For ages I wanted to make a Hallar, the Firefletcher because they looked like fun.

A fun months ago I threw together this list & did some testing. It's a pretty straight forward Kicker + Elfball deck that also has a lot of +1 Counters to take advantage of stuff. The deck pretty much revolves around having Hallar, the Firefletcher on field as much as possible to take advantage of their burn-esque ability. But the deck can also win with a kicked Gruun, the Lonely King or Verix Bladewing that have a kicked Strength of the Tajuru on them. Not to mention Comet Storm & Jaya's Immolating Inferno are their to take advantage of the mana dorks and hopefully copious amounts of mana you may have to get a win out of nowhere.

As always with a deck such as this: it will be eternally tinkered with. Swapping in & out things as new cards appear or older ones are found to work better.


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