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I'm still new to Magic and deckbuilding but I learned with a Jace Planeswalker starter deck and I kind of fell in love with beefing up creatures with proliferate ever since. There are still cards from this starter deck that I've kept but over time I've bought more cards and changed it up. This deck is focused on adding counters and then proliferating. Merfolk Skydiver and Dragonsguard Elite are your small but deadly starters, both can add counters early on. Needlethorn Drake is in this deck for early protection, its deathtouch makes it annoying to deal with and can mess with the synergy of your opponent's deck. For instants and sorceries, I have cards that add more counters or aid in finding said spells. Solve The Equation is said card. Using this card, I'm able to get Quandrix Command or Stealth Mission into my hand faster, depending on the situation. Originally I had Bloom Hulk in this deck, but I felt as if Flux Channeler would do better in multiplying counters, on top of being lower cost. I also originally had Courage in Crisis, but Quandrix Command had more opportunities and was the same cost. I also originally had Pop Quiz and sideboard cards, but I realized they weren't that helpful. Any criticism is appreciated, but please keep in mind that this is more of a casual gimmick deck than a tournament ready deck. Thank you!


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