Another budget build now, and here's the kicker (please forgive me), the commander is an underappreciated piece of jank from Dominaria named Hallar, the Firefletcher. This is one of the most recent sleeper commanders, I'm sure, and if there's a way to break him I'm going to find out.

The deck touts a massive ramp packages that takes the form of land fetching, mana dorks, and big dumb beaters with mana generation effects. To date, I think this is my best working budget build if you actively want to scare the pod.

Many of the kicker spells are just things I had laying around, while some I actively did purchase in store. Any spell you see that isn't a kicker spell is mostly to enable removal or counters, although admittedly there isn't a single removal in the deck that doesn't actively work towards placing counters on permanents.


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