Win on any turn with the decklist that bumped Yeva to High Power. With this build you can kill a table, wipe everything asymmetrically, or Mill a table at instant speed for a win.

$200 budget version here; It's only a turn or two at most slower.

Before we go into this, I would like to let you all know that THIS IS NOT A cEDH DECK, nor am I trying to pass it off as one. If you would like to play Mono-Green at a cEDH level please take a look at the Wanderer's Song or Selvala Brostorm. This list was my attempt at the most optimized and competitive deck for Yeva and this was the route it took. At its absolute best Yeva can maybe give them a run for their money, but Yisan and Selvala are on another level entirely. However, don't let this deter you from sitting at a cEDH table, Yeva would definitely be a formidable underdog.

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Yeva, Nature's Herald plays with Blue's Draw-Go strategy in mind, except its early turns are spent ramping up as fast as possible which is where the "Grow" part comes from. While ramping you play value creatures that net you card advantage and leave bodies behind that can become relevant later with cards that take advantage of them i.e Gaea's Cradle / Earthcraft . Once you reach the 7-8 mana production threshold you can start looking to either thwart an opponent from winning, or looking for the perfect moment to sneak in Yeva along with a big mana dork. The deck is very misleading as it never tells your opponents what direction it's going since you keep your strategy concealed in your hand up until you know you can safely start executing it. In the early turns you can threat the table by ramping into a big mana dork forcing them to have to use their early turns dealing with it, since the deck can usually win if just ONE big mana dork makes it through Summoning Sickness and the deck always throws you a back up. Once you have your big mana dork established you look to find a way to set up infinite with it by abusing untap effects. Infinite mana enables loops that inevitably kill a whole table while making it borderline impossible to stop you since you can react at instant speed to thwart anything they could possibly throw at you.

This deck is for you if:

  • You don't mind playing a land and ending your turn
  • You like infinite combos
  • You like toolbox decks
  • You like winning on any turn or phase
  • Don't mind waiting on the perfect opportunity to strike
  • Think combat is boring in green
  • Don't mind saying "EOT" A LOT
  • Don't mind memorizing a whole deck
  • Want to remember what it was like to play Prophet of Kruphix  in EDH

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We play Yeva over other generals to play within pockets and phases of the game where people could least interact with you, but at the same time reserving resources to have on your turn for what you truly need to resolve. This playstyle fosters a win/win mentality, where you can set up a less optimal line of play (Plan B) on your opponent's end step forcing them to interact with you then, instead of on your turn. If Plan B resolved unhindered, play off of it until it is thwarted before ultimately pivoting to Plan A. This is honestly the most addicting aspect of the deck, which is its ability to pivot from what seems like a viable strategy in the eyes of your opponents' to an entirely different one.

At the cost of playing her out, Yeva gets to play on anyones' turn and reactively. Rather than dumping as much of your hand like typical green on your turn and hoping that it makes it around the table, you can keep your cards safely in hand to ensure they resolve at the end of the turn before yours. By doing so, Yeva gets to avoid having critical combo pieces on board for a turn pass that need to wait out summoning sickness. This means we can flash in our powerful combo dorks like Priest of Titania and Karametra's Acolyte without our opponents being able to tutor answers or wipe our built critical mass.

The deck is also very deceptive as its boardstate always looks like it's much less developed than it actually is. You can respond to someone trying to stop you by legitimately winning without combat in a green deck. The ability to win at instant speed on top of interaction while people are tapped out is a strong tool to outplay your opponents.

Yeva also gets to play value creatures as instant speed answers. Cards like Reclamation Sage can blow up a combo piece when it otherwise couldn't. Manglehorn can flash in to respond to fast rocks being played and also blow up other important pieces. Prowling Serpopard can eat a hostile counterspell off the stack. Temur Sabertooth can jump in to protect vital pieces by returning them to hand in response to interaction. Combine these with creature-based tutors like Fierce Empath , Woodland Bellower , or Fauna Shaman or instant speed tutors like Summoner's Pact , Worldly Tutor with draw creatures, or Chord of Calling and you have very good toolbox potential to control the game while working towards your endgame.

The credit to the addendums and the profound expansion of this section was all the work of ShaperSavant. He took the time to help in a moment where I was incapacitated and I am eternally grateful for it. Thanks dude!!

