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ManaTapper on xenaghos semi-optimized

7 minutes ago

I would not surrender ench/artif for bane of progress.... I mean i would use the bane, but if i kill em with bane it's because it was worth it. If bane does not show i would use them normally

GoldenZebra on Mono White Lifelink commander

7 minutes ago

I would definitely consider Soul Warden Soul's Attendant Ajani's Welcome Lone Rider  Flip Fountain of Renewal And Light of Hope is a fantastic utility card for how low cmc it is. And personally I absolutely love Aerial Responder oh and Authority of the Consuls Wouldn’t hurt if you wanted a bit more control going on

elk88 on Xyris doing Wheelies! EDH

16 minutes ago

Well this seems like it's more for me at this point but I still like to keep my decks/information up to date. This deck is an absolute blast and really quite competitive to boot. Most of my friends are playing fairly competitive decks and this still hangs in there and wins it fair share of games. Phyrexian Altar is an all-star (and to a lesser extent due to summoning sickness Cryptolith Rite) and absolutely enables completely busted turns (often just game winning turns - don't be surprised if you're playing solitaire as you wheel through your deck to find wincons). With more than enough games under my belt now and with the tweaks I've made along the way, I'm definitely always tweaking/improving and looking for new ideas/new sets but I feel really good about where the list is at right now. Having said that, I'm always open to suggestions and constructive criticism (or willing to answer any questions/card choices too) so feel free comment and I'll do my best to get back to ya!

adams333 on Derevi the Immortal

49 minutes ago

Modified the deck to be more orientated toward landfall Also increased the land ramp so I can afford casting my cards.

Profet93 on Xenegos with the Double-Down, Throw-Down!

50 minutes ago

Given the lack of funds, what is your budget per card. I got ideas, but am unsure of what your upper limit is.

grievances on The Exquisite Killer (Vito, Dusk …

1 hour ago

A successful debut, even though I didn't win. My next turn was going to be a major lifelink attack with 7 vamps (thanks to a nice Bolas's Citadel), but then we lost to an infinite pinger via Purphoros. But it had a nice CMC curve, I like the 3-mana commander, and I had two tutors to get Cabal Coffers and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. I enjoyed it and will look forward to my next game.

mikeb388 on Wall or Nothing (Arcades EDH)

1 hour ago

how come almost half of your creatures do not have defender ?

Balaam__ on Eldrazi Werewolves

1 hour ago

Nice build. One of the best blocks in magic, no doubt.

ExpozeD on Godzilla’s Red Feat

1 hour ago

Fling would be good with Godzilla for sure, and stonecoil situationally. I suggested Weaponize the Monsters because you have lots of low mana small creatures which you can practically fling repeatedly. If you have Fiery Emancipation in play, it would be 2 mana for 6 repeating damage which seems nice.

Cacho on Godzilla’s Red Feat

1 hour ago

Maybe fling instead of the underworld breach?

Skuloth on Ad Nauseam Doomsday Zur

1 hour ago

Absolutely not, its just simply not relevant

Michigone on Thassa, God of the c...EDH

1 hour ago

Okay, rough draft one is in the books. Time to take it out for a spin on cockatrice and see how she goes.

KayneMarco on Golos, Scout of Genju Say …

1 hour ago

WarSpaniel: yes, it would double every landfall triggers in the deck including the retreat.

jubale on Slither Story - Competitive

2 hours ago

You're right. Removed!

Capture Sphere is no Sleep. It's not really the card I want anyway. Let's call sideboard a work in progress.

scheater5 on JLK's Akiri | Game Knights …

2 hours ago

Any ideas on what purpose Wheel of Fortune is serving in this deck? I know Boros is hard up for card draw/card selection, but the literal price tag on that card seems like you'd only play it if you had it lying around. I don't see any wheel payoffs - Liliana's Caress, Waste Not and Consecrated Sphinx aren't in the right colors.

AustrianErb on Master Cube

2 hours ago

nice selection

Freeway1312 on Mishra's Jank Machine [Primer]

2 hours ago

In the Eye of Chaos is an interesting Stax piece. It doesn't directly synergize with Mishra's ability, but since this deck runs so few instants, it would almost certainly be worse for our opponents than for us. It has the World supertype, meaning it doesn't work with Nether Void, but might be worth thinking about. I think I prefer Defense Grid, since it serves the same purpose (protecting us from opponents' interaction) but is a more relevant card type for Mishra.

EleshNornsFs on Sex-Proof Selesnyabians

2 hours ago

Sexproof. Selesbians. Genius. Pure genius.

VampDemigod on Slither Story - Competitive

3 hours ago

Just letting you know, sleep isn’t standard legal. Maybe it’s arena bo1 legal? If so, tag it as Arena. Otherwise, there are effects like Capture Sphere that you could run instead.

