Death Cultist


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Rise of the Eldrazi Common

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Death Cultist

Creature — Human Wizard

Sacrifice Death Cultist: Target player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.

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Death Cultist Discussion

Darth_Savage on No Rest for the Wicked

1 month ago

I'd suggest that Westvale Abbey  Flip or Ravenous Demon  Flip might work well as a finisher and Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip could work too.

I also think you need an additional 1 drop, maybe Bloodsoaked Champion, Champion of the Parish, Death Cultist or Soul Warden replacing the Dauntless Cathar since you have a glut of 3 drops.

LordSnow on - Modern Aristocrats -

2 months ago

@Wel5: I have been thinking a lot about that card. I am not sure it is right for this particular version of the deck. I feel like it needs to have the deck built around it a bit more, in order to get it out and active early on. I am putting together some brews with it now. Here is my first, and I can keep posting them if I put more together:

So far, Uktabi Drake seems like the best enabler, I can think of for it. Death Cultist seems like it could be okay. I just feel like it needed something besides just Viscera Seer and our own removal spells. Hangarback Walker also comes to mind, but its hard to want to throw a card away. But damn would a turn one Bone Picker be awesome. And drawing it late wouldn't feel to bad. I will be interested in testing them or other options that come about.

naynay666 on Abusing Athreos

2 months ago

LANDS:Sweet. 2 Things. 1. That many Humans, you probably want Cavern$. 2. Much heavier black than white, so instead of 4/4 split, consider 5/3 (swamp/plains), or even 4/2/+2 Fetches. 6 Fetches would help your Fatal Pushes and reduce lands drawn. I would opt for 2 Bloodstained Mires or whichever black fetch is cheapest.

I too love the card Death Cultist, but it isn't as good as we want it to be. If you have all the black mana, Atheros, Zulaports & Death Cultist, your opponent will see what you are doing fairly easily and just pay 3 life once instead of playing into your 10 point life swing. This combo would be good if Theros didn't give an option, because the player will always choose what is best for them.

Viscera Seer is brutal. 3-4 no brainer. I somehow have not yet put one in my cube.

Blood Artist would be really fun next to Cutthroats.

Tidehollow Sculler is one of my favorite creatures that I don't play enough. It has your two devotion right there and due to it's wording can be abused with a sac outlet. Cast Sculler- etb trigger goes on stack- sac him in response- ltb trigger goes on stack. Stack resolves giving them back a card you haven't taken first, followed by permanently exiling a card from their hand.

The only decks that run Iona in Modern are the Gifts Ungiven/Unburial Rites decks. I would assume they are few and far between.

Your sideboard better have a way to deal with Rest in Peace. Disenchant is the simplest option. You probably want a Path to Exile or 4 to deal with anything troublesome that Fatal Push can't touch. Like Iona.

4x Athreos, God of Passage
4x Bloodsoaked Champion
2x Cartel Aristocrat
2x Dutiful Attendant
2x Nantuko Husk
2x Qarsi Sadist
2x Xathrid Necromancer
4x Zulaport Cutthroat
3x Blood Artist
3x Viscera Seer

evannovak on Abusing Athreos

2 months ago


The manabase is where I'd like it to be.

Fatal Pushes will take the spot of Bone Splinters soon enough.

Now I just have to consider the following:

Death Cultist -- I like the idea of being able to cycle through this late in the game with enough mana, especially if it's triggering Blood Artist and/or Zulaport Cutthroat but agree a playset may be overkill.
Viscera Seer -- I enjoy that he is a 1/1, a sac outlet, and lets me know what's coming next. I wouldn't mind 4 in here. Maybe 3 and 3 with Bloodsoaked Champion?
Blood Artist -- May just need to be added in for Zulaport Cutthroats?

But what to take out? Cartel Aristocrat or High Priest of Penance? I would think not, simply due to these are my only 2 symbol creature devotions for Athreos. But I'm also not anticipating swinging with Athreos that much anyway (Perhaps I should be?) Maybe less non-Athreos 3 drops? And how many spots should be switched out for these cards mentioned above?

I am also wondering if I need more white creatures as I am afraid there is something like Iona for Modern that will screw me over without some diversification on colors of creatures. The range of creatures and what they do within the deck I drew inspiration from (In Description) seems to be well-rounded and I am afraid the strategy I may be taking (sacrifice the living shit out of everything) may be easily deflectable and defeatable in Modern.

ghoul_Legion on fleshbag funbag

3 months ago

First of all, with this high CMC you need 24 lands.

While I understand you are trying to sacrifice your creatures for beneficial effects, the high converted mana cost of your deck makes it kind of hard to work with.

Here are some lower cost creatures that could be good:

Augur of SkullsBasal Sliver (mana accelerator to cast Ruthless Deathfang faster)Bile UrchinBlind ZealotBlood BairnBloodthrone VampireCarrier Thrall (mana accelerator, 2x creature)Corpse HaulerDeath CultistDemonic Taskmaster (need tokens spawn everyturn)Devouring SwarmWestvale Abbey  Flip This is a must have.Disciple of Griselbrand Save yourself.Doomed Necromancer Worth it.Eldrazi Skyspawner Mana acceleratorFont of ReturnFume SpitterGnawing ZombieGutless GhoulMerciless ExecutionerMortician Beetle -------> Cause why not.Nezumi Bone-Reader ControlPawn of Ulamog mana acceleratorQarsi SadistQuest for the GravelordThoughtpicker Witch controlThrull Surgeon controlVampiric RitesVoracious Null

Skirsdag High Priest Isn't this amazing?

Gakros on Haakon's Crypt

3 months ago

i really need to add an explanation for the why some cards are in there.
Haakon+Ashes makes everyting summonable so:
Death Cultist is my finsiher by summoning/sacing many times
Mindlash Sliver is a lockdown since i can summon/sac many times,empty the hand and keep it empty(i can activate on draw step of opponent).
Yeah a "REAL" finisher is nowhere to be seen so yeah some lords would be nice.
Still not 100% on the Collective Brutality train it has 0 value if milled.
Thanks for the time to check it out.

mitchasm on Athreos, wololoing Orzhov style

3 months ago

This is great! I have a very similar deck called, "Rowsdower: The Final Sacrifice", I really enjoy this play mechanic. Definitely going to borrow a couple things from this. Ever considered Death Cultist, Thraben Doomsayer, Gift of Immortality, or even this quasi-combo Forbidden Orchard+Illness in the Ranks+Blood Artist or Falkenrath Noble?

Firebones675 on Everyone Drink the Kool-aid

4 months ago

It's not the best ability wise but for flavor reasons you should include a couple cultists.

Blood Cultist literally has them drinking and that flavor text...

Other potential cultists: Death Cultist, Deathcult Rogue, Exultant Cultist, Kill-Suit Cultist, and Skirsdag Cultist

As for cards that synergize with nekusar, have you considered Fevered Visions? Seems like the sort of card you'd want.

Seeing as how you have multiple wheel effects, there is some consideration to Megrim and Liliana's Caress

Wheel and Deal is a pretty good wheel effect and if you really need to you can have it only target yourself.

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