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Smaug's Destiny [Dracogenius Beatdown]] PRIMER

Commander / EDH Budget Control Dragons Multiplayer U/R (Izzet)




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"Do you think flattery will keep you alive?"

"Who are you that would stand against me? You are forsaken. No help will come. Tell me, wretch, how now shall you challenge me? You will have nothing left but your death!

I am fire.. I am death! My teeth are swords! My claws are spears! My wings are a hurricane! The Darkness is coming. It will spread to every corner of the land.The King is dead! I took his throne! I ate his people like a wolf among sheep! I kill where I wish, when I wish! My armour is iron! NO BLADE CAN PIERCE ME! YOU WILL BURN!"

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"As I might of implied, this is a control deck. Like most control it gains close to "infinite" (not really) card advantage and shuts down things that would be a detriment to the player and create an advantage in more ways then one.

The initial idea and theme around this deck was to give Niv-Mizzet a figurative "book" of ideas that he could use at his disposal and amusement. A literal greatest hits of blue and red magic. By and large its to give the player a multitude of ways of dealing with threats in a multiplayer environment."


Task/Mission: Rise of the Dracogenius

When it comes to Izzet-EDH it seems that noone talks about Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius anymore. It seems that people and their commanders forgot about him beside all the other commanders around. This deck came up to remind other commanders, why they should never forget about him again.

The Dracogenius is able to stand against most commanders and win against them... but that should not be enough. come back to the halls of the Izzet League. Remind the Izzet that he still is alive. Remind all followers of the Firemind, who are blinded by that Curiosity-combos, that there is another incarnation that should be feared. This will be "the rise of the DRACOGENIUS".

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1) Control

  • Burn from Within & Comet Storm: What would red be without its x-spells? These spells help against big creatures and can be a win-option in late game while aiming the opponents lifepoints. Comet Storm can act as a massremoval too if needed

  • Capsize:Amazing spell that can dominate the boardstate

  • Counterflux: The best counterspell available in r/u. Beeing able to counter ALL spells during one turn is just perfect.

  • Counterspell: Any questions? I guess not.

  • Crackleburr: Very underrated and most times the opponents wont realize its potential till it kills the table. We have enough r/u-creatures to get best use of its abilities. As soon as there are 2 more r/u-creatures with Crackleburr, you can go crazy with that little electric fox.

  • Curse of the Swine: quit bad when this spell exiles one creature for cmc3 at sorcery Speed, but sometimes you have to answer a bad thread that way. most and best use of this spell is the x-factor when using it as a mass-exiling spell.

  • Cyclonic Rift: very versatile spell that can be neckbreaking when cast for it's overload cost

  • Disdainful Stroke: Really? Well, there might be better spells and for sure it will be replaced for something better in future (hello Mana Drain lol) but it does a great job. There are so many things to target in EDH, at least your opponents commanders

  • Dispel & Negate: Counterwar? We are ready. Beside that, we try to safe our creatures by answering instant-removals

  • Dispersal Shield: There are always permanents on our side and most times those with a high cmc as we play a beatdown deck. I was never disappointed by this counterspell.

  • Fork & Reverberate: These spells are great. First, they can act as a counterspell in answer to a counterspell. Second, in a multiplayer game there will be decent instants and/or sorceries coming down to the table. The possibility to copy these spells and get a use of them is great. Third, once your opponents know you are playing these cards, they will think twice if they try to get special instants or sorceries down

  • Hellkite Tyrant: A great body that hurts artifacts. A perfect synergy between Control and Beatdown.

  • Hydroblast & Pyroblast: Great cards and most times a 1cmc Vindicate/Counterspell. In a multiplayer game you will always be able to target or counter something.

  • Incinerate & Lightning Bolt: Probably the best burn spells in red, so autoinclude

  • Mizzium Mortars: Can act as a burnspell like Bolt or as a Massremoval. Very versatile!

  • Pongify & Rapid Hybridization: These removals get rid of everything (without any protection of course) and are just great. We are not interested in the drawback of getting our opponent a 3/3 body as our dragons laugh about these little apes and lizards

  • Redirect & Swerve: Your opponents will be really afraid of you after getting one of their spells back to their face. Great in doing combat tricks too.

  • Turn to Frog & Polymorphist's Jest: Talking about combat tricks - these cards are fun as hell and can get rid of indestructible or anything else. Bye bye titans and gods. even more our commander can catch every big fat creature by pinging 1 damage

2) Tutor

3) Card-Advantage

4) Massremoval

  • Chain Reaction: Most times a Wrath of God in multiplayer EDH

  • Comet Storm: Can get rid of more than 1 creature and with enough mana it can be a massremoval to. Can act as a win-con while aiming for opponents lifepoints

  • Curse of the Swine: quit bad when this spell exiles one creature for cmc3 at sorcery Speed, but sometimes you have to answer a bad thread that way. most and best use of this spell is the x-factor when using it as a mass-exiling spell.

  • Earthquake: This massremoval doesnt target flying and thats perfect as most of our creatures are flying. Most times we dont need to get rid of flyers as our dragons and sphinxes control the sky

  • Mizzium Mortars: a massremoval that doesnt target our creatures. Hell, yes

  • Cyclonic Rift: very versatile spell that can be neckbreaking when cast for it's overload cost

  • Scourge of Kher Ridges & Steel Hellkite: These dragons must come from where the devil lives. Massremoval on a body?! Beatdown in perfection.

5) Utility

  • Elixir of Immortality: we play multiplayer. We draw many many cards, we play many many spells. We need a way to get our graveyard back in our library. The lifegain is a nice to have

  • Gorgon's Head & Quietus Spike: Deathtouch is nice as many of our creatures can deal noncombat-damage. Mainly our com-mander will transform in a pure deathmachine with this equipment

  • Hypersonic Dragon: playing sorceries like instants? Anyone who doesnt get the point?

  • Izzet Chronarch: Getting spells back from graveyard is great. This guy is reusable with Capsize or Crackle-burr

  • Loxodon Warhammer: The Warhammer does a good job equipped to our commander and a godlike job when equipped to Scourge of Kher Ridges. Will be replaced with another deathtouch-equip as soon as I get my hands on.

  • Sphinx of the Final Word: Beatdown goes on with a 5/5 flying hexproof, but the big point is getting all our instants and sorceries uncounterable

  • Swiftfoot Boots: hexproof to our most important creature that should be clear

6) Ramp

  • Sol Ring: THE ramp card in EDH

  • Commander's Sphere & Izzet Cluestone: mana in your colours AND the ability to draw you a card

  • Hedron Archive & Mind Stone: next mana rocks that can get us carddraw.

  • Everflowing Chalice: good mana rock that even has a use in late game

  • Izzet Signet: Signets are good mana rocks and worth a Slot in this list, especially as we are not playing green and have no access to most mana ramps

  • Mana Flare: a grouphug-manarock that gives us the biggest benefit as we are the ones who blast damage with our commander for mana and throw x-spells to their faces

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to be continued....



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