CannedCanOpener on And We All Lived Happily …

3 hours ago

King_marchesa I'm gonna be honest, I totally forgot he was an Enchantment Creature. I thought he was just a creature, and decided to stick with Prismatic Omen because it's an enchantment, but realizing that he's also an enchantment I think the extra land is worth 1 extra mana. Thank you!

WarSpaniel on Golos, Scout of Genju Say …

3 hours ago

Thank you for your quick response. I was more curious about the Landfall interaction with Retreat to Coralhelm if you could scry 2 by playing a land. Or tap/untap 2 permanents.(With Yarok, the Desecrated in play sorry).

DaWubber on Claws of the All-Hunter

3 hours ago

I do know this. Its just Snapdax has ended up under a Mindleecher or Everquill Phoenix before, as the increase in power can matter with double strike and commander damage.

King_marchesa on And We All Lived Happily …

3 hours ago

Nice deck!

Dryad of the Ilysian Grove does the same thing as Prismatic Omen, but let’s you put extra lands into play.

WarSpaniel on Zaxara, the Exemplary: Hydra Infestation

3 hours ago

Thank you very much for your feedback and your quick response time. I’ve played this deck several times in paper and it’s really fun. Thank you

Nagoragama on Orzhov Inquisition (WB Cleric Tribal)

3 hours ago

Should Cabal Archon be re-added? I had it in the original Cleric deck back in the day, but it didn't seem to have enough of an impact in Commander. It's a good win-con, but requires a lot of clerics on the field to be any good.

Colinlags on Maze's end slivers

3 hours ago

Just created this deck today. Excited to see how it plays

Feebs24 on Because Who Doesn’t Love ETB …

3 hours ago

Recently, I have been putting a lot more effort and time into turning this deck into Atris, Oracle of Half-Truths. If you are looking for a more competitive deck, I would turn to that deck. The addition of black gives more potential tutors, removal, and combo pieces. Thassa, Deep-Dwelling is much better at going long game, and grinding out opponents, while Atris, Oracle of Half-Truths is more about executing a combo as fast as possible, and as consistently as possible, all while slowing down your opponents. If that is more along the lines of what you look for in a deck, I would recommend looking at my Atris, Oracle of Half-Truths list. Don't worry though, Thassa, Deep-Dwelling is not a dead deck yet, and I will continue to improve it as new sets release.

Blink And You'll Miss Him! (Atris Cedh Primer)

Commander / EDH Feebs24


Shmaloop on Consultation Kess: a Primer

3 hours ago

I just wanted to say that I've been dying to try out cEDH though given that I haven't even been playing EDH for more than a year I was a bit apprehensive. But this deck + your complete breakdown in the primer makes me SO excited to get into the scene, so thank you so much!

Feebs24 on Blink And You'll Miss Him! …

3 hours ago

That’s one of the things that I love about commander! Even the most insignificant legends can be turned into awesome decks. I have a Renata, Called to the Hunt (That one demigod from TBD that people forgot about) edh deck which can kill with an infinite pretty consistently. One of my favorite things is to take sub-par commanders and turn them into sweet decks. It makes the win feel much more satisfying than winning with a tier 1 commander. (Also if you want to see the Renata deck it is on my profile or here:

Woodfall Primus Go Brrr

Commander / EDH Feebs24



Lokotor on Marchesa, The Black Rose - …

4 hours ago


I'm not running it right now, but not because it's a bad call by any means. You may need to work a given deck list to be a bit heavier on creatures/tokens to get the best value from it, but Blood Artist is definitely an excellent choice in this type of deck.

then_do_it_again on Xyris wheels tribal

4 hours ago

Frank_Glascock- I'll try to go through each of your questions, though I think a lot of your basic ideas stem from you being in a higher power playgroup. A lot of my card choices are personal preference.

Magus of the Wheel could easily be Jace's Archivist. JvP is great just for its card filtering ability, and costing 2 vs 3. If I had another Three Visits it could easily go in the slot of Explore. Finale of Devastation is just Craterhoof Behemoth #2. Molten Psyche is difficult to pull off with Metalcraft, if I had a Timetwister that's the easiest wheel to cut. Dryad of the Ilysian Grove could easily go in - but it doesn't work with Earthcraft the way you think. only actual basic lands can be untapped. and I like the suggestion on the Growth Spiral cuts. I'd probably make it a Sylvan Library. And with the land count, I could shave a couple for cheap interaction. Pir's Whim is amazing as a removal spell/tutor for Gaea's Cradle.

