Rest for the Weary

Rest for the Weary


Target player gains 4 life.

Landfall — If you had a land enter the battlefield under your control this turn, that player gains 8 life instead.

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Rest for the Weary Discussion

zapyourtumor on Tainted remedy

3 months ago

I'd cut the bad stuff and lean 100% into the enemy lifegain theme. This means up to 4 Tainted Remedy plus 4x Kavu Predator , and cut Idyllic Tutor , Serrated Scorpion , Twilight Prophet , Gonti's Machinations , Roiling Vortex , etc.

I know Blessed Alliance and Rest for the Weary are used with Tainted Remedy, but the best cards with Remedy are ones that have a "drawback" that involves your opponent gaining life and Remedy/Kavu turn that drawback into an advantage. I see you already have Wall of Shards and Grove of the Burnwillows , which are classics. Some other ones are Oust , Fiery Justice , Solitude / Condemn , Devour Flesh with Nature's Claim for the sideboard. Alms Beast is also funny.

trocroi on angel of destiny

7 months ago

I really like this theme, I have a similar one called Angel cleric lifegain from which I’m drawing suggestions.

The way I see it your win-condition is “gain lots of life and then attack with Angel of Destiny ”. So you need to gain lots of life.

I would go 4-of Righteous Valkyrie and Speaker of the Heavens , and add 4-of Bishop of Wings as another method to gain life when angels enter the battlefield. Then, I’d consider some cards for gaining life. Revitalize and Renewed Faith are both good, but I really love Rest for the Weary because you can easily turn on your Speaker on turn 2 and then start pumping out angels.

Other cards to consider include Resplendent Angel to add another angel each turn, Boon Reflection or Rhox Faithmender to double lifegain, or perhaps even Entreat the Angels as an alternative win-con that will also net you life if you have one of the many “gain life with angels” out on the battlefield.

Caran_Lyg on Angel/Cleric Tribe

7 months ago

trocroi Revitalize was my first choice but I settled for a non-instant speed option that’s why I picked Scroll of Avacyn because 5 health while having Resplendent Angel on the board and activating the artifact before my opponent’s turn ends immediately gives me an Angel. 80% of the time I have all the lands I need to activate it’s ability that’s why I picked the scroll over anything else. I’m definitely NOT adding the land, maybe Rest for the Weary but I need to figure out what to take out.

trocroi on Angel/Cleric Tribe

7 months ago

A lot of your cards need more lifegain to “turn on”

Things like Rest for the Weary or even Revitalize help hit +7 life, ideally with a Speaker out turn one so that you can start tapping for Angels turn 2.

Radiant Fountain is another land to consider if you can spare room for more colorless.

Apollo_Paladin on Mono white life gain angels

11 months ago

I have a similar built deck, and I like Light of Hope because of the options it afford. I think that adding a few of these along with those Rest for the Weary you already have would really help speed up your Life Total count for all the creatures you're running off of it.

Also, I find it really hard anymore not to include at least a few Rebuff the Wicked in any White build I put together in Casual/Legacy/Modern - fantastic protection against a wide array of stuff.

Nice build though either way! +1

Andromedus on Elusive Mono-White

1 year ago

Very cool deck. I would consider one or two Winds of Abandon as late game insurance (example: sliver decks) but it's not immediately clear what it would replace, possibly an Isochron. I would also consider replacing two Path to Exile with two Spirit Links, Spirit Link is 80% as effective at nullifying creatures, doesn't ramp opponent mana, and opens up your life gain possibilities immensely against decks with few creatures where path could be a dead draw (spirit link stacks with lifelink). I realize that path can give you the mana needed for Rest for the Weary but I would argue the trade-off is worth it. Regardless I do like this concept, bravo.

Rorolith on Healing deck

2 years ago

Serra Ascendant , Rest for the Weary , Martyr of Sands , Beacon of Immortality , Words of Worship . if your willing to add green Heroes' Reunion , Kitchen Finks , and Armadillo Cloak . if you include higher power creatures you could include Feed the Clan . Baneslayer Angel , Divinity of Pride .

I am not saying you should add all of these, and they are all just options.

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