Skarrgan Firebird

Skarrgan Firebird

Creature — Phoenix

Bloodthirst 3 *(If an opponent was dealt damage this turn, this creature enters the battlefield with three +1/+1 counters on it.) *


: Return Skarrgan Firebird from your graveyard to your hand. Activate this ability only if an opponent was dealt damage this turn.

Skarrgan Firebird Discussion

Frd123 on

1 year ago

Very cool ideas. Have you tried any of the Phoenix that return to hand, mostly Skarrgan Firebird that returns in opponents turns?

Have you tried noncombat triggers like Chandra's Spitfire?

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

I think a life-oriented phoenix is the best option, Garza's Assassin is the most similar, but I think red can flavorfully spend life like that, also if a Phoenix costs life to come back, I think it makes sense that it has other life-related abilities:

Bloodflame Phoenix

Creature - Phoenix

Flying, Lifelink

, Pay half your life, rounded up: Return Bloodflame Phoenix from your graveyard to the battlefield. Activate this ability only during your upkeep.


I'd like to see another Phoenix, but neither a phoenix lord or a repeated method of return.

spencer_martell on Sek'Kuar Mk1

4 years ago

If we go off the idea the 5 cost and up is big, ill put a list of what I feel should be cut first.

Archdemon of Unx, I made a lot of sac decks in my time, but have never included him in them, I just feel like his mandatory sac, for a 2/2, and the fact that it cant be one of the zombies you used, always made me shy away from him, although if you feel like he works for you, keep him since hes not a bad creature for his cost

Malfegor while I like him, and I understand the reason including him, you don't really have any thing that's super synergistic being discarded, and could really hurt you if you don't have the right cards in hand.

Distended Mindbender A 5/5 for his cost isn't great, and I know he has his Emerge cost, but I still feel like he isn't worth it, since his ability only targets one opponent once, and Emerge isn't reduced by sacing a token

Skarrgan Firebird kind of expensive, at best a 6/6 with flying, to both play and recure

also, some more considerations

Aetherworks Marvel since tokens hit the graveyard before diapering, it triggers, only include it if you have the space though.

Altar of Dementia a sac outlet, and you can sac your whole board if someone boardwipes

Coat of Arms helps buff your tokens, but be carefull isnce it affects every creature, also works well with Altar of Dementia

regnet on Lord of the Pings

5 years ago

Thanks for the comments and +1's!

elpokitolama Super late reply here but anyway.. Thanks for the suggestion. The 2-3 mana drops are what makes the deck a deathping deck and that's kindof the main mechanic of the deck so for that reason I'm not sure I would want to make changes to that. The cards I am flexible with are Skarrgan Firebird, Inferno Titan and Clan Defiance so if there is some suggestion for making a more competitive deck I am all ears.