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It started out as werewolf tribal, but once I realized that there was just no way to make that work, I started morphing it into what you see.The plan is to get the spells I want attached to bros who cannot be countered, so I get to do what I want.

Please help me.



CCOPodcast says... #1

Cuts: Ashling, Rakdos Pit Dragon, Thunderbreak Regent, Yasova Dragonclaw, Skyship Stalker, Rites of Flourishing, Chameleon Colossus, Fires of Yavimaya, Arcane Laboratory, Daybreak Ranger, Hanweir Watchkeep, Arlinn Kord. WOW!!!

New to the team: Bounty of the Luxa, Vivid Crag/Creek/Grove, Archetype of Aggression, Shapesharer, Rhonas's Monument, Forest, Champion of Rhonas, Island, Mountain and I buckled and included that effing Eternal Witness.

May 7, 2017 8:06 p.m.

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