Bitter Revelation

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal

Bitter Revelation


Look at the top four cards of your library. Put two of them into your hand and the rest into your graveyard. You lose 2 life.

H-E-N-R-Y on Chatterfang

3 months ago

I like where you're going with this. You've got some key pieces and some cool synergy that really feels like it would be fun to play!

While I was looking over your decklist I noticed that you have a lot of really good cards in here, and I feel like you could focus your card draw a little more to really step up the momentum of your deck. I've got a few swaps I think would help the momentum of your deck:

I think the chances of you drawing a creature card with Adventure Awaits is kind of low to be called consistent. I think it would be much more likely that you would have a lot of creatures in play
I think Bitter Revelations has a pretty steap CMC for how many cards it gives you, I think Shamanic Revelations could give you way more cards for just one more mana
Professor Onyx is a great card, and she is a little out of place in this deck other than just filling some great control at a huge CMC. I think Freyalise would still give you some control, give you some tokens, ramp, and card draw all in one 5 mana drop
Hard call but the consistent low cost of Mind's Eye makes it powerful swap if you're willing to pay the 5 cost upfront. Usually people are playing EDH in 4 person games and that means it's pretty much a draw 1 for 1 on a stick.

These are all just ideas and the deck is already pretty fun without them!

Keep up the good work, -H-E-N-R-Y

DareiJuxis on Kess Infect - Gorgeous or Gross?

3 months ago

I really like the idea of non-combat infect!

    I think it'd be much better to have a Chandra's Ignition than the Vraska. The ultimate is a pretty cute win but it's unrealistic to think it'll ultimate often, if ever, and all it takes is your opponents destroying your creatures to null the ultimate. Her plus does not do enough and her minus takes away from the ultimate while being slow.

      Tezzeret's Gambit and Contentious Plan seem better than the sorcery card draw present (Read the Bones, Bitter Revelation, Concentrate), and any of the 3 mana X draw spells (like Commander's Insight, Blue Sun's Zenith) are going to be better than Mind Spring, with an interesting emphasis on Drown in Dreams since if you wanted you could mill yourself with Kess's ability to get back most anything you may want at some point. Might not be worth it like the other ones are, but definitely interesting.

      Alkadron on Deepfire Elemental

      1 year ago

      Feed the Serpent is better than Oblivion Strike

      I think that Dark Ritual would be a bad card here, so I'm not sure why you're running a 1/1 that taps to turn cards into Dark Ritual. Discarding cards is a pretty expensive cost for that effect, and this deck already looks like it's going to run out of gas a lot. I'd replace the spellshapers with more black card-draw, like Sign in Blood , Bitter Revelation , and Dark Bargain

      (Alternatively, make the Spellshapers work for you by adding Red Card draw like Tormenting Voice , Thrill of Possibility , and Cathartic Reunion , and a bunch of Madness cards)

      In either case, I cannot possibly imagine a scenario in which this deck needs to discard to hand size at EoT, so I'd swap out Thought Vessel for Orazca Relic .

      AwesomeOctopus on

      2 years ago

      suggestions: Hissing Miasma -> Ghostly Prison , Bitter Revelation -> Necropotence . Buried Alive doesn't fit in a deck with no recursion. Shade's Form makes a poor win condition. you have to attack and get though and it can only eliminate 1 player at a time with a massive resource investment to do so. Torment of Hailfire Exsanguinate and Debt to the Deathless are much better. good life gain payoffs are Karlov of the Ghost Council Crested Sunmare and Archangel of Thune that give you big rewards just for you opponents playing spells while kambal is out.

      Spell_Slam on Syr Konrad's Dungeon

      3 years ago

      Konrad is likely going to be a great commander in PDH (maybe even one of the best!). I really like your list. I would build it almost the same way.

      Bitter Revelation is a good card for stocking your hand and graveyard.

      Shred Memory has a lot of good applications in your deck.

      Death Denied and Reaping the Graves seem like really solid additions to your deck.

      I am not a fan of Prowling Pangolin. Vicious Rumors and Rakshasa's Secret also seem pretty weak. I am also not sure if running that much ramp is really necessary, especially the colorless ones like Fractured Powerstone .

      Anyway, great deck! I look forward to seeing how it plays out and trying it for myself.

      Feyamius on Golgari Gravedigger

      3 years ago

      I'd recommend to increase the land count to 36. Those three could be utility lands like Khalni Garden (comes with sac fodder), Haunted Fengraf (built-in recursion), Mortuary Mire (same), or Bojuka Bog (hose opponents' graveyard strategies, especially if you help them by accident with sth like Ghoulcaller's Bell).

      With your Undergrowth theme, I'd switch some of the sorceries that mill yourself with creatures that do so, e.g. Balustrade Spy, Returned Centaur, Sibsig Host. Also, where are Bitter Revelation and Dark Bargain?

      If you really like Treshold, Krosan Restorer and Toxic Stench would have been my first two picks. Cut those that just grow in power/toughness for them.

      BS-T on Will WotC Keep Life Loss …

      4 years ago

      Black does have a history of dealing damage in certain cases as you show cdkime. These cards do share thgeir own common groups - vampiric type effects, cursing things, sweepers like Pestilence and Crypt Rats too.

      I think the issue is better demonstrated by the comparison between say Bitter Revelation and Dark Bargain. The obvious one from DOM.

      My actual first thought on DB in spoiler season was 'what!?, doesn't lose life; I hope this isn't an indicator for the future'. So yeah totally agree, it is inherently black and specific. Let's hope we don't lose it and DOM can go down as a weird little experiment, an odd outlier for future Gatherer searches lol

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