This is my Muldrotha, the Gravetide deck. Since this deck has many interactions I find it fun to play and to play against, which is why it is the deck I play the most in commander. It uses cheap mana-cost cards like Eel Umbra to keep Muldrotha on the battlefield and keep her ability active. Keeping her ability active is super important since there are many things that need to be sacrificed, so being able to sacrifice them and cast them back gives this deck a huge advantage.


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So I changed some of the lands out I went with a few more basic lands since I was running out of basic lands in my library. I also took out some of the things I was not getting much use of like Yargle, The Glutton for things more useful things like World Shaper, Ob Nixilis, the Fallen, Nissa Who Shakes the World, and Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer


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