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Look out Rat Tribal, a new jank tribal is here

Commander / EDH Izzet Phoenix Theme/Gimmick Tribal UR (Izzet)


(Previously) #1 Izzet Commander Deck on TappedOut!

PHEONIX TRIBAL! Cause why not?

Ok, in actuality, I need a bit of help with this because I have no experience with red in commander, much less mono-red. So suggestions are welcome and needed. I do like the way this turned out though.

Also, before you ask, yes, I am including every pheonix I can (except for Worldheart Pheonix, because I don’t want a 5-color deck just because of that card).

Update: With some help, I've made the move to Izzet! I feel like this adds quite a few good cards to the mix, but I still need a decent amount of help :D

Update: Changed the name of the deck from Knight Tribal to Rat Tribal, because Throne of Eldraine took all of the fun away from Knight Jank. Thanks Wizards!


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The Commander 2019 Madness deck contained a new Pheonix, and I think this might be one of the best ones for the deck. Skyfire Phoenix is amazing! Free recasting cost whenever we play our commander is pretty good.

On a side note: C19 in general looks pretty good, and I’m exited for all the new reprints to come.

Here’s to another disastrous day for the Izzet Guild!

Edit to the Update: Also decided to throw in Mass Diminish from the Jeskai deck, because it’s essentially another Polymorphist's Jest for our deck, which combos nicely with Tibor and Lumia .



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