Contaminated Bond

Contaminated Bond

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature (Target a creature as you play this. This card enters the battlefield attached to that creature.)

Whenever enchanted creature attacks or blocks, its controller loses 3 life.

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Contaminated Bond Discussion

mrdehring on Sygg Rogue Tribal

3 months ago

Welcome to EDH. This looks like a great tribal deck and rogues are a lot of fun. It looks like you have figured out that you can't play red. The rule of EDH require that you can only have the mana symbols that are in your commander. Noggle Bandit is technically red so you will have to cut that card as well.

I had a Sygg, River Cutthroat deck back in the day and I had a lot of fun effects that caused people to take a few points of life loss so I draw cards on their turn. Not sure where your budget is but Contaminated Bond and Revenge of Ravens are some ways to get a few extra cards; Revenge of Ravens also works as a deterrent to people attacking you. Other cards to think about are Bloodchief Ascension and Painful Quandary.

Happy brewing.

legendofa on Should We Be Worried About …

1 year ago

Throwing this out as a possibility: already has cards like Contaminated Ground , Contaminated Bond , and Relic Bane . My prediction is soft removal and punishment, not Disenchant .

HalbrechtHalbrecht on Life drain

1 year ago

I love mean decks like this! XD +1 from me.

Contaminated Bond made me think of Contaminated Ground , which could be fun in this deck! It really messes with their mana base and hence their ability to cast spells, potentially screwing up their color fixing as well as making them choose between being a turn behind (effectively) on mana or losing even more life.

What to cut? I'm not sold on Blood Artist and especially Zulaport Cutthroat being great in this deck, unless you KNOW you're going up against a deck that wants to sac its own creatures for value. In fact, that's the very sort of deck that these cards are good in, commonly known as the Aristocrats archetype. You need to be able to reliably ensure creature deaths through removal or sac effects in order to make Blood Artist consistently good, but you're only running 5 such effects. Note that unlike the Artist, the Cutthroat only triggers on your own creatures dying, so it's not even good against a deck that regularly sacs its creatures. So if you're going to keep one of the two, I'd keep the Artist and replace Cutthroat with Contaminated Ground.

passascats on Take My Xantcha

2 years ago

I feel like there is a lot more interesting things you could do with this deck.
There are a lot of forced combat cards out there that can make sure players are tappedout when she goes to swing: Avatar of Slaughter, Grand Melee, War's Toll, Goblin Diplomats, Total War, Warmonger Hellkite, and Invasion Plans.
There are also some cool enchantments that can help drain her controller or boost your life without mana: Visions of Brutality, Vampiric Link, Contaminated Bond, and Treacherous Link.
Temur Battle Rage, Psychotic Fury, and Uncaged Fury can boost commander damage or save her from death when she's facing another 5/5 blocker.
This one might be over budget, but Crawlspace can really help make sure you don't get hit with every other attacking creature on the board.
Good Luck!

jtkruder on Rats Everywhere

2 years ago

Contaminated Bond would be good for a punishment deck. Along with Dash Hopes. No creatures needed; probably just some lifegain or means to absorb/redirect combat damage

jtkruder on Rats Everywhere

2 years ago

I like Ragged Veins over Contaminated Bond for this deck. You're going to have a lot of high power creatures with low toughness so Contaminated Bond will trigger for 3. As long as your creature's power is higher than 3 Ragged Veins will have more impact. The downside with Ragged Veins is that first strike can mean no damage if your toughness is not high enough. The split covers you in both situations so hopefully you get the card you need in the right situation?

ClockworkSwordfish on Down The Drain

2 years ago

It might feel like it's contributing more to your gameplan, but there's really no reason to play Contaminated Bond over Pacifism. If your opponent can justify attacking or blocking in exchange for losing three life, he will - Pacifism doesn't even give him that choice.

If you want a card that does both, look no further than Pillory of the Sleepless! It locks a creature down and slowly drains your opponent's life.

On that note, Predator's Gambit is also a straight upgrade over Unholy Strength. You never know when it might come up!

raefgall on Orzhov Syndicate

2 years ago

Here are some ideas for the defensive options you mentioned:

Utter End and Anguished Unmaking are some good targeted removal options. Ashen Rider and Angel of Despair do the same thing on creatures.

Blind Obedience gives you another offensive and defensive option. Ghostly Prison, Sphere of Safety, and Koskun Falls work well together to tax your opponents to prevent large strikes.

For this type of deck, Exsanguinate can be another good aggressive card / finisher.

There are a couple cards that I would consider removing:

Contaminated Bond and Shadow Lance are very limited options, since they only effect one creature.

Castigate and Cry of Contrition only target a single player as well.

Carom and Shred Memory don't seem to do much. Tendrils of Corruption is an expensive, single target removal against one creature.

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