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Playing with the Big Boys

Commander / EDH Budget Giant RGW (Naya)


Playing with the Big Boys

This deck is giant tribal in Naya, and rather cheap too compared to other decks. it's a rather simple deck: You ramp, you summon big stuff, and you hit hard. The commander, Atla Palani, can help against board wipes as destroying all creatures will simply summon new giants to the battlefield. The cards in this deck belong into the following categories:

  1. Giant Tribal
  2. Ramp
  3. Creature Removal
  4. Artifact and Enchantment removal
  5. Self-protection
  6. Card Draw
  7. Finishers

1. Giant Tribal

Giant tribal is exactly what it says. These are cards that care about giants:

2. Ramp

Ramp is something that Boros Giants Tribal lacks, which is bad as giants tend to be very expensive. Luckily green helps out to let your giants come into battle quicker. Ramp in this deck can be divided into two parts:

3. Creature Removal

Creature removal is something that the original giants were decent at as well. But with Green there are a few new tricks up the giant's sleeves.

4. Artifact and Enchantment Removal

If the problem isn't a creature, there are still methods to destroy them.

5. Self Protection

Some cards help you stay alive and protect you and your creatures.

6. Card Draw

Card draw is something Boros Giants is pretty bad at. Add green, which draws from strong creatures, and suddenly replenishing your hand is pretty easy.

7. Finshers

Finally, ways to win the game. You want to swing hard, and these cards help you do so:

  • Brion Stoutarm . A Fling on a creature, which means that you can throw a 20/20 to the face for the win.
  • Earthshaker Giant . Give your creatures +3/+3 and trample, and swing in for the win.
  • Stoneshock Giant . Make it monstrous, and prevent your opponent from blocking.
  • card: Surtland Flingher. Throw your big creatures just like Brion does, orthrow an egg to create a giant.
  • Titanic Ultimatum . In case your giants aren't big enough, make them even bigger.
  • Towering Titan . Because why wouldn't you want a card that can easily be a 30/30 in this deck?


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