This is a fun semi-competative Infect lockdown brew made for random proliferate kills and plenty of fun.

In most play groups this deck should not struggle to hold its own and has the potential to lockdown combo players early game with some of the unique stax offered in mono black. I am running a lot of tutors which help you pick and choose what's going to put you ahead no matter the situation.

Overall this deck is an original brew that focuses on Yawgmoth's ability to proliferate. I do own all of these cards and am openly looking for some ways to improve the deck/make it more fun. If you like the deck please leave an upvote and let me know in the comments. Also if you have suggestions or questions on certain cards/wincons please let me know in the comments below.

update K'rrik, son of Yawgmoth is extremely synergistic in this deck for several reasons. If you have Yawgmoth and his son out its very easy to pay life for Yawgmoth's abilities and proliferate as many times as you can pay with life.

Check out some of the fun wincons that I've been seeing while playing the deck.

Fun Wincons: This deck has been extensively play tested and some of the wincons that you're looking for include Yawgmoth, Blood Artist and any Undying creature. You can create an infinite loop of damage and life gain by sacrificing the undying creature to Yawgboi's card draw ability triggering blood artist and pinging your opponents for one. When the undying creature returns with the plus one counters you finish resolving Yawgman's draw ability by placing the negative one counters on the undying creature allowing you to repeat the process any number of times. This type of loop can be created with nest of scarabs as long as you have targets to to shoot down with Minus counters from yawgichan's awesome and powerful abilities.

A very powerful alternate win con is a turn one buried alive targeting Sheoldred, it that betrays, and anything you want, I suggest Mikaeus, the unhallowed. Turn two you're looking to either reanimate Sheoldred or tutor for a way to bring her from your graveyard to the battlefield. Turn 3 you reanimate sheoldred and then your opponents are forced to sacrifice their mana dorks and early defenders. At your next upkeep you target it that betrays, now everytime your opponents sacrafice permanents they end up on your side of the battlefield. Usually by this point your opponents will be burning through their removal if they have it. Most or the time I find the games ending because of the scoop factor. Another iteration of the scoop factor in this deck is turn one entomb it that betrays on your opponents endstep and reanimate it turn two.

The list has plenty of synergy which allows you to perform at the power of your play group. If your friends are trying to win in 4 or 5 turns your best bet is to get out any contamination like effects so their landbase doesn't help them. On the other hand if your group is more casual and likes longer drawn out games then it is easy to go the long route into an infect win. An interactive tactic to help get infect on the board is by using tainted strike targeting one of Your opponents large creatures and getting a suprises kill on the board.

The list is a blast to play and has the power to win games early, or create new and interesting interactions. If you have the cards throw this father and son together and make magic great again


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