The first person I'd like to thank is Iansisle for being an integral part of the developmental stages of my deck. The second person I'd like to thank is ShaperSavant, thank you for opening my eyes to the world of cEDH. He helped me improve as not only a player, but a deckbuilder. I'd also like to thank him for contributing to the last couple changes I made and for being so kind as to help me the first moment you got. I also want to thank all of my loved ones. I can't tell you how much I have gushed, droned, and just straight up annoyed the living bejeezus out of all them talking about Yeva. Last but not least, the aesthetics are all the work of the lovely scotchtapedsleeves.

Link to Iansisle's Yeva list

Linvala, Keeper of Silence - Currently the deck uses Mouth of Ronom , Somberwald Stag , Beast Within , Lignify , and Song of the Dryads to hit it. If this is a problem in your meta, consider more creature removal that hits her like Kraul Harpooner , Pounce , and Band Together

Humility  - Only Nature's Claim , Beast Within , and Song of the Dryads hit it, so you might need more non-creature based enchantment removal like Krosan Grip or Unravel the Aether if this is a problem.

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir - Cram every form of fight mechanics to kill this guy. Unless you got a Yisan out, you better hope you draw into the fight night guy you need or the Beast Within. If he's in your meta Yisan, the Wanderer Bard , Elvish Piper , Norwood Priestess and Skyshroud Poacher are ways around him. Otherwise you need the whole fight package. Every option to kill Linvala works on Teferi as well.

  • 12/03/18: After getting in contact with ShaperSavant he helped me refine the rough edges of the deck, please refer to the change-log. Tappedout deck will be updated shortly.

  • 12/05/18: I have uploaded the deck to Tappedout. The deck will be submitted for Tier Evaluation as soon as the new Ravnica Set is completely spoiled. I would like to see what Simic and Gruul can bring us. 

  • 12/07/18: Still working on making this guide more aesthetically appealing all while being as informative as possible. Lands description coming soon and a "Why Yeva?" section.

  • 12/10/18: Touch of Vitae is coming out for Thousand-Year Elixir . Elixir is basically another Earthcraft effect and fulfills the same niche Vitae was filling. In fact, more often than not, when I was popping off I had already won and the Vitae was just a win-more effect. I never actually got a draw out of it so that part is irrelevant. Elixir also gives us an untap, which is NOT negligible in our deck. Currently trying to find a slot for Birchlore Rangers . Last but not least, "Why Yeva" section and Lands description should be up by tonight, sorry guys! Smash Ultimate took up my whole Friday and Sunday.

  • 12/12/18: "Why Yeva?" Section is up. Lands Description and Maybeboard incoming, some time today or tomorrow. Sorry for not fulfilling my last deadline, personal matters came in between me and spreading my love for Yeva. Fixed a lot of grammar, added more details to every section including, but not limited to the Weakness Section and Back Story

  • 12/13/18: Citanul Hierophants and Nullmage Shepherd have been removed. Citanul was a pretty easy cut for Birchlore Rangers lowering the average cmc, while being able to use the effect without summoning sickness. Nullmage Shepherd was a little difficult, since Torpor Orb is thing... a scary thing, however we still get an elf with Beast Whisperer that can bypass torpor orb and could hopefully allow us to find our Nature's Claim or Beast Within . If this fails, I will find room for Caustic Caterpillar or a Natural State .

  • 12/19/18: After a lot of hours put into the deck, only a couple of things seemed to be the deck's shortcomings, which were card advantage and disruption. So, on that note we're trying out:

    • IN: Skullclamp OUT: Grim Monolith Given the amount of ramp we've added, Grim has been staying tapped and with a lack of luster, I rather turn my dorks into 1 mana/draw 2.
    • IN: Runic Armasaur OUT: Polukranos, World Eater This one is going to take some testing still, since it's very niche, outside of its combo, Polukranos doesn't do much, so he's coming out for something that could net me card advantage.
    • IN: Somberwald Stag OUT: Ambush Commander This one hurt, a lot. The stag is in, since it effectively replaces the Kamahl and Polukranos combo once we start looping it with the cat. While I will miss Ambush Commander, he might come back if I find another slot for it eventually.
  • 12/21/18: Runic Armasaur removed for Ambush Commander . This was a difficult decision, but Ambush is just WAAAAY too much of an asset to the deck.

  • 12/31/18: Runic Armasaur came in the mail and I felt bad not having a spot for him, so I decided to swap out Wood Elves for the dino. Needless to say it was a house. It ate a Force of Will on his first game, which I then later won. Drew 5 cards with a Dream Halls on the field, needless to say I popped off and in response to a Pernicious Deed too. Last night was a great night and the Dino has a permanent home in Yeva. Context: Nin, the Pain Artist , Azami, Lady of Scrolls , and Lord Windgrace . The dino benefitted from fetches and azami a lot and an Arbor Elf . Wood Elves never yielded me as much card advantage. This was a great year for Yeva, hopefully I can move her up a tier higher soon. Wish me luck, guys! :D Have a happy new year 2019!

