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bushido_man96 on Timmy's Parade!

3 minutes ago

Its good to see you back! Also for topdecking, Sensei's Divining Top is great, but pricey. Scroll Rack would also fit the bill. I don't know if there are a few more out there that would help you get to a 7-of for topdecking?

corythackston on Dark Devotion

3 minutes ago

Sup PickleNutz, it's ya boy here. I would say you're definitely gonna want to play four copies of Gatekeeper of Malakir, it can edict your opponent and gives you two black symbols for Gary. I would take out Gravecrawler for it since it's a very conditional card that isn't always that good. I would also probably cut the number of Nykthos you run since you don't need a ton of mana for stuff, but you do need almost all your mana to be black. Also I'm not sure if it's in your budget or not but having some noncreature permanents like Phyrexian Arena and Liliana of the Veil to provide you devotion that doesn't get swept away by Supreme Verdict. Also I saw someone else suggesting Bloodghast which I think is a solid suggestion. Fatal Push is also almost a necessity in any black deck I think. And since Gary is your primary pay off for devotion, I would bump him up to three copies. Also if you can afford Bob's, some number would be good. Brain Maggot can also be good in these types of decks. You could cut Grave Pact, Grotesque Mutilation, Despise, some number of Heroes Downfall, and some of the random creatures. Also I don't think Erebos is that great unless he's just a 1 of really.

BrandonJamesCAC on Esper Control

4 minutes ago

Cool cool

Well built deck

goblinguiderevealpls on Worthy Minotaurs

5 minutes ago

ive already made my point, and my comments were directed at his deck/strategy, not other commentors.. its over and done, op himself said he'd delete my comments

Matrixxx999 on Somebody stop me!

8 minutes ago


Thanks for the comment. No, I haven't seen it. I will definitely look at this card. Thanks for the suggestion and upvote!

Haldarious on My life is worthless (EDH)

12 minutes ago

This is amazing. I laughed out loud.

idrumigood on Esper Control

22 minutes ago


I used to run Negate in the main but I was getting run out by tasigurs and just early board threats and I just looked at the Negate in my hand and cursing it. Countersquall was in the sideboard for awhile but I noticed I put it in against control or burn and dispel seemed just a little better so I just put that there instead.

MegaMatt13 on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and ...

24 minutes ago

Thanks for your thoughtful response. I own a copy of Boros Charm so I will give it a shot. I understood that it occupies a different space than Path or Crackling Doom. I think I may have enough targeted removal so I was prepared to swing a space for something else.

Your thoughts on the tapping enchantments is interesting. I guess I've had the opposite experience. I find they INCREASE attacking. They hinder opponents' abilities to block more than attack. Most creatures can't attack the turn they drop anyway. However, preventing them from blocking for a turn gives opponents an incentive to go after an open enemy.

I have a couple more friendly suggestions for your deck. Necropotence is an amazing draw spell. My ayli deck loves it. However it does put a target on your back. Phyrexian Arena is like the monarch mechanic itself. It will slowly net you card advantage. Plus I've never seen anyone use up an Enchantment removal on it.

Also, I wonder if you can do better than Harness for threaten effects. Mass Mutiny or Mob Rule will get you more creatures per mana.

YungGenji on Ulamog's Last Stand

25 minutes ago

Have you considered Kozilek's Return and World Breaker as more removal and ramp payoff? The deck seems a little threat light at the moment.

invigorate_berserk10 on SBT Combo

30 minutes ago


HypedGhostProtocol on Elves

31 minutes ago

Oh and skysroud poachers seems like a must have

Delta-117 on Somebody stop me!

34 minutes ago

I think this deck needs an Overwhelming Splendor.

Have you seen this new card yet from HOU?

CoffeeTime88 on Hour of Milling

35 minutes ago

You know you want Torrential Gearhulks in this. You know. At least, that's what the tournament version is gonna run. I really like this budget version though.

BrandonJamesCAC on Esper Control

41 minutes ago

Nice take on the deck.

I took the Mana Leak out of mine a long time ago.

I've got much better use out of

Countersquall / Negate in the main.

WhiskeyMan_12 on So...Many...Tokens...

50 minutes ago

Poseidon31, I'm going to try to get more Zulaport Cutthroats from my friend and Thraben Inspector is on the next cut list but I really like Regal Caracal. Dropping up to 11 power on the board for 5 mana is a strong play not to mention the ability to buff the Sacred Cats. I could probably trim it to a 2x when I get some other pieces and lower the curve but I'm not convinced it's worth dropping entirely. Could you help me understand a little better your thought process?

As far as Sram's Expertise, I'm playing every copy I have.

idrumigood on Esper.

52 minutes ago

This is a cool esper control list.

Between yours and mine I play much more on my opponents turn why I run the secure the wastes, spells quellers, and gearhulk. This version seems pretty strong and detention sphere is in a strong spot with jund and abzan seeing less play. I personally don't think that blessed alliance isn't needed in the main (but 2 for side is amazing) and instead maybe increase by 1 land and maybe a 1 of secure. that card catches people very well.

