This is the deck I made for my good friend and roommate for Christmas '16.

Saved for posterity and inspiration. Updates are highly unlikely.

The editions for the cards are all accurate and the keen eye will notice I tried to get the most planty or brambly versions of cards (or at least the oldest versions of each card). For example, Rampant Growth and Golgari Signet . I also tried to get as many promo cards and rare-art versions as I could afford, such as Putrefy and Corpsejack Menace .

One may also notice a distinct lack of a certain mana-ramper; if my roommate likes this deck enough let him put a ring on it.

Pretty straightforward deck: ramp, apply counters, equip, attack, reanimate, repeat.

The deck will no-doubt evolve but that's not my path. If I could do it again I would probably squeeze Crux of Fate , Murder and Doom Blade in.


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