Happy New Years! So I fixed A LOT of the grammar and added more clarity. Changed the color of the header for each section and condensed them so the whole guide looks cleaner. Updates on card changes coming soon, currently putting in Chrome Mox and Mox Diamond . SynergyBuild was the nail on the coffin in that decision, so thanks, dude! Still need more testing to let you all know how it goes. SHOULD go well, no reason it shouldn't. Ravnica Spoilers haven't impacted my deck. Though 3 of them are enticing, but little too intense on curve: Rampage of the Clans , Wilderness Reclamation , and Guardian Project . The most viable one might be the instant, since mass enchantment/artifact hate sounds great.

  • 01/08/19: I created a budget version of the deck which has been linked at the very top. I'm working away at chipping away at the cost. I am currently testing out the moxen, which have been great in some games and lack luster in others. Collected Company is officially on the chopping block. In that spot I will be trying out Genesis Hydra , Skyshroud Poacher , Multani's Acolyte , and if all of these are bad I might have found the place for my Eldritch Evolution .

  • 01/09/19: The Moxen are in and Collected Company (CoCo) has been removed for Eldritch Evolution , I feel like it's a copout, but I really did need Eldritch in. Combo decks need every tutor, especially when they go straight to the field. Also, CoCo has whiffed on me too many times for me to ignore its uselessness, and this way we lower the curve by one.

  • 01/14/19: Thanks to Shapersavant the "Why Yeva" has been expanded upon profoundly to truly encapsulate why we'd use Yeva over other generals. We also realized the deck has 9 outlets to draw out the deck while the Runic Armasaur and Skullclamp are new draw engines, so for more control elements I've removed Wall of Blossoms for Manglehorn to respond to fast mana and pop more artifacts.

  • 01/24/19: Took out a land, since the curve has gotten so low that drawing excess lands has actually been annoying. We took out the land for Genesis which makes 100% sure that we close out any game we go infinite. It ensures that we get literally any possible piece we could possibly need to close the game out. This is still testing, if I feel at any point that the lack of a land is hurting us I will revert and look for another slot for Genesis .

  • 01/29/19: Made the language way clearer on the "Piloting the Deck" section. Skullwinder , Sunscorched Desert , and Geier Reach Sanitarium have been added to the Maybeboard. Skullwinder is a second E-Wit which has become an integral part of the deck's success, so considering a second copy doesn't sound too crazy. Sunscorched Desert is an alt-win con since the deck can loop Crop Rotation and Noxious infinitely with E-Wit + Cat loops. Geier Reach Sanitarium is the weird one of the bunch, but the only way we CANNOT win on someone's turn is if we draw into Thousand-Year Elixir while popping off. So, if there's something on the stack killing us we need a way to discard Thousand-Year Elixir to put it on the top of the library and then cheat it out with Genesis to then play Shaman of Forgotten Ways and close.

  • 02/03/19: So, on my last update I discovered a win-con that didn't require for me to have haste, but also didn't remove any important slots. The win-con: The only way that route becomes possible is if Sunscorched Desert was either on the field, graveyard, or deck since we can loop Crop and Noxious infinitely with E-Wit + Cat loops. In comes Geier Reach , at first it was supposed to be another land in the deck that can discard Sunscorched Desert or Thousand-Year Elixir , BUT I realized it can also be the win-con itself. Instead of looping Sunscorched Desert , we can actually loop Geier Reach and mill our opponent's out. We never deck out cause we can Noxious whatever we discard (or whole GY for that matter). Now I am evaluating whether I care to even add Sunscorched Desert . Last but not least, CYA Command Beacon !!! Only card that did absolutely nothing in the deck since its first week. Yeva is her own evasion, she plays around all the major boardwipes, so she rarely dies.

  • 02/04/19: Extensive explanation of Geier Reach Sanitarium has been added to Card Selection and Kill Loops

These guys can be played at sorcery speed since they can fly under the radar until they become problematic. They also push us into our mid/late game as fast as possible.  

