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Building Budget Equipment based on abusing double strike to deal loads of dmg. Manabase and removal needs some work. Can generally keep action in hand Evera is a flex wanted a creature and more lifelink in the deck to justify dawn of hope a card draw source. When Evra is equipped is8 mana gain some life when equipped may be relevant. (Probably just need to be replaced)


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-aurok edgerite + Fervent champion

Yes I'm married to the 50d budget. Tbh a few of my playgroup recently came up the idea to make 50d decks. I saw a video that inspired me to build a budget deck with this commander. I also built a dina artifact lifegain deck that I'm focusing on (seems further from my normal deck) but based on what makes for better games I'll build irl.

True conviction is a fatality to budget. 50c vs 2.5 dollars.

Looking into armiliry sphere over wayfarer bauble or running both

Looking into price shakeup of some equipment argentum armor is kinda expensive??? The scythe recommended I've cut from every deck I've brewed with it. But I am definitely gonna play around and retool equipment.

Looking to cut a few nonlands for lands go up to 36

I like the higher creature count tbh. Im used to playing more commander dmg focused vultron(balan) and part of this decks idea is any creature with double strike + 2 or 3 eq + my commander on the board is kinda the wincon. Duskdawn becomes more effective this way but do believe I tipped into too few eq. I've only played 2 games w/this listand need more tooling and playtesting to get a better balance.

Thank you for suggestions.


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