Reckless Charge

Reckless Charge


Target creature gets +3/+0 and gains haste until end of turn.

Flashback [[symbol:R[[ (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Reckless Charge Discussion

ScottyDoesKnow on Gruul Infect

3 months ago

lagotripha I didn't know that card existed, but I like the idea. I was actually looking at Reckless Charge and Fires of Yavimaya (in my casual version) for similar reasons.

If you don't mind going more in depth, how many copies would you suggest and what cards do you think should be coming out of the deck when I add new ones? It feels like there's no room in the deck (you can see all the 3 ofs), mainly because I've tried to avoid removing evasion and defensive cards since I already have less in red. I could try leaning combo more heavily and replacing some with both Mass Hysteria and Reckless Charge.

I was also looking at potential card draw options like Light Up the Stage or Experimental Frenzy but again I'd have to figure out what to cut and if it's even worth it. If I do go more towards a combo style that may not be as necessary though.

And if you feel like going really in depth, here's all the cards I've considered with the main deck ones being the cards I actually have: Gruul Infect (Cards)

legendofa on Modern Reanimator, second draft

4 months ago

Path to Exile has been eating this deck. Trying out Apostle's Blessing instead of Reckless Charge .

legendofa on Modern Reanimator, second draft

4 months ago

Bot76 The Reckless Charge s are on my cut list. They haven't been as helpful as I hoped. I'll try another BRD, but 10 big scary creatures has been feeling like the magic number. And Mass Hysteria is actually a key card, essentially turning Priest of Fell Rites into Persist and giving me free attacks. T3 Mass Hysteria into Reanimator into attack has been a key play so far in my testing.

So I'll drop a Reckless Charge for another BRD and see what happens. Thanks for checking out the deck!

Guerric on Feather Burns down the Barn

4 months ago
Spawning Breath OUT Sudden Breakthrough IN

Spawning Breath doesn't do much in this build other than to store mana for a later time. If I were focused on tokens it would be better, but in my build Sudden Breakthrough is a strictly better upgrade in that it pumps Feather while also storing mana for another time.

Reckless Charge OUT Deflecting Palm IN

I'm generally underwhelmed with cards that only work at sorcery speed in this deck, and with the addition of Sudden Breakthrough I've already added one back in. Deflecting Palm has always been a great Boros card, and gives me the option to send direct or infect damage right back into my opponents' faces. Comeuppance creates some epic moments and commander, so why not have a few more of them!

Renegade Tactics OUT Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip IN

Tactics is sorcery speed, making it a pretty bad draw spell compared to my other cantrips, and otherwise useless. Birgi is a great ramp engine. My opponents tried in vain to remove her four times the other night because of the practically limitless mana refund she provides, though all those attempts were in vain!

Smothering Tithe OUT Storm-Kiln Artist IN

Tithe is an amazing card but as Control_Train has observed, it is really suited better to slower, grindier control decks. I've taken it out, and it will find a great new home in my upcoming Ranar the Ever-Watchful deck. Storm-Kiln Artist , on the other hand, can spew out treasure tokens in this deck like you've hit the jackpot on a slot machine, and is a great new addition from Strixhaven.

PriestessKikyo1 on Lightning Speed Naya Zoo Overrun

8 months ago

Peoyogon Reckless Charge does seem like it could work here. I wonder if it would outweigh the benefit of the mana fix/draw from Nylea's Presence . Definitely something to consider. Thanks!

Peoyogon on Lightning Speed Naya Zoo Overrun

8 months ago

Sweet deck! :D I love low-to-to-the-ground aggro decks and I really like the direction you went! I thought about splashing for a third color in my own deck but ended up sticking to only Gruul and not have to deal with extra Mana fixing. Are you able to get the colors you need fairly consistently? I always like seeing how people tune their Mana bases to maximize their chances since I usually just stick to mono-colored decks :)

Have you looked at Reckless Charge at all? I run it in my own aggro pauper deck and it really packs a punch! That deck is a little different though since the haste it provides is especially relevant to my creatures but it also might be fun to consider here as well ^.^

StopShot on Unban Dark Depths!

11 months ago

Given Simian Spirit Guide exists and for games 2 & 3 if they’re on the draw they can board in Gemstone Caverns, it’s possible they can run any 1-mana haste effect such as Maximize Velocity, Reckless Charge or Thud for a turn 2 win. Speaking of extra mana, you could play a turn 1 Springleaf Drum tap your Vampire Hexmage to it before sacrificing it and that also would provide you with the extra mana to play a haste effect on turn 2. Let’s not also forget, if the Vampire Hexmage is removed by discard or counter effect the deck can run Claim / Fame for a lethal comeback. With a turn 1 Caverns you can also fit Adventurous Impulse, Oath of Nissa and/or Ancient Stirrings to dig if needed. Keep in mind on your first turn with the Caverns you can play your second land allowing you to also play a turn 1 Sylvan Scrying which can further improve the combo’s consistency. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth isn’t also necessary as you can play a turn 1 Golgari land into an Elves of Deep Shadow, Birds of Paradise or Gilded Goose which would give the combo better protection against edict effects if your opponent doesn’t have turn 1 removal.

These are things that should be considered regarding this card getting unbanned.

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