Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Rare

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Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Whenever enchanted creature deals damage to a creature, gain control of the second creature for as long as Charisma remains on the battlefield.

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Charisma Discussion

carpecanum on Ping me up, Scotty!

2 weeks ago

Yeah, sure. Keranos will work is my version of this deck.

Sigil of Sleep works on cards like Lobber Crew and the single pingers can stop a game with any artifact that gives them deathtouch.

Charisma and Cowardice are hilarious but the card i think you should really look at is Meishin, the Mind Cage. your guys don't need to have a power in order to do damage...

MagicalHacker on MagicalHacker - List of All Pillow Fort Cards

1 month ago

PvPArthur, Norn's Annex is not something I find powerful enough for me to run it personally, but it is definitely good enough for this list. Charisma and other equipments and auras that turn your blocking creatures into ways to remove attacking creatures are not bad, but because they require a creature with first strike/double strike/indestructible/protection/regenerate, they are not open-ended enough to be considered pillow fort cards even though they can create pillow fort engines. Same thing with mill when you have cards that exile all graveyards. Annex will continue to stay on the list. Thanks for the other suggestions!

BMHKain, actually, no. WotC rarely makes functional changes to cards, so if a card here doesn't mention attacking planeswalkers, it has no effect on that.

Garresh on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

4 months ago

Two things I think are out of place. The first is Hakim, Loreweaver. The second is Vorosh, the Hunter.

Full disclosure, I don't have a Vorosh deck, but I've been theory crafting and looking into it. Hakim is one of my main decks. Please factor this accordingly.

In the case of Vorosh, I think people underestimate that color combination substantially. It has access to cards like Vanishing or Diplomatic Immunity allowing it to dodge and preserve counters, as well as counterspells and tutors. Black and blue have a ton of ways to make creatures unblockable, as well as ways to deal with threats. I would by no means call a Vorosh deck fast. But with ramp and a good set of answers I wouldn't call it tier 5 either. After it lands an attack once, it can drop any player within 2 turns via unblockable commander. And again, it's color combo lends itself well to biding its time and riding out threats. Not to mention a late Beacon of Tomorrows or Time Stretch is a guaranteed kill if cast at the right time.

Hakim is definitely one I personally use so pls no bully. But the ability to recur enchantments without having to expose yourself by attacking means you can make a resilient one man control platform. All the pieces it needs to come online and become a threat are recurrable. Enchants due to his ability, and equipment due to being able to be fetched from the graveyard by blue. Charisma, Psionic Gift, Neko-Te, Vanishing, Grafted Exoskeleton, Pemmin's Aura, Quietus Spike, Drake Umbra and other totems, Freed from the Real, Eldrazi Conscription, Illusionist's Bracers, Hermetic Study, Diplomatic Immunity, Sword of Kaldra, Corrupted Conscience, Blight Sickle, Sigil of Sleep, Oracle's Insight. The overlapping cards fulfilling the same role combined with the fact you can comfortably dump to graveyard(by overdrawing or other effects) means you can quickly dig for what you need. It's somewhat mana greedy but once it spools up its very hard to deal with. You've gotta get past counterspells, phasing out to dodge, recurring umbras, and hexproof. Usually multiple of those are online by like turn 7 or 8. And once it is online you can start trading mana 1 for 1 to get devastating effects. 1 blue mana can get you: destroy or exile target creature, put a poison counter on target player, "permanently" tap target creature, gain control of target creature, half target player's life, draw a card, etc. And if bumped up with helm of the gods or enchant stacking buffs all of this can be done while going full aggro on someone to proc annihilator or punch their face for damage. Finally, he can use recurring mass sacrifice effects to wear down enemies. Smokestack presents a somewhat mana inefficient option lategame to limit enemy's board state. For example, if you have a pemmin's aura, psionic gift, Diplomatic immunity combo online, you can run a smokestack at 3 charges indefinitely. Sacrifice the 3 Enchants during your upkeep, then pay 6 blue to rebuild them leaving the rest open for counterspells. Enemies are losing 3 permanents a turn while you keep enough mana open to counterspell or ping as needed. If brought online lategame after a board wipe your enemies will be completely unable to rebuild while you can continue building up your combo pieces.

In the case of both of these decks, they lend themselves to a decently strong voltron option. But they also both have access to some of the best ways to keep a creature alive through board wipes and preserve their bonuses they've been accruing.

With Vorosh, in theory a bit of biding your time combined with an Unblockable enchant(of which blue has tons) can build up to a time walk effect wherein you kill a player before they can even react. With Hakim, he turns into a controltron that is highly resistant to most answers against voltron decks, while also being able to rebuild extremely fast unless someone can punch through those multiple lines of defense AND wipe the graveyard out quickly.

Keep in mind, I HAVE NOT USED VOROSH, but I do play decks that operate in a similar manner. In theory Vorosh has a great deal of potential as a lategame sweeper with low time to kill aided by time walk effects.

I DO HAVE A HAKIM DECK AND AM THEREFORE BIASED. But hakim is(after some costly spool up) an absurdly efficient controltron commander. He can singlehandedly kill multiple players in a single turn via poison counters and Illusionist's bracers. Or permanently detain an entire board. And the fact all of these are instant speed means he can save his effects til end of turn on his enemy's turn leaving mana open to counterspell threats he can't deal with.

The7thBobba on Keranos Loves Other People's Cardboard

5 months ago

looks incredibly badass! this might not be very efficient, but have you considered slapping Charisma onto your commander? you could take over a good deal of 4+ toughness creatures that way :) Stay frosty!

PvPArthur on MagicalHacker - List of All Pillow Fort Cards

6 months ago

@magicalhacker: Norn's Annex hurts, especially when you're being attacked by multiple creatures (2 damage per attacking creature), especially in token decks, which is what I come across a lot in my meta. I have people who like to make big swings in my meta, rather than doll out a little damage to everyone.

As for Charisma, it's a card that makes people thing twice, which is why I consider it a pillow-forting card.

As for milling, I play a lot of mill decks, and I tend to couple it with cards like Leyline of the Void, Sadistic Sacrament, Bojuka Bog, and Helm of Obedience.

Again, all of this is subjective depending on meta.

Just my 2 cents.

MagicalHacker on MagicalHacker - List of All Pillow Fort Cards

6 months ago

Snips500, Iona does not have a special effect to stop opponents from attacking you.

Traveler247, in the right deck, yes!

YellaFeva, take a look at the first point under what the list doesn't include.

PvPArthur, Annex only hurts opponents for two life, which is a pretty insignificant deterrent in a commander game. Charisma seems great, but how is it better at warding off attacks than an equipment that gives deathtouch, like Gorgon's Head? Would you consider that a good pillow fort card? Lastly, causing opponents to mill cards is not a good deterrent either, especially with the fact that the majority of decks utilize the graveyard to some degree to recur cards, so milling is most often a good thing.

Note to self: add Phyrexian Obliterator.

PvPArthur on MagicalHacker - List of All Pillow Fort Cards

7 months ago

Whoops, saw that you have Norn's Annex.

Here's a couple more:

legendofa on Bards of Boros

7 months ago

Inspirational: Rally the Peasants, Inspired Charge, Charisma

Manipulative: Beguiler of Wills, Entrancing Melody

See if this gets you going.

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