This deck does -lots- of things. Interestingly enough, it is also one of my very first commander decks, and has had very little upgrades. This deck has decent lifegain, a fair amount of token generation, and a good amount of +1/+1 counter placing. As I said, I was brand new to Magic and threw a bunch of cool cards together, adding here and there as I found newer, better cards. There was no real planned theme, and yet the deck works pretty darn good. I imagine it could probably be improved, but I personally wouldn't know how.

Looking through, I gotta say my favorite combo has to be the lifegain plus Ajani, Caller of the Pride + Cathars' Crusade . I had my health up to 149 once, and used Ajani's ultimate with the Crusade on the field. 149 cat creatures appeared on the field, adding massive +1/+1 counters, causing my opponent to scoff in admiration and disgust all at was glorious. lol

Update: I've done it...I...I took my beloved Avacyn...and relegated her to the lowly 99...I know! I'm just as surprised as you! However, I hope the change is for the better. I think Giada will help the deck out immensely, as will the other two changes I've made. I -REALLY- love this deck, and want to see it get better and better over time. It's been a while since I've braved making changes to my first commander deck, my baby, and I'm nervous, but hopeful. Lemme know whatcha think. Cheers!


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