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Now i must ask; why chart a course? Im purposely avoiding expensive cards like chart a course or Arclight Phoenix

November 4, 2018 6:45 p.m.

The decklist looks a little more refined now. The problem with Storm Sculptor is that ideally you don't want to be removing a potential attacker from the field, since Sculptor will be summon-sickened and will set your tempo back. Ideally, you want to speed your tempo up by adding a full playset of Viashino Pyromancer. To facilitate this, I'd move Tempest Caller into the sideboard.

Tempest Caller IS a good card to be certain. It fits more in Tempo Wizards which is a deck right now that's making top 8's in tournaments, but it doesn't have the reactiveness and chaos that a U/R wizards deck like ours have. If you want to try it out, just place it in your sideboard and try it against some aggro builds. Otherwise, it's a dead card against a control match-up on your first match.

I know Wizard's Lightning is expensive now, and it was like 75 cents when I first got it myself. I never would have thought it'd shoot up like that, but there's a reason why and that's because it's really good. It's a one-cost removal in any circumstance where you have a wizard on the field. A playset is preferable but 2-3 are fine as well.

November 3, 2018 3:10 p.m.

as a guy who tried REALLY HARD to make Izzet wizards work in standard, it just doesn't stand up to the top decks. Golgari steamrolls right over it, control locks it down completely. Unfortunately the better cards for an Izzet deck right now are the drakes and Niv Mizzet, along with the more expensive card in the format. As a person who prefers a budget deck himself, I just didn't want to dish out cash for the cards needed for a functional build (note: functional, not winning).

All that being said, you already have Niv Mizzets so thats a good start. To be frank, this format is far friendlier to those who run counterspells in the main board and seek a mid-range game or tempo game over an aggro game unless you have 500 bucks to blow on cardboard. Here's an analysis of some of your cards listed:

Adeliz: absolutely fantastic card, I love it so much I moved the deck it fits in to modern format instead. However, 4 is too much as drawing two in a game before you've even got one out means you're down a card and turn to draw more gas to boost your wizards. Ultimately, 3 is far better since that chance becomes a little lower.

Naru Meha: It LOOKS like a card that fits but I assure you this is a budget control card instead. In fact, it's more of an EDH jankpiece than a playable standard card which is a damn shame considering how well it synergizes. However, at 4 mana with double blue cost, plus an average 2 mana needed to cast something for it to copy beforehand, you're not playing this thing before turn 6 at best. That's fine, ultimately except you've already got a six-cost in the form of Niv Mizzet which is a far stronger card. Now Naru IS an infinite combo enabler but the pieces needed are a little... inconsistent. As such I'd cut them entirely from the deck if your aim is to be fast and consistent.

Stormtamer: This is a really good card but it's situational. If your aim is to use it to counter a spell that could kill your game plan, then yeah awesome. It counters Settle the Wreckage, it counters Planeswalker abilities that target you, and it counters removal. As long as the spell or ability has a target that you own, you can counter it. However I personally find there are faster, more powerful wizards to play for your first match, and thus I usually put two in the sideboard.

Wee Dragonauts: Great booster card but it's not 4-of-great. 3 is good, and probably better in the long run so you don't draw too many.

There are a ton of budget options for faster wizards you could play right now. For example: Viashino Pyromancer, Ghitu Lavarunner, and Ghitu Journeymage. ETB effects can speed up the game really quickly, especially when you have a hand full of burn and some of these guys to play.

All in all, don't forget to have fun, and remember that no one's opinion on your cards is law; not even mine.

November 2, 2018 4:43 p.m.


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