My friend TheBlueTitan always told me that my decks functioned like clockwork. He also always reminded me that for what ever reason I had an obsessed with utility cars regardless of color or deck type. it was also he who mentioned the idea of making a color less deck.

with his encouragement I went ahead and built one, and with some bad humor I named it A Clock Work Pain.

At the moment the deck is not technically legal as in the current EDH/Commander rules basic lands technical have a colored mana symbol that prevents there inclusion in a colorless deck. This wont be a problem in the near future as i have an order of cards that I will use to replace the basic lands with nonbasic ones.

As a colorless deck, it has some very obvious weaknesses.1) As a combo deck it is vulnerable to faster decks that can snowball.2) In the realm of colorless the choices of reach creatures and flyers is very limited so any deck that has those in spades will be very difficult to fight.3) Colorless also lacks good removal so any deck that has many troublesome enchantments/artifacts/creatures will be hard to beat.4) Almost all the cards in this deck are artifact so it is super vulnerable to artifact hate.

As this deck is still in development, and and all help and constructive criticism is most welcome.

edit 1 I have changed this deck a lot since i first uploaded it. Also the site says that metalworker is illegal to use but


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I just rewrote the deck description and removed my old updates. I also updated my maybe board and cards to acquire list.


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This deck is not Commander / EDH legal.

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