Reckless Charge

Reckless Charge


Target creature gets +3/+0 and gains haste until end of turn.

Flashback [[symbol:R[[ (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Format Legality
Oathbreaker Legal
Custom Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Casual Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Legacy Legal

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Reckless Charge Discussion

StopShot on Unban Dark Depths!

1 month ago

Given Simian Spirit Guide exists and for games 2 & 3 if they’re on the draw they can board in Gemstone Caverns, it’s possible they can run any 1-mana haste effect such as Maximize Velocity, Reckless Charge or Thud for a turn 2 win. Speaking of extra mana, you could play a turn 1 Springleaf Drum tap your Vampire Hexmage to it before sacrificing it and that also would provide you with the extra mana to play a haste effect on turn 2. Let’s not also forget, if the Vampire Hexmage is removed by discard or counter effect the deck can run Claim / Fame for a lethal comeback. With a turn 1 Caverns you can also fit Adventurous Impulse, Oath of Nissa and/or Ancient Stirrings to dig if needed. Keep in mind on your first turn with the Caverns you can play your second land allowing you to also play a turn 1 Sylvan Scrying which can further improve the combo’s consistency. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth isn’t also necessary as you can play a turn 1 Golgari land into an Elves of Deep Shadow, Birds of Paradise or Gilded Goose which would give the combo better protection against edict effects if your opponent doesn’t have turn 1 removal.

These are things that should be considered regarding this card getting unbanned.

TheVectornaut on Searing Infection

4 months ago

Rakdos infect is pretty tough to work around, but you have some cool things going on here. i'd try to have as few creatures above 2 CMC as possible. Hand of the Praetors is strong enough as a finisher in slow games, but the rats should probably be Plague Stinger and possibly Vector Asp. Budget permitting, Inkmoth Nexus is a fairly obvious upgrade. I'd also try to lower the cost on your instants and sorceries. This is especially helpful when playing around Livewire Lash (which should probably be at 4 copies). Reckless Charge, Assault Strobe, Brute Force, Virulent Swipe, and Temur Battle Rage are all options that work better with Lash than Footfall Crater, Dirge of Dread, and Memory Leak. Ways to protect your infect creatures can be very helpful, especially after sideboarding. Apostle's Blessing is probably the best in your colors. I really like Outmaneuver and Soul's Fire as ways to take advantage of infect in red. If you're willing to splash other colors, Wild Defiance provides nice redundancy for the equipment, not to mention the other benefits of having green in the deck.

Anyway, good luck with the deck!

Sparko on Zada's Pump Factory

7 months ago


Thanks for the comment! I'm running Spirebluff Canal because it's what I have, but Sulfur Falls is honestly a better alternative. I'll change the decklist and work on getting them. Reckless Charge is a good alternative to Sure Strike, so I'll swap that in, too.

Epicurus on Zada's Pump Factory

7 months ago

F'ing brutal. I love it!

I'd suggest Reckless Charge over Sure Strike, unless you've found that First Strike is particularly advantageous.

Also, my personal opinion, check lands are better than fast lands (so, in this case, Sulfur Falls over Spirebluff Canal). A lot of people disagree, so take that with a grain of salt.


Yarok on All That Remain

7 months ago

In my opinion, more pump spells are good for more damage = more survivors. Consider adding some pump spells and if you do, Zada, Hedron Grinder Is broken. Pump spells I suggest would be... Titan's Strength, Blazing Shoal, Reckless Charge,Fatal Frenzy,Rush of Blood, and Rush of Adrenaline.

Doom146 on Faithless Survivor

7 months ago

Really cool deck idea! Check out Reckless Charge to haste your Grisly Survivor

Epicurus on Yeet or be Yeeted

8 months ago

I think that this deck would benefit greatly from having more cheap buff spells that boost power. Reckless Charge, Bloodlust, Blazing Shoal, Downhill Charge, Fatal Frenzy, and Rush of Blood come to mind.

Peoyogon on Aggro Munch

8 months ago

Interesting ideas, Nanto_Lib. I have tossed the idea around for Horned Kavu but I'm not convinced that it's that much better than my other 2 drops. It does have an increased toughness, making it out of bolt range but I don't think the tempo loss is worth it for this deck. While not the fastest, my deck is built on quickly establishing board presence through cheap, efficient creatures. The idea is that if a couple creatures get removed, I can still continue to chip in damage and turn it around even as late as turn 6 or 7. For me, I have found that having difficult to remove cards like Young Wolf, Keldon Marauders, Rancor, and Reckless Charge help mitigate early removal and control. I may just have to build a sideboard to help further balance the full aggro and tempo nature of the deck against particular match-ups.

I will definitely take a look at your other suggestions; many of them I am not familiar with and will have to take a look! Thank you for commenting!

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