Metroid_Hybrid on Claws of the All-Hunter

4 hours ago

You know you can Mutate under your Commander too? That way you won't lose the Legendary super-type for your Champion's Helm (for example)..

khadfish on Zur, the Enchanter

5 hours ago

A couple of sneaky combos in here for sure.

ellie-is on Bruse Tana, Boorish Bloodsower

5 hours ago

That's awesome!

And yeah! Though more than a good new partner, I'm hoping they'll just reprint Tana herself! I want her with the new card frame, hahahaha.

ExpozeD on Izzet Wizzards [Historic]

6 hours ago

Running wizards is fun, I have to suggest Wizard's Lightning.

MagicalHacker on Maelstrom Wanderer: Kills 99.9% of …

6 hours ago

BingoJones, well their CMC's aren't lower than 8, so they won't be hit off the cascade! :O They are cast for 3 mana as part of the ability, but it doesn't change their mana cost :)

tom965 on Waifu Personality Test

6 hours ago

I would add Living Death, since you have some options to put your whole board inclduing ayara into the graveyard already. Maybe add in the Land Emergence Zone as this really helps with all your big spells.

Simerix on Karador Sacr

6 hours ago

Scavenging Ooze is a good card, but doesn't play into the theme. Don't take it out necessarily, just something to keep in mind. Altar of Dementia would be an all-star in this deck. Fiend Hunter is kinda absurd. You can sac it before you exile, so the creature is permanently exiled. Disciple of Bolas is great because it gives you repeatable card draw in creature form which is huge for this deck.

Other good cards (some are around $5 but might be worth splurging for): Solemn Simulacrum, Stitcher's Supplier, Zulaport Cutthroat, Grim Haruspex, Ashnod's Altar, Vraska, Golgari Queen, Buried Alive, Viscera Seer, Pitiless Plunderer, Dictate of Erebos, Pawn of Ulamog, Smothering Abomination (this one triggers for any type of sacrificing), Archon of Justice, and Stonehorn Dignitary

In general, you have more noncreatures than I think is optimal. I could be wrong, and it's your deck. Build it how you want, but I think this deck excels with a higher creature count. If it's a creature it's repeatable and still usable if milled. Noncreatures aren't. For instance, I like Farhaven Elf more than Harrow because it is a creature.

Looking over your deck, you don't have many actual ways to sacrifice creatures. You have a couple that self sac, such as Caustic Caterpillar, and Carrion Feeder, but you definitely need more. Cards like Viscera Seer, Altar of Dementia, Ashnod's Altar, Woe Strider, Fanatical Devotion, Sadistic Hypnotist, and Stronghold Assassin are needed to make this a sac deck.

Frank_Glascock on Xyris wheels tribal

6 hours ago

I have been doing some more thinking about Explore. Could Explore be Dryad of the Ilysian Grove? It gets you another land drop every turn and as a small bonus turns on every land in the deck for Earthcraft.

Growth Spiral seems too limited. It could be a continuous and much better draw effect with Sylvan Library. Three Visits is a better ramp spell. I can get another major combat buff in Shared Animosity. Or another piece of interaction in the form of Mana Drain or Swan Song could be added.

I count 27 spells which produce mana. This is not counting Pir's Whim but is counting Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath, Thieving Skydiver, Sword of Feast and Famine, Explore and Growth Spiral. The decks plays 39 lands which seems high given the massive amount of mana this deck can produce. Has there been any thought to cutting down to 37 or 38 lands?

Counting the interaction in this deck is a little tricky. Let me ask this. How often does Thieving Skydiver steal a mana artifact as opposed to a stax or hate bear artifact?

Including Thieving Skydiver, Sword of Feast and Famine, and Commit / Memory I count 12 interaction spells. Has this been sufficient? Could an argument be made to cut one of the mana generating spells for something like Force of Vigor. Let's say Explore and Growth Spiral had already been cut. What is your worse mana producing spells left?

What wheel gets cut for Timetwister?

Has Pir's Whim been an effective removal spell? I assume you only choose yourself as friend.

Pikobyte on Snakes need wheels, they don’t …

6 hours ago

Thats the problem with wheel decks TriusMalarky, they are usually not budget friendly. I’m not sure how good the deck can be on a budget. You could go the grouphug way, that makes the deck slower but way more budget friendly and way less annoying to opponents. This build is pretty much archenemy from the get go, if you don’t slow it or remove Xyris right away it’s probably game over turn 4. Group hug decks aren’t quite as scary and can produce great value too. But if you go group hug you need to play a lot of protection. Otherwise they just remove Xyris and get the benefit of your grouphug cards but you won’t get any tokens

zack_hodge on Goddess of Etherium (Budget)

6 hours ago

Excuse my last comment (I can't edit or delete it)... here are some cards I'd love to have your opinion on: