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Heartless Hidetsugu Hates edH (EDH)

Commander / EDH Combo Mono-Red



Mostly a mono-red combo deck I put together because I had so many cards I wasn't using. I try and one shot the table and keep myself alive.

Some fun things to do: Knollspine Dragon can draw a ton of cards. War Elemental gets stupid huge if need be. Impact Resonance will be doing a lot. You can't go wrong with this in here.

Since I don't NORMALLY try to get there with damage from creatures, I have some things like Platinum Emperion to keep my life total safe from Hidetsugu.
Vulshok Refugee, Darksteel Myr, Darksteel Sentinel, Darksteel Plate are burn proof and can have General's Regalia or Pariah's Shield redirect Hidetsugu's (or whatever) damage to them.

Pentagram of the Ages, Loxodon Warhammer, Dark Sphere, Basilisk Collar, and Glacial Chasm keep me from dying.

Menacing Ogre is there just for fun. I got one in an Onslaught draft a long time ago because the table "force drafted" me into it. His only REAL purpose is to put me at an odd life total for Heartless Hidetsugu. But good times are had whenever he drops.

Smoke is an old classic. Since I only care about untapping Hidetsugu, hey great, everyone else is slowed. Paired with Icy Manipulator and Urabrask the Hidden, it gets pretty annoying.

Kumano, Master Yamabushi is someone you shouldn't sleep on. He is super dangerous with stuff like Basilisk Collar. If he's not exiling creatures, he's pinging players down to even life totals.

Lich's Mirror is a new addition to the deck since sometimes I lack a way to survive a "heartless attack". But...I never quite realized you got an "extra life" as it were. So with the mirror, a Furnace of Rath, and Heartless Hidetsugu, you actually straight up win. Well...provided everyone has an even life total. It's even thrown a few 'one trick pony' decks off track.
Normally it would shuffle away Heartless Hidetsugu but with the new "tuck commander" rule it seems like you can choose to put him back in the command zone. Neat.

Everything else should be straight forward with the burn spells and what not.

*Special Note: Grafted Exoskeleton is not in the deck by choice because I like having friends.


Updates Add

First I'd like to thank everyone for rating this deck up. The fact this deck had more than even 10 people to look at it is fantastic. Thanks for looking at it and rating it up. Or whatever the cool kids call it nowadays.

Second, LET ME TELL YOU about Neheb, the Eternal . I cut Akroma, Angel of Fury since she was just 'good stuff' and to help lower the mana curve. Double score. Neheb is just silly. Like...he's silly by himself but when you get damage doublers out, he's like your friend that can't hold his liquor at a stag party. WHOOPS let me just dump all this mana into a Comet Storm or Rolling Thunder ! Granted you won't always be able to do this, but still. He's amazing in here. Great addition. Are you still reading this? No you're not, don't lie to me.

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