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Rakka Mar, making token perfection

Commander / EDH* Mono-Red


This is the most up-to-date design that I've ran with Rakka Mar. She was one of my earlier generals that I've always had a passion for. Originally I used her + a few other mono-red legendarys as selectable generals from the same deck, until I eventually made her a dedicated deck around 2010.

A 2015 version of the deck is recorded here; https://youtu.be/2Sa59_odtto

A 2018 version of the deck is recorded here; https://youtu.be/G5ogUJ1TEZw

Edit @ July 16th, 2019 - for a deck as underpowered as Rakka Mar , my entire playgroup is allowing me to continue running Paradox Engine in this deck. Like, all of them - 100% of my friends. None of us agree with the recent banning & unbanning. Shame on the committee for banning it! There are far more obvious, stronger, consistent, relevant, and more powerful combo enablers than Paradox Engine (such as dramatic+scepter) but this particular one was hated out.


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