Priest of the Haunted Edge

Priest of the Haunted Edge

Snow Creature — Zombie Cleric

, Sacrifice Priest of the Haunted Edge: Target creature gets -X/-X until end of turn, where X is the number of snow lands you control. Activate this ability only at any time you could cast a sorcery.

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Priest of the Haunted Edge Discussion

wallisface on Sultai Snow tribal

4 months ago

You probably don’t need 25 lands, especially considering how much card draw you have. Personally i’d lower the land count down to 23 and ditch Into the North .

As far as good snow cards to consider adding, consider the following:

BrassLord on Faceless Betrayal (updated)

6 months ago

Dimir Zombies seems to be the way to go! Duress Feed the Swarm Cling to Dust or something like Blood on the Snow are all decent sideboard inclusions for any deck running black.

Surprised not to see Murderous Rider in the list, that card is a pretty decent utility zombie! If you're leaning into the self mill thing, I've been on the painful receiving end of an early game Egon, God of Death  Flip. Also the flip side of Jorn, God of Winter  Flip is really useful with snow permeants.

For recursion, Corpse Churn and Call of the Death-Dweller are both really good ways to get back your zombies. Lurrus of the Dream-Den is another often overlooked source of recursion, though not a zombie. It does give you a more consistent grindy end game though when paired with Priest of the Haunted Edge and an early Liliana's Steward .

NicodaPico on

6 months ago

seeing as you got a snow theme going on, a Priest of the Haunted Edge might be good. gets death triggers for nev, plus good removal that gets around indestructible. a Graven Lore also for that sweet sweet scry 5, draw 5.

also you know it wouldn't be a squishy deck comment without saying you need more ramp. with lots of 5, 6, 7+ mana spells you need to be able to cast them kinda early. signets, lockets, talismans, tons of options for artifact ramp. you need to include those

harkness on Snow Midrange($25 Budget)

6 months ago

Going to give some feedback on playing this. I had a great time actually. First game unfortunately was against a snow Simic with almost the same cards except with much heavier beaters (Spirit Bear of doom!). I managed to get a few wins out of it though thanks to Ravenform and Annul to shut down the crazy Icebind Pillar . I switched in some Saw It Coming as I did not have access to Graven Lore and used it to great effect against a Goldspan or two. That said, I love killing things like Koma, Cosmos Serpent and said Goldspan Dragon with Priest of the Haunted Edge stealing them with Draugr Necromancer or King Narfi's Betrayal , only to tap them with Frost Breath . Fun, tough deck with a lot of response. I also switched in a Poison the Cup to be a bit more aggressive when I didn't have fliers and I replaced Frostpeak Yeti with Ascendant Spirit .