GodoftheSun on Canadian Prowess AKH

53 minutes ago

Sideboard updated

TheRealPeaches on Didge's deck version trade binder

53 minutes ago

Interested in your Rock Lobster, Paper Tiger, Scissors Lizard, 4 Ancient Stirrings, and foil Might of Old Krosa, presuming it's the time spiral one and not the modern masters one.

VVDoom on Keranos Blood Moon

1 hour ago

LabManiac_Cameron, suggestions for a more casual build if it's even possible. Deck looked disgusting but it was against cEDH decks. So.

Shmobley9 on The Boy Who Cried Wolf

1 hour ago

Prototype deck for FNM

UncleLanddrops on Keranos On The Stack!

1 hour ago

Not really! Been off the grid, unmotivated because of working in it and life stuff, but trying to get back to deckbuilding. Got a weird Gonti deck that plays a lot of mana rocks and other people's stuff. Made a Sakashima Vehicles deck that was a lot of good fun for a little while, but it didn't last. Was really cool to make Sakashima a permanent Smuggler's Copter though!

KailDaemon on Keranos Blood Moon

1 hour ago

Watched the S2 Ep1 and As Foretold had me rolling with laughter with every single play it made. I didnt realize it was an "or less than" type of effect and it helped me to help a friend with his own Keranos list. Sweet list and +1 from me. Cant wait for more of S2 to be released

Fyr on Mono white control/lifegain *Non expensive*

1 hour ago

You are right journey is really good but pasifism for this deck at least imo works just as well i dont have to keep them in check long this deck wins pretty fast and pasifism is much cheaper Thank you alot though for sugesting cards i feel really bad leaving it out

Venomora on Lucy in the Sky with ...

1 hour ago

Upvote for the title. I'll read the decklist later.

enpc on Combo Kraj

1 hour ago

I saw your deck from the Commander Tier List. It's got some potential but there are a lot of cards still that I don't think serve much of a purpose.

straight off the bat, cards like Vigor and Solemn Simulacrum are generally considered slow and clunky in competitive decks. Most decks run lost of removal in the form of cards like Swords to Plowshares and not much in the way of combat. And for Solemn, he's a great card but just too slow here.

Cultivate and Kodama's Reach should be be Nature's Lore nad Three Visits. You don't care so much about getting two lands as you do getting Tropical Island / Breeding Pool untapped. plus faster is better.

Inexorable Tide doesn't make a lot of sense here. Realisitically you only care about either getting 1 +1/+1 counter on a creature or getting infinite. The fact that yo ucan buff your stuff slightly is insignificant i nthe grand scheme of things.

As far as counterspells go, cards like Swan Song and Flusterstorm are amazing. one mana counterspells that can stop stuff are a must. Force of Will and Pact of Negation are also worthwhile as they protect you combo turn.

Yisan, Wanderer Bard is a good fit here as he let's you dig for combo pieces and with your commander, you can use stuff like Scryb Ranger to dig for multiple cards a turn.

As a general rule, tapped lands are bad. Simic Growth Chamber is WAY too slow, it affects your turn 2 play which is generally where you really start getting traction. Same goes for Temple of the False God. Rember, it doesn't count as a land until you have 4 other lands in play plus it.Ancient Tomb is by far the better play. If you're looking for lands than tap for more than one, Gaea's Cradle is your best bet.

I would also include Kiora's Follower here, it's just good. Mana Vault too.

Flagellum on Nessie Exists! Or At Least ...

1 hour ago

What's this Marit Lage everyone is talking about? I don't think it exists!

Jacktempleton on first try

1 hour ago

i appreciate it

spleen on monored burn

1 hour ago

Yeah, I'm planning to upgrade to boros burn for some better removal and Boros Charm, but need to get some fetch/shocklands first. The only thing with changing to Exquisite Firecraft and Flames of the Blood Hand is that they have a higher mana cost, slowing you down a bit, but up to you if you think the higher cost is worth it.

piecatz33 on Spirit Breaker

1 hour ago

good deck

Ink-Fusion on Atrax EDH (In The Works)

1 hour ago

Yeah definitely recommend Prime Speaker Zegana she usually comes out big and draws lots of cards. And she's like $1

Paavvukun on Mina and Denn's Supermassive Landmass

1 hour ago

Hi there, love the deck. I run a Mina and Denn landfall deck myself -> Mina and Denn's Wild Adventure Please check it out if you don't mind.

Have you considered Storm Cauldron? It allows you to land lands more landily, bounces your lands for you with minimal efforts, and can really disrupt your opponents' strategies all by itself. It might be a bit tricky to use, but I've loved the card as I find it too hilarious not to use.

Since you play a lot of tokens, what about Champion of Lambholt? She herself can get massively huge with just a few creature drops and in turn makes your creatures incredibly hard to block. I usually will play her and Avenger of Zendikar off of a Tooth and Nail for an instantly huge board.

