Black-blue agro with unblockability, creature bounce, combat tricks and aura matters.

The deck has 3 themes focused around combat and combat trickery.

Theme 1, Creature Bouncing:The first theme is cards that return creatures you control to your hand. This not only setups your commander, Vela's trigger, it also allows you to guarantee your ninjas land hits by swapping them out with your unblockable creatures. Also included are a handful of dash creatures, which will also trigger Vela when they return to your hand at the end step. Ninjutsu is also a great way to bounce morph creatures back to your hand to recast.

Theme 2, Unblockable, enchanted, ciphered creatures:The deck also has a suite of enchantments that give your creatures unblockable and deathtouch. Other enchantments also steal your opponent's creatures. Beef of your creatures, steal your opponent's, then swing to trigger all your Cipher spells.

Theme 3, Missing information:Where this deck really shines is denying your opponents information on what will be swinging at them till the last minute. With a field stocked of morph creatures, a hand full of ninjas/dash creatures, what few creatures your opponents are either face down or can be swapped for another creature if unblocked.


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