These guys should only be played at Instant speed and at the end of the turn of the opponent to your right. The biggest weakness this deck has is summoning sickness, so unless you have Thousand-Year Elixir , or you have two of these guys (one in hand as back-up), OR know with certainty that they'll survive until Summoning Sickness wears off (usually T2 drop ain't bad, since the deck will most likely give you another one), these guys should always stay in your hand until you see a clear opportunity to play them unhindered. 

  • Priest of Titania :  She depends on a mass field, so remember that all the elves you play becomes fuel for her. NOTE: Priest counts your opponents' Elves.

  • Selvala, Heart of the Wilds / Marwyn, the Nurturer : These girls LOVE Great Oak Guardian . These don't need a mass field to pop off. Just a big beat stick for Selvala or Multiple Elf triggers on Marwyn.

  • Voyaging Satyr : This guy is super sneaky since you can sneak in a Cradle on the turn you think you can pop off or sneak it in with Crop . Otherwise, this guy is just a Small Dork that flies under the radar.  

  • Karametra's Acolyte : She builds up devotion really fast,  and doesn't require a specific type of cards, just mana symbols.

I tried to fit in every viable tutor in the deck. From extensive testing, I have found that Temur Sabertooth is one of the most sought-after cards to tutor for when closing, so always be aware of that when using a tutor that COULD tutor for the Cat for something else, since every other creature card in the deck is objectively easier to tutor for, or it has an equivalent. Also, with the exception of Eldritch Evolution , Worldly Tutor , and Green Sun's Zenith , every tutor can be abused in some way to start a storm chain. With enough mana, you can start a tutor chain by looking for E-Wit using her to get the tutor and then looking for the card:Temur Saberooth|Cat to start looping tutors at instant speed.

This section is called "Value" because these are the bodies you unload unto the field. They do nothing, yet everything. If they're killed, you're cool with that. While some of them are arbitrarily threatening given certain contexts, they more often than not sit on the field and do nothing. You can keep these in your hand indefinitely, you can drop these at instant speed, or on your turn so you don't have to discard down to seven. They like to provide value when they come in or have a powerful static effect, but usually, they just sit there. WHICH IS MY FAVORITE PART! They function like blue value spells with bodies, however, in the blink of an eye, they become broken. Every card in this section eventually gets re-purposed at one point thanks to: Earthcraft , Gaea's Cradle , Chord of Calling , Eldritch Evolution , and Natural Order .

  • Scavenging Ooze : Best graveyard hate green could afford, comes in at instant speed too and you can use it without needing haste. When going for the Geier Reach Sanitarium mill combo, you can use Scooze to exile their graveyard and prevent Kozilek, Butcher of Truth from saving their Graveyard. This is our flex slot, btw, so if you want to try stuff or sideboard against something, this should be your target.

  • Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip: With infinite mana, it wins the game, otherwise it sits there either strategically lowering the cmc of our cards, or helping us refill our hands with options.

  • Prowling Serpopard :  the funniest thing you can do to a blue player and at instant speed. Ex: Cast Regal Force to draw a buttload of cards, Blue player: Counterspell , Resp(w/ Yeva out): cast Prowling Serpopard. Doing this, you can "Counter" counterspells with Serpopard , so always keep it in your hand to secure a win. Or tutor him at instant speed and spring him out if I am going for a win. Always keep this guy in mind when going for a kill, he can make it so it's inevitable. NOTE: The counter does NOT fizzle, it just can't counter its target, however, if it has additional effects like Cryptic Command / Rewind , those effects do resolve. 

  • Eternal Witness : Bring something back, do it infinitely with Temur Sabertooth when you hit infinite mana. Also a win-con  since she has her own infinite mana combo with Benefactor's Draught and Temur Sabertooth that's 1 mana cheaper than the Great Oak Guardian , just slightly more convoluted.

  • Elvish Visionary : Infinite drawer once you have infinite bounces. Visionary is an elf, so it goes with everything else that makes use of that. Otherwise, it's the deck's Think Twice .

  • Runic Armasaur : This dino has been a godsend, I've drawn so many cards thanks to this guy. He draws to fetch lands and a ridiculous amount of creatures.

  • Generous Patron : Instant Speed Divination with a body, that can also become a dork. It can also make Marwyn, the Nurturer +2/+2 stronger at the expense of not drawing one card. Oh yeah, it's also an Elf. If you somehow lose to a +1/+1 counter, you messed up, bro.

  • Reclamation Sage : Only play this when you need to stop something, otherwise avoid putting a target on your back by attracting unnecessary hate. I also use it to slow down the faster combo decks on the table. Once you use him, enjoy him as a dork/elf/sac.

