An Angelic bullet, punching her way across the your opponents every turn! Recast your spells over and over again, allowing your board to remain untouched even under the greatest pressure.

This spellslinger style deck makes Feather a one woman army, eager to throw down and brawl with the best of them!


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Archeomancer's Map --------------------------------> Smothering Tithe:

Just a straight upgrade. While the draw power of the map is good, I feel that Smothering tithe is just better overall and generates more mana for me then the Map. Its been solid overall.

The deck honestly has been doing so well! I'm very happy about it, and has manhandled games where it seems to punch up, down, across and throws its weight around like it lives for it. It truly embodies the Rageful Freya that inspired it. I will say though, It does need just a bit more... punch in my opinion. More stopping power, if that makes sense. BUT it can storm and combo off with the best of them, its breathtaking. Sure, there is room, but I'm very pleased with the performance of the deck so far!


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