This is my first crack at an EDH deck, and in practice it's worked well so far, though it needs a bit of fine tuning.The commander for this deck is primarily Isperia for multiplayer, but I am not afraid to whip Augustin into the commander slot for 1-on-1s, though he makes too much of a target otherwise, whereas Isperia tends to KEEP players from wanting to kill me.The general flow of this deck is to slow my opponent to a crawl by keeping them tapped out, following up with an offensive flickering.

Flicker effects here are used to maximize "come into play" effects on my side (or in the case of Meadowboon, "leaves play") as well as keep my opponent from overusing counters or enchantments, as well as to triple as a counter-eliminator.

Another side-focus of the deck, which works hand-in-hand with the lockdown theme is tap-control, which is seen in cards such as Sleep, Hands of Binding, and Hidden Strings, which, in tandem with detain cards keeps my opponent from attacking OR blocking unless they can flash in blockers (to which a bounce or counter may be available) and puts them into a lockdown cycle that can be very difficult to keep up with. Sunblast Angel puts an end to that cycle and Tamiyo just makes it hurt more.

The win-cons for this deck are typically either the Elocutors, if they come up, or a swift whittle to 0 from Isperia or other creatures. If the deck cannot win offensively, it can easily put up a long enough stalemate to find a way out.


Have a bunch of new cards on the 'board - have pretty much everything on there and I'm not sure whether I want to add some or any of it, but looking for advice anyhow from anyone who's made use of them in EDH.

Does Land Tax actually help EDH deck tutor for the lands it needs?

Is Arrest worth the extra 1 mana over pacifism, and are either worth keeping over cards like Crawlspace. Does Island Sanctuary properly ward off attackers at the cost of draw (and do the draw engines provided make up for this loss)?

How about Loxodon Gatekeeper for slowdown and Runed Halo for commander null?

Suggestions are welcome for add/drops.

Additionally, two actual REAL changes have been made:

  1. -Azorius Justiciar
  2. -Counterspell
  3. +Lavinia of the Tenth
  4. +Glen Elendra Archmage

Visited a local comic shop and saw they had a bargain bin full of used/older cards and gots me some fancy-shmancy rares for cheap (and found a well-priced pack of MM that had a Cryptic Command in it :3)

So that being said, I've cycled out some of the worse cards and cycled in some of the better ones, including new lands.

Of course my new toybox is short three card slots which need the following:

Venser, the Sojourner -- Dovescape -- and Reveillark

Venser's an absolute must, Dovescape I'd really LIKE to put in to fit the flying/lockdown theme, and of course, Reveillark is a fun flicker target.

Already found room for the Pride of the Clouds and Cryptic Command, but suggestions for the other three are VERY MUCH WELCOME.

Additionally, all other suggestions are welcome, though I'm limited to a budget - additions not already on the boards would probably need to be purchased.


I have decided to remove Preordain, Serra Sphinx and Minamo Sightbender in favor of the remaining three cards,

Here's a complete change list:

  1. + Skycloud Expanse
  2. + Glacial Fortress
  3. + Temple of the False God
  4. + Cryptic Command
  5. + Pride of the Clouds
  6. + Dovescape F
  7. + Venser, the Sojourner
  8. + Reveillark
  9. + Staff of Domination F
  10. - Preordain
  11. - Infiltrator il-Kor
  12. - Serra Sphinx
  13. - Minamo Sightbender
  14. - Prophetic Prism
  15. - Rewind
  16. - Island
  17. - Plains
  18. - Soaring Seacliff


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