  • Manglehorn : More control for a deck that plays reactively is wise and the ability to top fast mana is quite key in stopping some steamrolls.

  • Somberwald Stag : Kills a lot of important threats and serves as a finisher for the deck when we pop off. We wipe the board with him and infinite bounces before finishing the table off with Shaman of Forgotten Ways .

  • Genesis Hydra : At worst it can net us any piece we could need with a butt-load of mana, at best it's an outlet that literally gets us whatever we need. It's our 100% guarantee that we win. Since we can loop until we assemble any wincon in the deck. Including Thousand-Year Elixir + Shaman of Forgotten Ways . This is also theoretically the strongest creature in the deck for Selvala, Heart of the Wilds as well.

  • Caustic Caterpillar : Instant speed one-drop that gets rid of Torpor Orb or any problematic artifact for that matter. It's always best to hold off on playing this one unless you're in dire need of increasing your creature count.

These cards enable all the value cards you put out, in fact, if you play enough bodies, you don't even need one of the big mana dorks to win.

  • Earthcraft : Arguably the best of the bunch as it turns all your dudes into hasty dorks, get enough of them out and one untap effect sets you up for a win. Earthcraft is ridiculously powerful, so make sure no one can stop you when you plop it, cause once it's on the field you'll see how broken it is to play a creature, tap it for mana to play another to tap it for mana to play another to tap- You get the point. Let's also not forget about how we can give ourselves double mana by enchanting basic lands with Utopia Sprawl / Wild Growth .

  • Skullclamp : Repurposes our dorks into draw so we can sift through the deck and find the pieces we need. We don't have value in the command zone, so we need to dig through as much as possible. Clamp just adds to it. Early game it's in our best interest to even sac dorks, the more we dig the better our lines get to win.

  • Beast Whisperer : It's a Glimpse of Nature on an elf stick. Outlet to win, and it turns everything we play into cantrips.

  • Regal Force : Usually what we go for once we have an engine but no steam or to look for the engine itself.

As the name suggests, the cards here are meant to abuse either all of your dorks or just one, and honestly so long as you're producing 8+ mana, you're probably winning.

  • Thousand-Year Elixir : This replaced Touch of Vitae , since I prefer giving haste to all of my creatures and I still get an untap out of an important one (i.e Yisan, the Wanderer Bard , Priest of Titania ).

  • Quirion Ranger : Untap that big mana dork to have more mana or untap that Yisan, the Wanderer Bard to get a double verse. It's also an elf and it costs 1 mana....

  • Wirewood Symbiote : Same as the Ranger, however, you can strategically save key elves from spot removal. You can also go infinite with Temur Sabertooth if you have enough mana to bounce Symbiote to reset his "once a turn" clause. 

  • Benefactor's Draught :  If you have an army of dorks that just tapped out, saving that last two mana to reset and draw is most likely all you needed to steal a win. You can also set up infinite mana with Temur Sabertooth and E-Wit .

  • Paradox Engine : Boy does Earthcraft and dorks love Paradox Engine. Turn all your spells into mass untappers, this also untaps your rocks as well which is more mana for us.  

  • Seedborn Muse : The very reason I made this deck. My love for Prophet of Kruphix spawned this bastard of a deck. When the deck first started out Seedborn was a lynchpin of sorts, but the deck sort of outgrew its dependency on Seedborn, but it's too strong of an effect to remove, so in it stays. Oh and rest assured, if Seedborn doesn't eat a spot removal after being summoned, you will most likely close the game out before the last guy can ever get to do something. Also perfect for baiting out counters or spot removal.

These guys enable your ability to win... if all three are gone from the deck, you might as well scoop (hence the title: lynchpins). Luckily you have 3 viable options which should make it easy to get either.

  • Temur Sabertooth : This is, unfortunately, the lynchpin in the deck, with this card you break SO many ETB effects I'm not going to even bother listing them at this point. This is your main win con since you can tutor for it, once you establish how you plan on making a TON of mana, you tutor the cat and abuse an untap effect.

  • Staff of Domination : One-piece combo to get infinite without needing Temur Sabertooth , just a big mana dork producing 5+ mana.

  • Umbral Mantle : All you need with Mantle is a mana dork producing 4+ mana and an outlet to win.

Pretty much everything else, either removal or card advantage.

  • Veil of Summer : My meta has adapted and has resorted to things like Fire Covenant , Reality Shift / Pongify . Warping Wail started feeling lack-luster, but that's not to say the deck can easily facilitate it, so it's swapped in and out depending on who and what I play against. This only really leaves us vulnerable to Toxic Deluge .

