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wolfhead on Land destruction

19 minutes ago

Goddamn, surgical and reverberates maindeck

Go big or go home, I like it.

Blizzard-herder would be a lot cooler with Smallpox

Spellbreaker1st on Vampire go face

19 minutes ago

Thanks for the tips! I really thini that Stensia Masquerade and Incorrigible Youths are going to be really great in this deck. Since I actually only uploaded it to share it with some people, I didnt flag it as casual xD, which is why I do not think that I will run Fiery Temper which per se is a great card but just feels like Powergaming, otherwise would be a good idea ^^. Bloodmad Vampire I think would work best with 4 copies of Stensia Masquerade, considering it has a Toughness of 1, so I think that for the moment, I'll let it be. For the last of your suggestions, Castle Locthwain, a really good decision to run it I think, since the deck tends to be empty-handed or at least pretty close to it quite often and it still has methods of gaining life in a casual environment.

Thank you very much for your suggestions and please excuse how long it took me to respond but I'm kind of in my exams atm xD

4to16characters on Prossh, Skyraider of my Friends

24 minutes ago

Some green ramp upgrades I've been looking into include:

Traverse the Ulvenwald - G to fix your mana or later G to Tutor a Creature you need for your combo or any land.

Nissa's Pilgrimage - 2G you get basic forest in play and one in hand, but you can get more mid game. Essentially a "better" Cultivate/Kodama's Reach but with the stipulation Basic Forests.

Once Upon a Time - Free or 1G and you can dig 5 cards deep to find another Land/Creature.

Last_Laugh on Little Rey of Ishine (Reyhan/Ishai ...

43 minutes ago

Well KibaAlpha, I got the list back up (after I accidentally deleted over half the list). Any cards that've come out in the last 10 months or so that you think would be good here?

KidoftheThird on Atla Palani CEDH

47 minutes ago

Thank you RAID SHADOW LEGENDS for sharing this list

MajordomoTom on El Chupacabra, the Goatsucker

1 hour ago

fighting yourself to deal damage to your opponent's face?

Now that's what I call MAGIC. Very nice build.

Consider Nahiri, the Harbinger for more ... OOOMPH! Get some cards moving through your hand, a bit more control, and a nice ultimate.

JeskaiMaster01 on Urza Lord High combomaster

1 hour ago

Hi so i do have the filigree sages as well and may get a rings so i have several outlets for the wins. But my deck can ramp super hard so I'm not entirely concerned.

PookandPie on Urza Lord High combomaster

1 hour ago

I play Urza too! It's a very fun cEDH deck.

If I could recommend a single big draw spell, it would likely be Recurring Insight. Generally speaking you'll be ramping out hard with artifacts so your lands won't necessarily be more than 4ish, and for a 6cmc sorcery, I think drawing 4-5 cards twice off of Recurring Insight would be much better than Flow of Ideas.

Is there a particular reason you're using Basalt Monolith but not Rings of Brighthearth to generate infinite mana so you can win with Urza?I would figure that having the additional infinite mana outlet would be the primary reason for running Basalt since it's generally not seen as good on its own. Perhaps dropping Chromatic Orrery for it could be reasonable (since if you have infinite colorless mana with Urza with something that can untap, you also have infinite blue. So Basalt Monolith can make infinite colorless by copying the untap activation with Rings, and after making 30 million colorless, you can spend that to make 10 million blue (by simply tapping the Monolith for blue via Urza's ability, then untapping it for 3 colorless mana). And 5 to draw 1 seems pretty horrible when you've already got Sensei's Top. I guess its nice that it taps for 5 to power a Dramatic Scepter win, but there's functionally no difference between Gilded Lotus and it in that circumstance, and you could likely win via any extra rock + Worn Powerstone if that's what you were aiming for. I dunno, just seems like a 7 mana do nothing rock unless you have Filigree Sages which just makes this the exact same combo, except it costs 9 mana to start (7, tap 5, pay 4 for Sages, pay 2 more to activate Sages to untap, repeat), whereas the Basalt one costs 8 but the individual pieces can come down much earlier (alongside Rings having more inherent synergy with the deck as well, eg double Urza or Tezzeret tutor activations, etc.).

Sai, Master Thopterist is another nice one. Every artifact you cast effectively gets you a free Mox Opal that can also be spent to draw you additional cards.

MajordomoTom on Teysa Karlov - KIlled By ...

1 hour ago

I'm more a fan of Edgar Markov, but she's a wicked commander. Nice deck, thanks for sharing.

jsnrice on Planeswalker life gain

1 hour ago

Vito would be fun in this deck. Even if it's not a commander Vito would still be fun in here.

MajordomoTom on Zur the Enchanter: Lessons Learned

1 hour ago

yeah, I'm not one of those "infinite loop" builders, either.

Just 21, straight to the face. Commander damage, just take it.

And if you somehow protect yourself from losing life, I'll make it infect tokens instead.

Whatever it takes, Zur can deliver it.

ClockworkSwordfish on Not Your Typical Animar Deck: ...

1 hour ago

What do you think about Quirion Dryad? Not too many of your spells are monogreen, so she'd get a boost from most of the stuff a creature with Prowess would, only in her case they're permanent. However, she also has the added bonus of getting a boost from most of your other creatures, too!

Zilkios on [[Primer v3.4]] - OM_RATH!!! (M20 ...

1 hour ago

I also agree that there needs to be another card draw, but I am not a fan of Return of the Wildspeaker.

I may be way outside the box here but I’m strongly considering Kozilek, Butcher of Truth. It will also give the shuffle, the surge is massive, and the sac to draw is epic. Not hard for us to cast either.

carpecanum on Omnath Elemental Landfall

1 hour ago

The "panorama" lands also trigger Landfall twice in a round. They are legal with any commander because they don't show mana symbols.

