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Commander / EDH* Dragons RG (Gruul) Wurm



Literally dragons in the red and beast in the green. Looking for four green or red cards that could help with a draw engine or just help to draw extra cards.

UPDATE 12/3/2020 Originally this was my first EDH deck ever made and it was just jammed pack with big dragons and beasts, but now I want the best biggest dumbest green beasts and dragons. Turns out wurms in MTG are the biggest creature type out there such as Worldspine Wurm and Impervious Greatwurm .

My Goal for this deck is to one shot people by doubling the power and toughness with Xenagos, God of Revels , and then just punching people in the face. This deck has a slow start but steamrolls very very hard, if you have any suggestions for this deck to make it faster or know of any better creatures, please let me know!


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