  • Nature's Claim : 1 drop removal, gets rid Cursed Totem , Torpor Orb , or Staff of Domination .

  • Beast Within : 3 drop removal being able to kill anything.

  • Noxious : All the credit to Shaper, target grave-hate in a pinch or get me something back... for free.

  • Sylvan Library : Obvious, we need the card advantage. Top of the deck manipulation is also not bad.

  • Root Maze : This has proven to be super useful against the amount of fast mana there is in my meta. I always wanted it, but during the deck's inception my pod was still growing. Now it's borderline full-on competitive, so this little stax piece has proven to be devastating.

  • Vivien's Arkbow : We naturally have a low curve,so the most we'd spend on this is 7 mana. It turns our dead draws into uncounterable creature drops. Testing has shown, that this card retroactively replaces Yeva in the same light that Yisan, the Wanderer Bard does. Same deal, wait till EOT before using your mana.

  • Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip: It nets us card advantage and it it's easily transformed by Yeva's ability to sneak in her army before your turn.

  • Lignify / Song of the Dryads : We're green and our cost-effective options are rather scarce, so I put these in to be able to deal with problematic permanents.

Only weird thing that might stand out is the amount of colorless lands. Which was to keep Warping Wail as consistent as possible. However it's been removed for a time now and we've attempted to minimize as many colorless lands in favor of efficiency.

For the first 3 turns you should be ramping along with playing any of the cards that yield you card advantage i.e Sylvan Library , Runic Armasaur etc. Only play one of your big mana dorks if you have back-up one in your hand. Otherwise, just wait until the end of the turn of the player to your right to sneak one of them in with Yeva. If the big mana dork sticks and no longer has summoning sickness, you have effectively left the Early game and are now in the mid/late game. Make sure to use your removal to stop the faster combo decks, getting ahead of everyone is the goal, so playing at instant speed never makes us lose tempo.

  • Always try to keep our hand stocked.

  • We only race to get out of the early game, otherwise, we like to play reactively.

  • We want to ramp up to about 7/8 mana, which is the sweet spot.

  • Never waste your removal on anything, unless it's for something game-breaking that adversely affects you, exception would be to slow down a faster combo player.

  • Hold mana rocks until that moment you want to push out of the early game. Only play them in the early turns if you actually have something to accelerate to, or anticipate an opposing Root Maze .

  • Don't be afraid to Skullclamp aggressively in the early game, the deck is repetitive enough and sifting through the deck is worth your time.   

We hit late game once we have a creature(s) that produces about 7-10+ mana not counting the untap shenanigans you might have in your hand. While sitting on this mana engine your field should look relatively non-threatening with the exception of whatever is netting you the most mana. Which in most cases looks like nothing since your field usually looks like an assortment of non-impactful creatures that did their part already ( Patron , Visionary , etc.) just waiting to be repurposed by cards like Earthcraft or Gaea's Cradle .

Once you have that set up, you should look to respond to something that can threaten your board or something that could thwart your plan.  Never shoot for the win until your hand is forced, remember to leave out enough mana outside of the combo for interactivity. Try to win on end steps or the moment they target a key piece of the engine. Once you hit a certain mana threshold, the game will feel as though you've entered god-mode.

Note: Due to the nature of competitive games and the eventuality of your opponents becoming versed with the deck, I can't stress enough how important it IS to wait till the ABSOLUTE last second. Basically, if you have a win in your hand, wait until you know for sure that you'll get the drop on them and use anything else in your hand has canon fodder to bait out counters. Remember, Infinite Mana/Outlet is all you need, any other interactions you want to humor for fun would be a detriment to the overall strategy if you lose sight of this goal.

How to Win:

We need to assemble infinite mana, or enough to do anything the deck could possibly want to do to safely assemble infinite mana. The most common and effective way is by using Temur Sabertooth to bounce cards that allow us to repeatedly untap our mana-producing creature(s) ( GoG / Symbiote ). Once infinite mana has been assembled we win via kill loops, more often than not they include bouncing Stag / E-Wit (w/ Primal Command ) to infinitely to tuck/fight all permanents.  

Cat + GoG + Creature(s) tapping for 9:

  1. Tap creature(s) for 9 mana
  2. Play GoG for 6; untap all
  3. Pay 2  to bounce GoG with Cat ; 1 mana left in pool
  4. Repeat from Step 1

This nets us 1 mana every time for infinite.

