Boros is probably the guild that is least played in EDH. I know having a lack of access to ramp and card advantage are difficult weaknesses to overcome. However, I discovered something interesting at MTG Con Las Vegas, when I had to play Kellan, the Fae-Blooded in a Commander Boxing League. Having a repeatable Stoneforge Mystic style tutor effect out of the Command Zone is pretty damn good! Basically, every T2 you get to tutor an Aura or Equipment and put it into your hand using the "Birthright Boon" spell. This is pretty good and sets up some insane board states. On T3 you can bring in Kellan. All you need to do after that is attach Colossus Hammer and swing unblocked for a Win.

There are also a ton of great Aura and Equipment spells inside of the recent "Arm for Battle" EDH deck. You can quickly and cheaply build a solid Boros beater deck here, just insert Kellan and upgrade over time as you add new pieces to the collection.

Win Conditions:

1) Colossus Hammer AND Kellan AND an Unblockable enabler - attached to a double striking Kellan, Colossus Hammer becomes and instant Win with Commander damage. You can tutor the hammer every game if you wish, but will need help covering the massive Equip cost. If you do swing and connect with it, it's GG for the table.

Ways to make Kellan Unblockable:

Useful "Toolbox" Equipment:


Equipment Tutors:

Equipment Support:

Protection for Kellan:

11/11/23 - The first time I piloted the deck, it was a pod win! We basically stayed innocent and survived the attacks on the table, two players were eliminated. Then we made Kellan unblockable, equipped Colossus Hammer and we got the single shot Commander damage kill!


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