This deck is set up to use Atemsis, All-Seeing to make people lose the game. At the same time it gives the table lots of extra card draw in an attempt to make people want to leave you alone so that you draw towards the required 6 different CMCs to remove players while having no max hand size.

Why Atemsis? I've always enjoyed cards that allow me to win the game in ways that aren't combat/commander damage. Alternate win conditions are one of my favorite things. One of the main reasons I almost exclusively play EDH is the format's support of odd win conditions and combos that might be to slow for other something like Modern or Standard.
The plan as mentioned above is to use cards such as Kami of the Crescent Moon and Horn of Greed to keep our hand full of cards so that it is easier to trigger Atemsis on people. This serves the other purpose of making people want to keep you in the game for as long you look like something they can deal with so that they can benefit from the card draw. Its best to avoid attacking with Atemsis so that she doesn't need to be recast often. Instead make use of the Equipment and Auras to ping people for one damage whenever you need to.
I avoided most of the Eldrazi Titans, Blightsteel Colossus, and other high cost cards that can end games in an attempt to make the deck less of a target within my play group (this is especially true with Blightsteel as we all kind of dislike infect). By focusing more on free card draw for everyone it is more likely that I will get the cards I need if I don't have them there to begin with.
Dismiss into Dream + Tidal Force : This is a fun way to keep the most dangerous creatures that you opponents control off the board as well as prevent Voltron decks from functioning almost entirely (a deck theme that my play group loves).
Rings of Brighthearth + Sorcerer's Wand : This works with any of the ping effects and can be used with Atemsis allowing you to remove multiple people from the game in one go.
Tamiyo, the Moon Sage : Do I really need to explain why this is good here? Being able to keep hand size up while still casting instants and sorceries is a good thing. Also being able to essentially always have Force of Will for free is fun.
Generally don't cast Atemsis, All-Seeing until you have answers to removal and are ready to make people lose the game. The card makes your board state go from group hug to biggest threat instantly and will attract removal spells and attempts to remove you from the game immediately.
Be mindful of which extra draw effects you have available having only Monastery Siege or Anvil of Bogardan out doesn't help your hand size since both give a loot effect.
Don't hesitate to use spells such as Denying Wind quickly to remove combo pieces and major threats from a players library before they are capable of threatening you.
Any Input or suggestions on how to make the deck better are appreciated.



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