Cat + Symbiote + 1-Drop Elf + one dork tapping for 5 mana:

  1. Tap a big mana dork for 5 mana
  2. Bounce 1-drop Elf with Symbiote untapping the big mana dork
  3. Pay 2 to bounce Symbiote with Cat ; 3 in pool
  4. Use 2 mana play  Symbiote and the 1-Drop Elf; 1 in pool
  5. Repeat from step one.

This nets us 1 mana every time for infinite mana while circumventing Torpor Orb . Bouncing Symbiote , resets the "once a turn" clause.  

NOTE: It doesn't have to be a 1-drop elf to go infinite, it could be 2/3/4/5 CMC, but the big mana dork would have to tap for 6/7/8/9 mana.

Cat + E-Wit  + Benefactor's + Creature(s) tapping for 11 mana:

  1. Tap creature(s) for 11 mana
  2. Play E-Wit targeting Benefactor's ; 8 mana in pool
  3. Pay 2  to bounce E-Wit ; 6 mana in pool
  4. Pay 2 for Benefactor's ; 4 mana in pool
  5. Pay 3 for E-Wit ; 1 mana in pool
  6. Repeat from Step 1

NOTE: Remember that Benefactor's is drawing you a card every time, so make sure you don't deck yourself out. So draw until you find what you need to go on without drawing or outright closing the game. It's also untapping your opponents' creatures which could be problematic depending on what they are.

Cat + Thousand-Year Elixir + any big mana dork producing more mana than it costs to cast and bounce it.

  1. Tap Karametra's Acolyte for 7/ Priest of Titania for 5/ Voyaging Satyr for 5 etc.
  2. Bounce the dork with Cat
  3. Recast the dork
  4. Repeat from Step 1, since Thousand-Year Elixir gives them haste.

Alternate Pieces:

  • Paradox Engine : is another GoG that also hits mana rocks as well, however you don't have to keep recasting to get unlimited untap triggers. All you need to do is bounce/play something that costs less than the total net mana you're producing to get infinite untaps. 

  • Staff of Domination : Any creature producing 5+ mana makes infinite mana and draw, it's the simple ones that get me.

  • Umbral Mantle : Any creature producing 4+ mana makes infinite mana. This one needs an outlet.

Once you have infinite mana you need to find the Kill Loop using the many outlets in the deck:

So, this subsection will include cards mentioned before, however, the purpose of this section is to create a list of cards that can be used to assemble your Kill Loop(win-con) once you've obtained Infinite Mana. It will be divided into two sections, cards that require you to have Temur Sabertooth for infinite bounces, or cards that require no bounces to sift through the deck somehow.

Bounce Outlets

Beast Whisperer : This one requires that you bounce any random creature repeatedly to get draw triggers off of it.

Elvish Visionary / Generous Patron / Regal Force : These all draw you the deck with infinite bounces, try to draw until you reach the most efficient piece of the combo to continue without drawing. Some cards we can't play at instant speed. However, that can easily be fixed if you draw into Crop Rotation and use it for Emergence Zone .

Eternal Witness : The main reason Skullwinder is in the maybeboard. This card is one of my favorite infinite bouncers as it can give you infinite tutors or draw ( Benefactor's Draught / Elvish Visionary ). The only tutors it can't hit are Green Sun's Zenith and Eldritch Evolution .

Genesis Hydra : Best outlet in the deck, hands down with its ability to get you anything once infinite mana is assembled and with bounces it can get you anything infinitely.

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds : This one requires you to bounce the strongest creature on the field, definitely the most conditional, but possible if Yeva happens to be the strongest when you go infinite.

Woodland Bellower : This one can start a number of chains. You can tutor a cantrip elf and bounce it infinitely, or you can get Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip and that's all she wrote, or Eternal Witness for its aforementioned reasoning.

Infinite Mana Outlets

Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip: Hands down the best, since you can theoretically sift through the whole deck for creatures and play them all.

Genesis Hydra : While this can be bounced as an outlet, it can also be used one time to get anything you want out of the deck to keep sifting through the deck.

Survival of the Fittest : With just one creature, you can start a tutor chain.

Vivien's Arkbow : One time use, but with infinite mana, we can get the last piece we need to insure we keep the ball rolling

Staff of Domination : Can do the mana part as well as sift through the deck to get you a kill loop going.

Kill Loops:  

Once you kill everything you can play Shaman of Forgotten Ways and Thousand-Year Elixir with Genesis and win.

