Hello! so this is my first deck i've actually sat and tried on my own to make good without too much help, at least not before assembling it myself. i have some pretty decent pieces and like the deck myself, but i would now like some outside opinions and see if anyone could help me out to maybe make the deck better. i have a minor instant win combo so to speak in the form of Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond a nice card draw/playing things on the board with life Bolas's Citadel + Vilis, Broker of Blood a few good instant speed sac outlets in Goblin Bombardment + Phyrexian Altar + Viscera Seer i feel i have more than enough in terms of everything, but i was unsure and wanted to ask. feel free to input your opinion and/or help me improve if you feel like it! thanks again for looking at my deck and hope you all like it as well.


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