Last suggestion: Genesis Wave. I don't know how big into the ramp game you are as much as the "shuffle-lands-around-constantly" game but with a couple of haste effects, Genesis Wave is an easy way to drop a bunch of lands and threats all at once.

Anyways, love it, glad to see it. Keep it going.

Jsims2834 on Current R/W exert

1 hour ago

It may not hurt to add some more instant that allow your creatures to gain power and toughness without exerting them in tight spots. It will also help your better cards with weaker toughness block for you. I would definitely add 2 more Djeru's Resolve.

grohseph on Super Competitive Four-Colored Combo

1 hour ago

Why run channeler initiate and vizier of remedies simultaneously? They are redundant once they are both pitched to GY and Ooze is out.

KingIden on Rats... So Many Rats

1 hour ago

super impressed!!!!

2kplus on Ramping Gods and Imitators

1 hour ago

nobody told me that copying my own legendary creature - rhonas, would lead to one or the other getting sac'd. dang.

Shmobley9 on Spirit Breaker

1 hour ago

Thanks for the advice, I didn't realize the illegal cards were there, but my collection is very limited. I'll take your advice and maybe use cards I have similar to your suggestion

Oloro_Magic on Spirit Breaker

1 hour ago

Sorry for the double comment but there is also Promise of Bunrei, seems it would work well with what you want to do.

liquid_water on Big Guy!

1 hour ago

Another recent card I've had success with in my Kruphix list is Cascading Cataracts. Sometimes, I just need to convert a bunch of cached colorless mana into a few colors, and this does the job nicely without taking up a nonland slot. Being indestructible has come in handy a couple of times too.

Here's my list if you're interested.

xburguer1 on monored burn

1 hour ago

the plan is to upgrade to naya burn soon. Meanwhile i need to close the list till tomorrow. For SB i'm thinking: 3Roast 4Smash to Smithereens 3Molten Rain 1Grafdigger's Cage 2Relic of Progenitus 2Leyline of Punishment

In mainboard i think i'll cut 4 Magma Jet to 2Exquisite Firecraft and 2Flames of the Blood Hand

any thoghts on this ?

Oloro_Magic on Spirit Breaker

1 hour ago

Firstly you should really cut it down to 60 cards, Ashen Rider is the first card that can come out as you will never get the chance to play it. You should also focus your creatures and spells a bit more. Chose the ones you absolutely need (Vampire Nighthawk is a god starting point) and use those. Seeing how you are playing Cliffhaven Vampire I would suggest Drana's Emissary and Gifted Aetherborn. You could also use more Lingering Souls. And get rid of the illegal cards.

ive-been-degaussed on Ah! Daymare

1 hour ago

In addition to Fraying Sanity, I would try the new blue Desert.

Ipnu Rivulet

Play a few Scavenger Grounds as well mainboard - they can help enable the Rivulet and serve as graveyard hate in a pinch. If you really want to go deep, try a few Desert of the Mindful, but I don't think we need to.

Also, any thoughts on Winds of Rebuke? Provides some extra board interaction.

luther on Ramos Pre-Build

1 hour ago

Doubling Season, Deepglow Skate and Winding Constrictor would be real good with this guy to go along with your Hardened Scales and Corpsejack Menace.

Door to Nothingness would be a nice finisher

NeedAnArk on Atrax EDH (In The Works)

1 hour ago

Ohh wow! Thank you for the suggestions Ink-Fusion, you've piqued my interest towards a few cards I haven't seen before! I see you've got a similar deck yourself Atraxa, Counter Stacker. I have noticed that the lack of extra card draw is a major weakness for my build.

Culex on Combo Meren

1 hour ago

It's still more than worth it. The effect is incredibly asymmetrical with all of the mana dorks you have access to; shutting down all of the good mana rocks is huge. In exchange, you lose access to a couple of nice but non-essential cards. You can always decide not to play Null Rod if you don't need it right then or if you really think you need an artifact ability. Being able to go hard on the Stax is one of Meren's biggest strengths, and Null Rod is a beast of a stax card.

liquid_water on Big Guy!

2 hours ago

Try Pull from Tomorrow instead of Mind Spring. The instant speed makes greatly makes up for having to discard a card, considering that Kruphix can easily cast either for at least and you generally draw into at least one disposable card.

Shmobley9 on Spirit Breaker

2 hours ago

Give me some suggestions before I take this to FNM

Fincherc on Turbo Frog

2 hours ago

@outofnothing0:I've been looking at Nissa, but have been giving Alhammarret's Archive stronger consideration. The potential to benefit from it the turn it comes into play is there and seems harder to remove. Nissa can pull from the gy if needed. Have you tried the Archive or could one squeeze both in? I do enjoy Nissa in new Omnath.

Oloro_Magic on first try

2 hours ago

Nice to see new people getting into Magic, if you need help down the line with the sideboard just post on my page and I'd be happy to help out.

WaterpocketFold on Red Hasters

2 hours ago

I'm pretty sure you can fling an indestructible creature because you are sacrificing it, not damaging it. I'd love to see your deck list.