If Elixir is stuck in your hand you can use Geier Reach / Vivien's Arkbow to discard it and recur it with Noxious then Genesis for it. If they're both stuck in your hand, you can Genesis for Mox Diamond / Vivien's Arkbow and discard Geier Reach (if Mox Diamond / Vivien's Arkbow (tapped) is on the field you can destroy it and then Noxious ). Use Crop to get Geier Reach from the top of the library onto the field. If every piece is drawn into inadvertently, you can keep drawing till you hit Crop Rotation for Emergence Zone , this would solve any possible issue you could run into. This will also allow you to cast Finale of Devastation to get haste without Thousand-Year Elixir .

What if we need to win at instant speed BUT Stag was exiled:

Cat + E-Wit + Noxious + Crop + Chord + Dryad Arbor + Ronom = Kill all creatures

  1. Tap for Ronom 's effect
  2. Use Noxious to return Ronom to top
  3. Sac Dryad Arbor to Crop for Ronom
  4. Use Noxious to return Dryad Arbor to top
  5. Use Chord for 0 to get Dryad Arbor
  6. Use Cat + E-Wit loops to get back Noxious , Crop , and Chord
  7. Repeat from Step 1

What if we need to win at instant speed BUT Shaman was exiled:

Cat + E-Wit + Noxious + Crop + Geier Reach (Field, Graveyard, or Deck) = Mill the table

  1. Tap for Geier Reach 's effect
  2. Sac it to Crop for any land
  3. Use Noxious to return Geier Reach to top
  4. Use Cat + E-Wit loops to get back Noxious and Crop
  5. Crop to get Geier Reach
  6. Repeat from Step 1

If Geier Reach is stuck in your hand, you can use Genesis for Mox Diamond / Vivien's Arkbow and discard Geier Reach (if Mox Diamond is on the field you can destroy it and then Noxious ).

We can use Noxious infinitely to keep us from milling ourselves out. Also, while we can protect almost every facet of our engine at instant speed, be aware that while we're milling our opponents, they might run into some interaction, so be aware of the ones that might have mana open. Very few things can stop us at this point.

Worst-Case Scenario, The Cat is exiled:

Primal Command + E-Wit + Beast Within = Infinite tokens, tucks, life, and tutors

  1. Primal Command -> Reset our Graveyard/Tuck an opponent's card
  2. E-Wit -> Primal
  3. Beast Within -> E-Wit
  4. Repeat from Step 1

You can use Stag before casting Primal to kill off creatures as well during the loop. If Stag doesn't die in the fight, you can use Natural Order for anything random to get Stag into the GY. The best way to achieve this would be with Staff of Domination , since it will allow you to draw the deck out after you've reset the grave.

ALL OF THESE LOOPS HAPPEN AT INSTANT SPEED, THANKS TO YEVA. . For everything else, you have Emergence Zone


Updates Add

Alrighty then, when I first made the first of these updates I vowed to never post an update unless I had an actual change to the list with its reasoning. Sigh Unfortunately, I am stumped. The deck is what I'd like to consider near perfect, with any change made to be at the pilot's discretion. I believe the following cards belong in the deck, in place of what? I have no idea. Maybe you guys can help.

Veil of Summer : Better than Autumn's Veil in literally every way, so out it goes. Down the line I might remove Prowling Serpopard for Autumn's Veil , but I have to do some testing first. Will keep you guys up to date.

Emerald Medallion - It upsets me, that I never included this since the beginning, now I am at a loss and I don't know what to remove for it.

Force of Vigor - I've considered many swaps and quite frankly I don't know what to take out for this wonderful piece of removal. I believe it's also a necessity in the deck. (6/19/19): I am still struggling to find a slot for this beautiful piece of removal.

Collector Ouphe - This one will be going in one way or another. This is TOO good, and it's irrelevant to me that it shuts down some of my cards if it means I shut out every artifact in my meta. (6/19/19): Ultimately, I decided this was not going in, I can't run the risk of ruining some of my main combos and the only way to mitigates its effects when necessary are by either sacrificing to a tutor ( Eldritch Evolution / Natural Order ) or bouncing with Temur Sabertooth , none of which seem like practical choices if I am ever in a situation where I need to break parity to win. It makes me sad, but I will revisit this again at a later point.

Prismatic Vista - This is one is more of a low impact decision. Only hurting us if Root Maze is ill-timed. I'm was little indifferent about this one to be honest, so I wanted to hear arguments on both sides. dingusdingo was kind enough to convince me.

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