Necromancer's Magemark

Necromancer's Magemark

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Creatures you control that are enchanted get +1/+1.

If a creature you control that's enchanted would be put into a graveyard, return it to its owner's hand instead.

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Set Rarity
Guildpact (GPT) Common

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Format Legality
Block Constructed Legal
Vintage Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Noble Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Highlander Legal
Pauper Legal
Magic Duels Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal

Necromancer's Magemark Discussion

DragonSliver09 on Does this work the way ...

9 months ago

ok so i just read the link about cost reduction. thats pretty weird.

either way, none of the Necromancer's Magemark interactions you mentioned are specific to bestow creatures. the same thing can be done with any other creature.

when you say "From this point I could cast the returned Nyxborn Shieldmate for W targeting one sheildmate, and sacrificing the other.", that doesn't make any sense why you would do that. you end up back at square one, because you end with one shieldmate enchanted by another shieldmate, just like how you started. the only difference is the 3rd shieldmate went from hand to graveyard.

saluma on Does this work the way ...

9 months ago

DragonSliver09 I think he means to have a sac outlet aswell. You bestow a creature with bestow. Then sac the enchanted creature. It Will go back to the hand. The creature that was a aura becomes a creature. Use the bestow cost of the creature you returnd to your hand on the bestow creature on the battlefield. As long as you have a LOT of mana and another creature enchanted with Necromancer's Magemark and a sac outlet, you Will have this... Value engine?

Kavle on Does this work the way ...

9 months ago

Ok, say I have a Nyxborn Shieldmate as a creature out enchanted by another Nyxborn Shieldmate, another creature enchanted by Necromancer's Magemark , and a Blood Funnel .

I cast another Nyxborn Shieldmate for W targeting either your already enchanted Nyxborn Shieldmate (both aura sheildmates become creatures) when you sacrifice the creature sheildmate for Blood Funnel .

Additionally, because the creature sheildmate was enchanted by an aura, it has Necromancer's Magemark raise dead effect returning it to my hand.

From this point I could cast the returned Nyxborn Shieldmate for W targeting one sheildmate, and sacrificing the other.

There would be other cards that work well with this like Athreos, God of Passage , Blood Artist , Hall of Heliod's Generosity , Sigil of the Empty Throne , and my favorite Bitter Ordeal .

And I found this hiding: Bestow and Cost Modifications

I'm just making sure this part is correct: "So, by the time you get to applying Thalia, it’s a noncreature spell and will cost you 1 more. By the time you get to applying Heartless Summoning, it’s not a creature so you won’t get the discount."

If Thalia, Guardian of Thraben would increase the cost because it's a noncreature, then Blood Funnel should reduce it too, right?

I think I answered your question and brought it back around to my question in maybe too many words there lol.

DragonSliver09 on Does this work the way ...

9 months ago

not sure what you mean by "bestow a creature with bestow". and reuse it how? if a creature with bestow is attached to a creature and that creature dies, the bestow creature becomes a creature by itself anyway. theres no interaction between Necromancer's Magemark and bestow creatures specifically.

DragonSliver09 on Does this work the way ...

9 months ago

just out of curiosity, what is the value of Necromancer's Magemark and bestow creatures?

Kavle on Does this work the way ...

9 months ago

So I was building a deck that is trying to use Necromancer's Magemark and bestow creatures for value. I started looking into cost reduction effects and found Starfeild Mystic, which seems awesome in the deck, but then I saw Blood Funnel .

So in doing some research into the bestow mechanic, found this page:

It states that if a card is cast for it's bestow cost it becomes an enchant aura, but if it's target becomes illegal (like dying or being exiled) it changes into an enchantment creature and resolves.

So my questions are if I cast a card for it's bestow cost will Blood Funnel reduce it's cost since it's being cast as an aura? And if so, when I cast a card for it's bestow cost, Blood Funnels sacrifice trigger will go onto the stack above the bestow card right? Which means if I sacrifice the creature it's targeting it will then just turn into a creature also right? If this works I think I might try an build some weird aristocrat style deck lol.

carpecanum on The Holy Enchanted Spirit V2

1 year ago

Necromancer's Magemark puts Daxos in your hand instead of the command zone. Any of the Umbra spells would protect him. Inner Demon makes him tougher but mostly it boardwipes weenies.

My son's Daxos deck is I'm Not Dead Yet if you want to look at it.

lagotripha on

1 year ago

Personally, I'd run Zombie Infestation as extra one with nothing copies. If its worth discarding your hand, its worth running infestation.

Dropping the CMC will do a hell of a lot. Gonti's Machinations in particular is efficient damage that can sit on the field, and Sinister Concoction is also cute, which combined with Seal of Fire points to an 'enchantments matter' list.

Some Genju of the Fens/Genju of the Spires might work, as might Demonic Vigor/Necromancer's Magemark. But thats not where I'm going.

B/G Strength from the Fallen/Wreath of Geists with Stitcher's Supplier.

Commune with the Gods/Kruphix's Insight, Nighthowler/Renowned Weaver, Boneyard Wurm etc. This also gives access to Seal of Primordium in the sideboard.

I envisage it looking something like this- One Challenge.

Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox is my big list of cards which I tend to brew from. feel free to take a look, see if it sparks anything.

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