One day, not that long ago (depending on when you read this) i was told by a spiritual leader that I had an angel with me, and that (s)he (angels have no gender FYI) was very beautiful, and loved me very much. So I decided to build a deck in his/her honour, this is that deck.

The whole idea of this deck is to protect the user with abilitys that prevent damage, make permanents indestructible, clear the board of nasty threats, and in general try to become so impervious that opponents will be scratching their brains trying to get rid of you.
Now, i want to make something very clear about this deck, this is a 95% pure defensive build. If I win a round it was likely one of these reasons;

Luminarch Ascension : An army of 4/4 flying angels tends to get the job done.

Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre : because if you cant win with an eldrazi titan, you just cant win.

Commander Damage: Avacyn is a 5/4 with flying and Vigilance after all.

Deck-out/Forfeit: it's happened before.

More often then not, this deck turns into a psudo-kingmaker. If there's someone who you like playing with you and someone who you don't like is about to KO them, feel free to save them and help them beat the other player instead =)


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