Assure / Assemble

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal

Assure / Assemble



Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature. That creature becomes indestructible until end of turn.


Create three 2/2 green and white Elf Knight creature tokens with vigilance.

marciothehero on Ravnica Cube v12

1 year ago


Simic Charm -> Quandrix Command

Immolating Gyre -> Draconic Intervention

Lightning Helix -> Rip Apart

Launch the Fleet -> Venerable Warsinger

Shifting Ceratops -> Battle Mammoth

Shrine of Loyal Legions -> Mimic Vat

Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord -> Daemogoth Woe-Eater

Polukranos, Unchained -> Daemogoth Titan

Mindwrack Demon -> Rank Officer

Winding Way -> Brawn

Abrupt Decay -> Drown in Filth

Grapple with the Past -> Llanowar Mentor

Archetype of Courage -> Selfless Squire

Unburial Rites -> Incarnation Technique

Stealth Mission -> Benthic Biomancer

Thrummingbird - > Fuel for the Cause

Assure / Assemble -> Selesnya Charm

Knight of Autumn -> Battle for Bretagard

Druid's Deliverance -> Pest Infestation

Wilt-Leaf Liege -> Glare of Subdual

Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge -> Veyran, Voice of Duality

Legion Warboss -> Laelia, the Blade Reforged

Ral, Storm Conduit -> Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver

Experiment One -> Gyre Sage

Jadelight Ranger -> Managorger Hydra

Merfolk Branchwalker -> Incubation Druid

Sweet-Gum Recluse -> Forgotten Ancient

Sharktocrab -> Zegana, Utopian Speaker

Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath -> Prime Speaker Zegana

Roalesk, Apex Hybrid -> Tanazir Quandrix

Herald of Secret Streams -> Deepglow Skate

Nightpack Ambusher -> Arachnogenesis

Life / Death -> Tivash, Gloom Summoner

Cry of the Carnarium -> Essence Pulse

Filter Lands -> Thriving Lands + 5 Color Lands

Falta G para balancear


Quandrix Command , Draconic Intervention , Rip Apart , Venerable Warsinger , Daemogoth Woe-Eater , Daemogoth Titan , Incarnation Technique , Pest Infestation , Veyran, Voice of Duality , Laelia, the Blade Reforged , Tivash, Gloom Summoner , Essence Pulse

TheVectornaut on Does Rashmi get around the …

1 year ago

"202.3d The converted mana cost of a split card not on the stack or of a fused split spell on the stack is determined from the combined mana costs of its halves. Otherwise, while a split card is on the stack, the converted mana cost of the spell is determined by the mana cost of the half that was chosen to be cast."

So a fused Beck / Call would work but not Assure / Assemble . Totally forgot about x spells too. I can see something like Biomass Mutation being played in token-heavy Rashmi.

ClockworkSwordfish on Deceiving Hydras

2 years ago

Are 17 lands really enough? Even with eight mana dorks? I'd be very surprised considering you're trying to play some pretty big fatties ASAP. I'd probably cut Cryptolith Rite for four more lands, since the creatures you'd be most willing to tap for mana already tap for mana on their own. Consider making room for a set of Llanowar Wastes, since the damage it deals to you shouldn't matter if you're trying to win by turn five.

I get the idea with Bioshift - shuffling the counters off someone about to die so all their build-up isn't wasted - but it might be more effective to just protect them with something like Vines of Vastwood, Destined or Assure / Assemble. After all, Bioshift is no use if you have zero other creatures!

Loizo on Rienne, Rebirthing a Format

3 years ago

Single Combat is a pretty poor boardwipe solution... you should avoid it as it lets your opponent get on the board first ... even if I understand the advantage (Rienne making your side in your hand when theirs is in the grave). Realm-Cloaked Giant is always better.

Really like the theme of the deck, all-in on Rienne's rebirth ability. Mask of Immolation is a pretty bad equipment though. Maybe Hero of Precinct One is a better engine for 1 card = 1 damage. Also Assure / Assemble is really good at keeping Rienne around and Join Shields if you really want to go all-gold cards deck :D

Beautiful deck. Brawl on !

Nemaros on

3 years ago

Hey there!

I'm not on the ooze train but I have been "grinding" Season of Jank on MTGA for a couple weeks now. The single use pump spells look okay but I opt for a more grindy approach, here's where I'm at, deck is a little out of date now but gives you the idea

I use +1/+1 counter spells to recharge Barkhide Troll and activate or ramp with Incubation Druid I realise some of this shell is rotating and am in the process of rotating to Gruul, picking up Paradise Druid , Domri's Ambush & Assure / Assemble , them Wild Cards are pesky though :P

I do like the idea of Biogenic Ooze though, somehow overlooked that one when looking at threats to ramp for

Fadedechos on Boros Feather

3 years ago

I'm about to make something similar, love the idea of boris with hero of P 1 after putting together a boros feather deck.

One suggestion would be to replace Clamor Shaman. I think Truefire Captain may be fun, Swiftblade Vindicator can become awesome with pump spells. Boros Challenger can mentor up your tokens as well as swiftblade. Justice Strike can make enemies off themselves, Assure / Assemble give a counter. All of these hit Hero of P1's token generation machine. Fun stuff!

Frostbite808 on Feather's Tricks

3 years ago

That sounds pretty good!

Do you reckon it is worth using the Assure / Assemble , or should I just use sheltering light?

protoman40211 on [RNA] Bant counters

3 years ago

Hey Brainpolice2, good recommendations. Knight of Autumn seems to be the MVP in the last FNM I went to. Removes enchantment based removals and slows down nexus decks makes it a must have for the deck in either main or sideboard. Negate has its moments but feels like more of a dead card as it just sat in my hand a few of the games I played. I like the idea of Assure / Assemble as part of the protection package for the first half and the second half to build your board post wipe or if you're that far ahead. I'm also heavily considering Shapers of Nature for its utility and draw power in control and nexus matchups. Having the extra card advantage to pump out more creatures is huge against them. While I like Pteramander , it feels clunky in this deck. Decks that utilize larger amounts of non-creature spells push it well, but in this deck it's simply a 1/1 flier that you'll never really have the mana to adapt due to its aggressive nature in playing spells and pumping large amounts of mana into your X cost spells. Benthic Biomancer from my experience is a very hit or miss card overall. When you have dead cards in hand, it has huge potential. Later in the game though it loses its luster and becomes a small creature with mill yourself one when you put a counter on it. Appreciate the feedback and hope this helps!

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