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Retro Sorin & The Elderspell | Oathbreaker

Oathbreaker Lifegain Multiplayer Theme/Gimmick WB (Orzhov)


This is a first build with Sorin, Solemn Visitor at the helm & The Elderspell flanking it. The plan is to go ultimate straight away when at least two other planeswalkers are out to obtain the improved version of The Abyss .

Besides the interaction with our oathbreaker I am trying to fully utilize the sacrifice theme, combined with lifelink for longevity.

As an alternate wincon I added Gray Merchant of Asphodel , which can be sacced and recurred for maximum benefit.

A version of the Sorin, Solemn Visitor Oathbreaker deck that has never been seen elsewhere yet.

Please leave a comment below if you have a good suggestion or question. I am looking forward to your comments...

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Cards that left the deck:

  • Bojuka Bog : I prefer to play as fast as possible and having a tapped land in the first few turns can really slow my game.
  • Swamp : I think cutting one land and going for a total of 21 lands is alright when the cmc of this deck is currently 2.82.

Cards that have been added:

  • Golden Demise : Token swarm and aggresive decks are a huge part of my meta. This card should keep them in check and offers an asymetric effect lategame.

  • Ash Barrens : Mana fixing can be a huge thing for this deck, since you need 3 black mana the turns you play your Sorin and your signature spell. This card is heavily underappreciated!


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