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The Family from Sea Gate.

Commander / EDH* Aggro Allies Tribal


I'm pretty budget right now, but Allies are cheap to cobble together, and like all tribal decks, expensive to perfect.

I really enjoy tribal decks, Allies are ETBeatdown.

But, Allies aren't just allies, they are also Humans, Goblins, Soldiers, Merfolk, Elves, Scouts, Kor, Rogues, the list goes on. They are people united against the Eldrazi to fight for what they have left.

General Tazri was the successor to a certain Commander Vorik of the Sea Gate City militia. However, Gideon, Ally of Zendikar was named successor instead of Tazri.

But this deck is not about Gideon. You will find no Planeswalkers in this deck, and definitely no Eldrazi. This deck is about Allies. Specifically the Allies of Sea Gate.

Well, obviously #Ally is our main category, full of allies and Clone type creatures that can copy them.

#Ramp is our way to pump out extra lands so that we can cast more allies at a faster rate. Having access to all 5 colors in a 5 color deck is (clearly) VERY important.

#CardAdv is draw and recursion. Most of the time, dropping an ally a turn works to get the buff, but sometimes lands are topdecked or multiple triggers must be used.

#Utility is a lazy way to cover everything else, but for the allies it just comes down to getting more triggers or using removal.

Having multiple colors of allies on the field helps this deck because Gen. Tazri buffs all allies by +X/+X equal to the number of colors among those allies. The buff is obviously most useful when you have all 5 colors on the field.

In order to do that, there has to be a balance between efficient Allies, and Allies that are actually useful. (sorry, Nirkana Assassin )


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