Wily Bandar


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Wily Bandar

Creature — Cat Monkey

: Wily Bander gains indestructible until end of turn.

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Wily Bandar Discussion

Alphamew17 on G/W Cats

1 week ago

Your land base could stand to gain from adding some deserts, particularly Shefet Dunes. Also, what's your opinion on Wily Bandar? Debating on running one or two of them, possibly over Sacred Kitty or Feral Kitty

rom016 on Purr

3 weeks ago

You might want an Uncage the Menagerie for 5 mana you can tutor for Pouncing Cheetah, Pride Sovereign and Prowling Serpopard.

Watchers of the Dead would also make a great side board card.

Dusk / Dawn (Dawn) would be great to return your low cost cats to your hand.Great for Feral Prowler, Scrounging Bandar and Metallic Mimic as it draws hate. Initiate's Companion, Longtusk Cub Adorned Pouncer, Sacred Cat, Wily Bandar and Watchers of the Dead there may be others.

Unconventional Tactics 3 mana to give say Adorned Pouncer +3/+3 and flaying for a turn is pretty sweet and if you increase Adorned Pouncer and Sacred Cat to 4 each to synergies with Anointed Procession you have 8 chances to get it back.

Key to the City Excellent way to get your power houses through and gives you a way to get Adorned Pouncer or Dusk / Dawn into the graveyard for casting.

mindness on GW Pussy Riot

3 weeks ago

I think that you have to focus on some cards for better consistency. Scrounging Bandar and Wily Bandar are quite useless cards for this deck and 1 Riparian Tiger when you can only get 2 energy should not be part of your deck. As for instant/sorcery cards you have too many of them that can actually counter some of the meta decks, but they are useless if you dont play against one of these decks.

Kexys on Cat Tribal (Almost)

1 month ago

I tried Scythe Leopard, and it just seemed to underperform. The lifelink seems most consistent than the landfall and it's weak to all the same removal as the Sacred Cat, which I'd prefer to have down on turn one.

I also played around a bit with Wily Bandar as a drop, and it quite often caused the opponent to play around it more than a Leopard would.

Wonky.wombat. on Selesnya Cats

1 month ago

You should put Prowling Serpopard into this deck instead of Wily Bandar and Glory-Bound Initiate, and you also should condense all of those one-of' into one four of, and take out the Trial of Solidarity for a couple more Cast Outs as a few more catch-all answers.

LithiumHD on U/G Servo

4 months ago

Right now the deck is too all over the place to do itself any good. Having only one or two copies of any card means that your draw is going to be anything but reliable, and victories will be hard to replicate.

Since your goal was stated to get out as many servos as possible, you can start by just outright removing cards that have no affect on servo production whatsoever. that would be cards like:

Verdant Automaton , Wily Bandar , Woodweaver's Puzzleknot , Glassblower's Puzzleknot , etc.

when you have finished sorting those cards out, then you can take a look at the cards you have remaining and ask yourself, which cards are you going to want to be playing the most? which ones are the most powerful, and which ones you only need to draw every once in a while. and you can adjust your card count as you see fit.

as far as card suggestions go, Panharmonicon + (insert any card with fabricate here) is a good way to start. you'd most likely want to be running x3 or even x4 of Panharmonicon just because it is so powerful.

if you do go that route, you should look at cards that have any ETB ability. Cards like Servo Schematic, again anything with fabricate... you get the idea

good luck, tag me if you need anything

Indexxical on Energetic Gearhulk - $99 - Standard (U/G)*UPDATED*

9 months ago

I very much enjoy this deck, I especially enjoy the Multiform Wonder- Good structuring! As far as sideboard, have you considered x4 of the Wily Bandar?

I'm totally kidding, but in the case that you are fighting mega aggro or other copters, I do think adding Empyreal Voyager might be worth your while.

Thijsemans on KLD Practice 2: BG Counters

10 months ago

Ook bij dit BG big stuff deck is de curve M-vormig, een beetje gelijktrekken kan geen kwaad. Beurt 3 is niet een moment waarop je niks te doen wil hebben.. Sidenote: Wily Bandar is basically een vanilla 1/1 voor 1, ook wel bekend als "wissel dit in voor wat nuttigs" (een 3-drop, misschien? :P

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