affect ETB either. Then, the opponent would only pay for Oppressive Rays if they had enough mana, but since Oppressive Rays is 1 MV, it can be used early on with a guarantee that they won't pay it. So, we're gambling on using it later in the game where there are at least 4 usable mana on the field, and the person really wants to use their card. This would cause him/her to completely waste his/her applicable mana to use the enchanted card. However, after, say 8 mana in the game, Detention Vortex becomes better than Oppressive Rays unless I use it on multiple creatures that I know the opopnent wants to pay for. So, it overall makes a better card as long as I keep the opponent slogging through using his/her mana to use his/her cards. The fact that Oppressive Rays is a making opponent pay 4 cost for me only buying 1 mana to use it makes it superior to nearly all soft counter cards there are even in .

zapyourtumor on

9 months ago

As said before Angelic Gift doesn't seem great since we have Tetsuko. I think Oppressive Rays is a good option, since it should be better than Detention Vortex in general on creatures.

9-lives on

9 months ago

zapyourtumor Unfortunately, Portable Hole is an artifact, so I can't tutor it. How about Detention Vortex instead? Or Oppressive Rays? What about Sky Tether for whatever has flying that I can't block, or Angelic Gift as a way to do that as well as draw a card and also if the player can't block the flying card?

Kukkakaali on Tuhmeliinit Cube

1 year ago

Version 2.5. No more oyster: - Jaya's Greeting + Young Pyromancer - Chandra's Pyreling + Risk Factor - Chandra's Spitfire + Heartfire Immolator - Spelleater Wolverine + Warlord's Fury

- Aven Eternal + Blink of an Eye - Giant Oyster + Talrand's Invocation - No Escape + Vapor Snag - Witching Well + Mistral Singer - Of One Mind + Peek

Version 2.6. Kaldheim and Strixhaven boosters: - Colossus Hammer + Access Tunnel - Camaraderie + Fall of the Impostor - Cliffhaven Kitesail + Hall of Oracles

- Kin-Tree Invocation + Binding the Old Gods - Boneyard Lurker + Infuse with Vitality - Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner + Moritte of the Frost - Incubation / Incongruity + Quandrix Cultivator - Spellheart Chimera + Prismari Command - Final Payment + Humiliate - Zealous Persecution + Killian, Ink Duelist - Kaya, Bane of the Dead + Closing Statement

- Parhelion Patrol + Glorious Protector - Oppressive Rays + Doomskar - Pouncing Lynx + Codespell Cleric - Inspiring Captain + Leonin Lightscribe

- Concentrate + Behold the Multiverse - Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor + Saw It Coming

- Fleshbag Marauder + Brackish Trudge - Blight-Breath Catoblepas + Sheoldred, Whispering One - Audacious Thief + Unwilling Ingredient - Hagra Constrictor + Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip - Blood Beckoning + Go Blank - Murder + Poison the Cup - Lazotep Reaver + Umbral Juke - Herald of the Dreadhorde + Feed the Serpent

- Inordinate Rage + Infuriate - Heightened Reflexes + Claim the Firstborn - Furious Rise + Tormentor's Helm - Syr Carah, the Bold + Breakneck Berserker - Fire Servant + Rune of Speed

- Ranger's Guile + Snakeskin Veil - Reclaim the Wastes + Big Play - Scute Mob + Dragonsguard Elite - Loathsome Chimera + Regrowth

Rorolith on wr prison

1 year ago

Lightning Helix might be a good include. I would also suggest trying out Oppressive Rays and adding in something like Pacifism since you are playing a sort of control, I wouldn't be afraid to increase the mana by 1 for more benefit in this case. I would also take out Generous Gift and try out Banishing Light to see if it works better, because it doesn't give your opponent a 3/3.

Play around with it and see which version you like more :)

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