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Commander / EDH Infinite Combo Mono-Black Pox



This is what I was thinking of going with for my Beta version of my K'rrik Deck when I get the commander. I have a few of the cards, but most will need to be purchased. I could just throw all the good expensive hundreds of dollars expensive mana rocks in this deck, but just like with my locust god deck I don't really believe in making final decklists for stuff unless I actually have all the things. With this I can get all the cards within at least 3 months to start playing with it. Anyway.

Basically, the theory of this deck is that I want to lose life as much as possible and play cards that make myself discard, sacrifice my own creatures or lose life or whatever the negative sides of the cards are in exchange for something better. For this first list I just chose whatever was on Youtube videos, EDHREC and a deck here on tapped out that currently has 6 upvotes for it cuz it has all the expensive stuff listed on it like Mana Crypt etc.
Hopefully, just like with everyone else's deck, I want something to where I can not care about my life total, or my creatures and just sacrifice them all away for power. Selling my soul to a devil? SURE! Just gimme that juicey POWWAH and then I win the game. Stuff to sac your life and creatures or self discard is what I might want to go with, but also have lots of that kinda jazz. I found that if we add alhammerets library and other things that give you life when a black spell comes into play we might be able to GAIN life when using the commander's ability and the extort thing to gain instead of lose life. So have demon's horn and an archive out and extort and your opponent lost a life and you gain a life at the cost of no mana what so ever per extort creature you have. So maybe, find a way to get the commander out and all of your extort stuff going is what I might want to aim for in this deck somehow?


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