Wall of Shadows


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Chronicles (CHR) Common
Legends (LEG) Common

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Wall of Shadows

Creature — Wall

Defender (This creature can't attack.)

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to Wall of Shadows by creatures it's blocking.

Wall of Shadows can't be the target of spells that can target only Walls or of abilities that can target only Walls.

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Wall of Shadows Discussion

hyperlocke on Wall of Souls and Wall ...

7 months ago

Adding to the correct comment above:

It seems the confusion about Wall of Shadows stems from the old rule text on the card. The current Oracle text reads:

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to Wall of Shadows by creatures it's blocking.

The new wording makes it very clear that the damage is prevented, thus never dealt.

The Oracle wording can be found (among others) on the official Gatherer, on TappedOut's card page, or on magiccards.info.

TheRedMage on Wall of Souls and Wall ...

7 months ago

Your friend is wrong on both cases. Damage that is prevented does not count as dealt, so your Wall of Shadows would survive. Also, it doesn't matter what the toughness of Wall of Souls is - it's still taking 39 damage, unless the creature it is blocking has trample. So your friend would take 39.

boneknitter on Wall of Souls and Wall ...

7 months ago

I run both of these walls in my Planeswalker deck and a rules question came up for both cards during a game last night and I would like clarification.

Wall of Shadows

My friend attacked me with a Myr Battlesphere that had a Sword of Kaldra equipped to it and I blocked it with the Wall of Shadows. My friend's argument was that in order for the damage to Wall of Shadows to be reduced to 0, damage has to be dealt to it, therefore, Sword of Kaldra's ability would trigger, exiling my Wall of Shadows. Is my friend correct, or should Wall of Shadows remained on the field? We were all confused on the interaction of the cards involved.

Wall of Souls

In the same game, my friend again attacked me with the same Myr Battlesphere with the Sword of Kaldra attached and I blocked with a Wall of Souls. My friend's argument is that Wall of Souls can only deal back 4 damage because that's the maximum amount of damage it can take before it dies. Is he correct, or would he have taken back the 39 damage his creature dealt to my Wall of Souls?

bushido_man96 on Volrath Voltron Reanimator

10 months ago

Ok, I've made some changes with what I had on hand. Here's what I've done so far:

In: Charcoal Diamond, Dauthi Embrace, Sol Ring, Hell's Caretaker, Ascendant Evincar, Distended Mindbender, Abundant Maw, Artisan of Kozilek, and Thornbite Staff.

Out: Soratami Cloud Chariot, Western Paladin, Eastern Paladin, Distorting Lens, Delraich, Wall of Shadows, Infernal Spawn of Evil, Sorceress Queen, and Commander Greven il-Vec.

Now, as I acquire some of the other cards, I'll need to decide what stays and what goes. What should I switch out for Buried Alive at this point? I do have a Jet Medallion, but do I really need it? Hopefully I'll get some play testing done with it this weekend and see how it goes.

carpecanum on Wait, Those Can't Attack! (Wall Tribal)

1 year ago

Fist of Suns brings your boss out early, so does Mirari's Wake

Living Wall and Wall of Shadows are hard to kill and Carnivorous Plant is kinda cool

with every 5 color deck i make i always try to fit in at least one Bringer...Bringer of the Black Dawn,Bringer of the Blue Dawn,Bringer of the Green Dawn,Bringer of the Red Dawn,Bringer of the White Dawn

blue and black would help the most here i think

Spidersilk Armor could help your walls get...taller

kamaki3300 on bearer of the heavens v1.0

1 year ago

@ODINorman - Even if I cant play Bearer of the Heavens onto the battlefield form my hand, if I get it into my graveyard I can use Unburial Rites to get him out then use Rescue from the Underworld to destroy bearer and pull it right back out. The dual colored lands are what I had available but Temple of Deceit would be a good addition/replacement. I think Index and Ponder would both be good to add as well as Wall of Shadows and Fog Bank. My thought for early game was to just take the damage since once the combo happens it should be game over since everyone loses all permanents but bearer and a friend come back to the battlefield.

ODINnorman on bearer of the heavens v1.0

1 year ago

I think I see what you're doing here - get Bearer out, then use Rescue from the Underworld to sac him, then bring him back with another creature in tow, while the opponent maybe has one land out by the time that happens. I like it! Are you planning on playing Bearer only from your graveyard? Crumbling Necropolis might be good to run, just in case.To add to the theme of searching out those two cards I'd probably add some Temple of Deceit for the scry ability and it can still produce blue or black mana.I dig Taigam's Scheming. If you're looking for more like that take a look at Index or Ponder but it depends on exactly how you want the deck to run.My concern with running this would be defense, especially in the early game. With your first creature dropping no sooner than turn 4, and that only being a 2/2, it leaves you open to aggressive decks. I'd consider throwing in Guard Gomazoa, Fog Bank or Wall of Shadows for easy bolstering. Cam's shadow deck I built runs the Gomazoas and Wall of Shadows in tandem with Crawlspace and it's a huge pain to deal with.

alanwescoat on Eternal Masters Spoiler Thread

1 year ago

I wonder about the creature balance when sorceries and instants play such a strong role in Eternal formats over creatures. They always set things like this up with draft in mind, meaning that they will probably need to add more creatures than people actually want once the draft is done, especially in the common and uncommon slots.

Young Pyromancer and Deathrite Shaman have already been mentioned. Tinder Wall would be nice, I think. Will we get Llanowar Elves for the twentieth time? Wall of Blossoms would be nice. Kird Ape could stand another reprint. Disciple of the Vault has never been reprinted. Wall of Shadows is good fun. Cursecatcher could stand a reprint. Perhaps Priest of Titania?

What would be reasonable creatures to fill the common and uncommon slots for draft purposes?