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World Wake (Nissa Lands Animator)

Oathbreaker Mono-Green



Awaken my lands!

The basic idea is to ramp, then animate all of my lands and swing for the game. Lots of little synergies in this deck. Stuff like contagion engine + nissa's lands. And then when you cast Sylvan awakening, if you already have some nissa land's they become 5/5's. Cards like Gaea's awakening and exploration make early ramp really easy.

Its a fun deck. I couldn't put too much search based ramp in it however due to a friend who plays an Ashiok deck which prevent's all searching. In my play group, it is one of the more consistent decks. It can flop, but its rare I don't one turn kill at least one person at the table per game. This deck is all about managing your opponents wisely and then going all in when your time comes.


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This deck is Oathbreaker legal.

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