Angelic Overseer


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Mythic Rare

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Angelic Overseer

Creature — Angel


As long as you control a Human, Angelic Overseer has hexproof and is indestructible.

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Angelic Overseer Discussion

Skulloelegy on SAMUT'S SOUP & Her Opponents' Voices of Dissent

1 day ago

No Angelic Overseer for Odric shenanigans? Also might want to consider Concerted Effort -- It doesn't cover as many keywords as Odric, but it's harder to get rid of and spreads any protection abilities.

Otherwise, since you have Hydra Omnivore and Herald of the Host, going wide might be a neat idea. Grenzo's Ruffians are a smaller Omnivore with Melee, meaning it can get pretty big my itself. The other myriad creatures in Naya colours are a good idea in such a case, along with Nacatl War-Pride. Adriana, Captain of the Guard is a nice idea if you go down that route, as it'll make all your creatures bigger when you swing in and they create tokens.

DeepbloodEclipse on Mono white angels

6 days ago

Should definitely look at Angelic Overseer, once she has Hexproof and Indestructable, your Odric will share it with the rest of your on field creatures. Another card you might consider is Cloud Key to help with lowering your creature costs.

You can replace Open the Armory, it's quite frankly useless, you have only 2 Godsend and because they are legendary, you can only have one on the field, Open the Armory is an utter dud.You might like Honor of the Pure, always good for mono white decks, Casual or otherwise.

huschli on The Faithful Will Not Fall

1 week ago

I also don't understand why Angelic Overseer sees only seldom play. ot is my favourite is my universal deck where I use him (also 3 times like you.. each human has 3 guardian angels)

Schwarze Sonne - overseer

SwooceAlmighty on White Angels, Devoted Thalia

1 week ago

Odric, Lunarch Marshal could potentially work really well with this deck, especially with either Baneslayer Angel or Akroma, Angel of Wrath out. You could also look into using Angelic Overseer that would also pair well with Odric but I do not know how well you get/keep your human's out. Just an idea.

Skulloelegy on Samut all the time

1 week ago

I'd recommend Angelic Overseer and Concerted Effort -- Odric is great with Samut, and Concerted Effort is basically Odric with a few different keywords. Plus, with either Odric or Concert, Overseer gives everything Indestructible and Hexproof as long as you have a human, which with Samut is easy enough.

cerealkyra on Buddy system

3 weeks ago

Wall of Omens over Kaijin or Fog Bank? Drawing cards is always nice.

Dragonlord Ojutai over Angelic Overseer? Doesn't die to Lightning Bolt or Anger of the Gods if you dont have a human. And he lets you Anticipate for free.

Mana Leak or Remand over Cancel? If you want a more powerful 3 mana counterspell, why not Dissolve, Dissipate, Disallow, Scatter to the Winds or Hinder?

Temple of Enlightenment or Glacial Fortress or Prairie Stream or Port Town over Calciform Pools and Arcane Sanctum? You don't need the black mana Sanctum provides, and Calciform doesn't tap for coloured mana immediately. Any combination of the above lands (including the budget Tranquil Cove) seems better, even if you run more basics.

Jiyacen on Kaalia, Draconic Angels

3 weeks ago

@NV_1980 Appreciate the advice, I really like the Strionic Resonator. The Angelic Overseer is also affected by the commander, Kaalia of the Vast. Many of the Dragon you suggested, I really like to the point I'd have to buy them because they are many decks and many of them I've seriously considered, especially the Balefire and the Moonveil. Avacyn, Angel of Hope is already in the deck, so I like where your thoughts with that. The Bastion Protector is one of the cards I'm not 100% sure of. I was thinking of putting in a deck where I can trade creatures for opponents commanders. I'm not opposed to putting Demons in, but it's finding things that I really like for things I'm not 100% interested in, if you have demon ideas, I'm happy to at least look and think about them.

NV_1980 on Kaalia, Draconic Angels

3 weeks ago

If you don't mind, I'd also like to comment on some other things. I'm not sure whether you're on a budget, so I've recommended both cheap and more expensive cards. So, first your creature choices.

I think you should remove Angelic Overseer. Her hexproof/indestructible bonus only works when you have Bastion Protector in play, because he's the only human you've got.

I'm not sure whether I'd keep Corrosive Mentor either. Sure, wither works well against creatures that have indestructible, but there are easier ways to deal with those; especially when you're playing white and black. Merciless Eviction, Unmake, Descend upon the Sinful and some of the cards I mentioned earlier are great in this regard.

I think Deathpact Angel and Oros, the Avenger are way too expensive for what they can do; I'd consider other creatures in their stead.

I get that Reassembling Skeleton and Typhoid Rats are in here because you wanted some cheap creatures, but I think there are better choices that will fit the theme of your deck a lot better.

Having said all of this, here are some suggestions I have for other creatures:

I'd also recommend some demons but as you said in your description, you don't want any. So I'll refrain from doing that.

I'm not sure why you've chosen some of the enchantments in this deck. Grave Pact for instance. You're not (really) using a token deck that sacrifices its own creatures left and right, so other players (especially those who ARE playing token decks (check out Meren's Returning Army)) will laugh this off. For a similar reason I question Sigil of the Empty Throne. Sure there are some enchantments in this deck that allow you to generate Angels, but enchantments aren't really the main theme of your deck.

Instead, I'd build some more on your recursion theme and add cards like Sigil of the New Dawn or Debtors' Knell. Also, it wouldn't hurt to add some card draw to your deck. This is the reason why I would add some demons because they have inherrent card-draw abilities. But if you don't want these, you could keep cards like Phyrexian Arena, Underworld Connections or Greed in mind.

In terms of artifacts, I'd consider some more mana artifacts. Otherwise you're too dependent on Kaalia; especially in the early stages of a game. Also, if you can add Strionic Resonator which can makes Kaalia use her ability twice in one attack. I think Quicksilver Amulet would do very well too, as this is basically a second Kaalia.

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