I'm actually making decks again? No way. Anyway, I just wanted to play around with coinflips. There are a lot of goofy coinflip cards here to bring chaos to any table, but underneath all that, this is a simple budget izzet spellslinger deck (most of the money is in the coinflip cards). It wins by casting lots of spells, and I like casting lots of spells. The goal is to get Krark out, start getting lucky, drawing cards, and eventually dumping most of your deck into your graveyard with a copied Traumatize . After that, you can cast Mizzix's Mastery if you've got a pinger out or make an army of hundreds with a copied Rise from the Tides . It's REALLY important to note that for pingers, they trigger even if Krark sends the card back to your hand. If you have a one mana spell, spam it if you can! Of course, since this deck is very light on creatures and doesn't make tokens consistently (a common spellslinger wincon), it can potentially burn itself out and then you just...lose. Well, that's part of the fun! Enjoy coinflipping, and if you want to cut the cost of this deck by A LOT, just take out Krark's Thumb and Mystical Tutor , the two most expensive cards! That's about $50~ right there. The only reason they're here is because I got them when they were a lot cheaper. Anyway I'm always on the hunt for suggestions! I'm always looking for more efficient draw, and maybe some more creatures.


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