Target creature gets +1/+0 and gains indestructible until end of turn.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Destined Discussion

Strangelove on Big lifegain, big creatures - Willowdusk

1 month ago

Hey Walrighti, +1!

@your post

Congrats on your first deck! You have a lot of fun cards in here and it looks great! I imagine you want to tune and make it even more efficient so here are some ideas...

Add 3 categories: #Combo, #Lifegain, and #Evasion; and then sort your maybeboard the same way you've done your mainboard to easily rank your choices within a category (By "combo" I mean all your "if-then" cards like Trudge Garden that are slower and don't work by themselves). Remove #Creatures (most of them are #Combo).

Avoid most cards above 4 cmc... Willowdusk is fast and fragile, so play into that... Also, prioritize cards that can do 2 or more things or that give value on ETB... If you have pet cards that don't really fit and that hurt to cut, put them in a "I'll build that theme later" list.

(All under $3)

+1 Devoted Druid ... this card is a beast

+1 Rampant Growth

+1 Arcane Signet

+1 Golgari Signet

+1 Talisman of Resilience ... #Ramp

+1 Elves of Deep Shadow

+1 Elvish Mystic

+1 Fyndhorn Elves

+1 Llanowar Elves ... #Ramp... the elves enable Willowdusk combos on turn 3.

+1 Marwyn, the Nurturer

+1 Viridian Joiner ... #Ramp... #Combo

+1 Boompile ... its a gem (hint: don't tap it on your turn) +1 Nightmare Unmaking

+1 Killing Wave

+1 Massacre Girl ... #Wipe

+1 Kenrith's Transformation

+1 Beast Within ... #Removal

+1 Swiftfoot Boots

+1 Inspiring Call

+1 Oblivion's Hunger

+1 Rush of Vitality

+1 Sheltering Word

~1 Slippery Bogbonder

+1 Golgari Charm ... #Evasion

+1 Haunted Cloak

+1 Chariot of Victory

+1 Charge Through

~1 Tuskguard Captain

~1 Rancor ... Trample and haste are important... #Evasion

~1 Destined ... the choices are really good.

+1 Deepwood Ghoul

+1 Mischievous Poltergeist

+1 Soul Channeling ... #Combo with Willowbark and stick to the board...

~1 Phyrexian Processor ... fun?

~1 Lurking Evil ... maybe?

~1 Solidarity of Heroes ... #Combo

~1 Ooze Flux ... tokens at instant speed?

~1 Retribution of the Ancients ... removal?

+1 Garruk, Primal Hunter

+1 Mindless Automaton

+1 Thought Gorger ... (leaves)

+1 Life's Legacy

+1 Return of the Wildspeaker ... #Draw

~1 Essence Harvest

+1 Bloodspore Thrinax

+1 Triskelion ... #Combo

+1 Nighthawk Scavenger ... #Fatty

...Always play at least 10 ramp spells under 3 cmc.

...Playtest and make sure Willowbark consistently makes a fatty (with evasion) before turn 6-7.

Here's another Willowdusk thread.

Happy building :)

ClockworkSwordfish on Deceiving Hydras

10 months ago

Are 17 lands really enough? Even with eight mana dorks? I'd be very surprised considering you're trying to play some pretty big fatties ASAP. I'd probably cut Cryptolith Rite for four more lands, since the creatures you'd be most willing to tap for mana already tap for mana on their own. Consider making room for a set of Llanowar Wastes, since the damage it deals to you shouldn't matter if you're trying to win by turn five.

I get the idea with Bioshift - shuffling the counters off someone about to die so all their build-up isn't wasted - but it might be more effective to just protect them with something like Vines of Vastwood, Destined or Assure / Assemble. After all, Bioshift is no use if you have zero other creatures!

smleger on BG Elves

2 years ago


ZypherW on Skullbriar, the Walking Grave

2 years ago

This deck looks pretty good. Similar to my own Vultron-ish Skullbriar deck.

Yahenni, Undying Partisan is another hasty +1 counter creature that has built-in protection.

Suspicious Bookcase , Canopy Cover , and Prowler's Helm are other ways to get Skullbriar and friends through enemy defenses.

Nim Deathmantle , Journey to Eternity  Flip, Supernatural Stamina , Stitch Together and Unearth are great graveyard recursions (especially because Skullbriar keeps counters even in the graveyard).

Eternal Thirst , Feast on the Fallen and Predatory Hunger might be good +1 counter editions depending on your group's meta.

If you can afford it, Doubling Season doesn't help your opponents like Primal Vigor does and it has the same effect.

Vraska, Regal Gorgon might have a bit higher CMC, but I think fits your deck a little more than your current Vraska.

Assassin's Trophy , Windgrace's Judgment and Beast Within are good removal spells in Golgari colors.

Withstand Death , Rush of Vitality , Heroic Intervention and Destined / Lead are good protection cards

Finally, Sword of Vengeance , Pelt Collector , Lightning Greaves , and Alpha Authority are just overall good cards that you might find helpful in your deck.

Snige on Snakes! The Brawl edition

3 years ago

Archfiend of Ifnir seems quite useless in this deck, you only have 4 cards with cycling. Why are you using so many artifacts that give mana? You can put some more -1/-1 counter synergy in it. Personally I would just skip the whole red part, since you can't use hapatra as your commander which is perfect for this deck since you will drop her on your second turn every game and you will start making tokens as soon as possible. To get synergy from the red you need soul-scar mage which you probably won't pull every game. I like the artifact vehicles idea!! Also Destined is excellent when you have deathtouch creatures

OwnedbyCow on Tri-Color

3 years ago

If you were worried about a specific creature getting removed, you could always use some counter spells or Destined.

The second part of the card forces all creatures to block just one of your creatures then the rest are free to do straight damage.

OwnedbyCow on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

3 years ago

chadsansing Kizmetto, what do you both think after the changes?

And I must say. Destined/Lead has proven itself to be an awesome card. It plays so well in this deck. No I can't use Lead to get a lot of Polyraptor. But as long as I have enough creatures to kill my opponent plus one, I force them to block something weak like my Raptor Hatchling. Then I attack for the win. Destined has also proved to have many uses as getting a lot of Polyraptor or blocking with Ripjaw Raptor or Frilled Deathspitter to save myself for another turn depending on how close to death I am. I love blocking creatures with Double Strike this way.

Supernatural Stamina helps as well. Put that on my Forerunner of the Empire before I cast Polyraptor. I put another Poly or Hatchling on top and do it again.

Argy on (Updated) Indestructible Breeding Jurassic Bunnies

3 years ago

Destined, Supernatural Stamina, and Without Weakness won't stop your Creatures from being Exiled.

They can still kill your Creature after you have used Supernatural Stamina on it.

Now that I'm thinking about it, you'd be better off staying in and using cards like Sheltering Light, Acrobatic Maneuver (which prevents a Creature being Exiled), Vizier of Deferment (which is excellent as it also stops Exile, and leaves behind a body), or Wispweaver Angel, although that last one is a bit costly in terms of CMC.

Dino decks are Creature driven decks. They want lots of cards that work to get them on the field.

They don't want many Non-Creature spells that do things like save them from death.

The idea is that you just have so many of them you can play, that it doesn't matter if some are gotten rid of.

That's why you use Ripjaw Raptor. Eventually your Opponent will run out of cards to kill your Creatures, while you keep drawing and playing more.

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