Looking for mad feedback. Not a combo player and I decided on making a deck with Hivepact, deathtouch and Repercussion combos to takedown some combo decks in my meta. I chose Tibor and Lumia because they aren't very intimidating at all, but they are super inducive to certain cards taking off. All while having some extra protection with access to the usual counters from blue and slinging damage with red.

Going into the combos:

Combo 1

Hive Mind + Pact of the Titan / Pact of Negation — Will only work against opponents not playig either color (red or blue). Since Hivepact makes all players copy any spell played you can cast either Pact which forces them to copy a spell that makes them have to pay red or blue mana on their upkeep. If they can’t they lose the game.

Combo 2

Tibor and Lumia + Gorgon's Head /Gorgon’s Flail + casting any Izzet spell that triggers T&L’s damage ability - Auto boardwipe if you can pull this off. It can work off of casting a red spell only but protect your creatures by casting something Izzet. Super cool!

Combo 3

Repercussion + Blasphemous Act / Star of Extinction - Have Repercussion out and then cast one of the other two when your opponent has some creatures out. The more creatures our opponent has the more damage they will absorb!

Combo 4

Narset, Parter of Veils + Any wheel card: Windfall / Teferi's Puzzle Box / Reforge the Soul / Wheel of Fate / Wheel of Fortune / Winds of Change - This is a bit mean, but you aince Narset only allows opponents to draw one card a turn, by casting a wheel effect you force your opponent to discard their hand and then only draw one card... more card advantage for you!

New Combo 5

Cast Sudden Substitution while any of the following is on the stack: Pact of Negation / Pact of the Titan / Final Fortune . This will force opponent to either pay a color they do not have on their upkeep and lose the game or force a loss after taking the extra turn from Final Fortune.

Looking for all and any recs. Thanks in advance!



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