Elemental Mastery is great if a one big guy is getting chump blocked. Turn him into a swarm. Even better if you have Elemental tribal stuff going on.

Chameleon Colossus Tornado Elemental

webeGhouly on Group Slug

1 hour ago

This deck is AMAZING! Loved it on my first play test. Worked like a dream. Epic build, Thanks for the share!!

colopatiron on Merfolk

1 hour ago

This is a comment.

kinghoff101 on Nath of The Gilt-Leaf

1 hour ago

Very fun budget deck! I used this as a template for my own and it performed well!

iDescendance on Knights

1 hour ago

I did a similar Orzhov (BW) Knights Deck Knights of Exile, though we did some things differently. I went at mine with a Spike mindset, but if you're happy with what you have, I'm all for it.


Cards You Should Remove:

  • Kunoros, Hound of Athreos (doesn't synergize with Knights, not a bad card though)
  • Kaya, Orzhov Usurper (doesn't synergize with Knights. I had her in an older iteration of my deck but realized she doesn't give any value to my Knights at all. I would recommend swapping her with Gideon Blackblade, better for what you're doing)
  • Evolving Wilds (It's not bad, you should understand that you can only pull Swamps and Plains with it)
  • Forever Young (The first iteration of my deck had that sort of "bring shit back from the dead" mindset behind it, but I find it's not super effective for what Knights are)
  • Tymaret Calls the Dead (doesn't synergize with Knights, just forces you to mill and potentially lose Knights which you're playing)
  • Underworld Dreams (doesn't synergize with Knights, not a bad card though)


Cards I Would Recommend:


Deck Building Tips:

  • Constantly be asking yourself "What value does this bring to what I'm playing?" Synergy is fun to play with, but you also have to play around what helps you get to that synergy.
  • A bad card that's good when you have another card with it is a deck building trap. I fall victim to it all the time, I tend to read card effects and love the card before I realize what it means to the deck.
  • Figure out what your strategy of your deck is. I like playing Midrange, so I tend to play for the lategame with ways to keep me going until then. Another iteration of the Knights deck is Mardu (RBW) that focuses on equipment spells and being Aggro (you play for the early game and want to win as soon as possible). Find your playstyle, and look at ways other people are running that playstyle.
  • If all else fails, netdeck. If you didn't know what that was already, it means copying someone else's deck and running it yourself. Many in the MTG community dispute it, but it's not a bad thing to use as a learning tool.

Hope this helps!

JeremyX2 on Mina and Denn, Landfellers.

2 hours ago

Free for all win vs. Ilharg, Estrid, Animatou and Nekusar.

1empyrean on Tayam's Constellation EDH

2 hours ago

griffstick I made it my goal to run all permanents. Rise of the Dark Realms is ridiculously good, but with my field set up, I can steal other players graveyards with Animate Dead, Dance of the Dead, and/or Necromancy, along with Kaya's Ghostform to make it permanent.

If I were to run one non-permanent, it would have to be either Eerie Ultimatum or Open the Vaults so I can get my enchantments back, as well.

Glad you like the deck.

MagicalHacker on MagicalHacker - List of All ...

2 hours ago

Destroyander, I've retired my Group Hug list (for reasons seen here: https://twitter.com/Magical__Hacker/status/1281292373352493056) and replaced it with the list you see now!

xalasa on meul

2 hours ago

I have a question for you: why does wizards make such a cool card like Bruvac the Grandiloquent and then make it illegal in the majority of formats?


2 hours ago

I haven’t had the opportunity to pick up either of those cards. I’m not convinced by the incinerator, I thing Satyr Firedancer or whatever it’s called would be better. Emancipation is going in eventually because it’s just hilarious.

Peoyogon on Elenda the Dusk Rose

2 hours ago

Fun looking deck! Have you thought about adding some mass recursion? Some of my favorites are Twilight's Call and Living Death. They might be able to put in some work with this build!

P.S. Love your username :)

Lipifi on Golos, Tireless Worldgorger -- *PRIMER

2 hours ago

Shit, your list is very strange and trash, remake this... fu...

CaveBoy on Menace or Insane?

2 hours ago

Perhaps there isn’t room for these, but I like the idea of Deadly Allure on Menace creatures. Or Touch of the Moonglove on Menace, which kills two creatures and they lose 4 life doing so.

griffstick on Tayam's Constellation EDH

3 hours ago

This deck is dope. You should be playing Rise of the Dark Realms

mccabej140 on Devils & Motorcycles

3 hours ago

hortoncrow There needs to be an alt-art version of Zurzoth with a Nicolas Cage face haha

hortoncrow on Devils & Motorcycles

3 hours ago

Now I want to add fire themed spells, and at least one chain, and make a Ghost Rider deck.

Sacule on Dragons Alex

3 hours ago

Red dragon deck. Just cheap nice cards.

Podkomorka on Elves and Wolves

4 hours ago

What Floor said lol

abiblestudent on Relentless Marrow-Gnawer

4 hours ago

I'll get right on that, thanks!

NoSoyYucateco on Copy that, Copycat!

4 hours ago

I would also think about swapping some of your more expensive draw cards like Tidings for cheaper cantrips like Brainstorm, Preordain, or even Opt. Paying 1 mana for a good card is better than paying 5 mana for a few random ones, in my opinion, and you have other ways to refill your hand if you need to (like Recurring Insight, which I love.)

Bababad on Ayli, Frooty Loops (Primer)

4 hours ago

AbsoluteIridium Here is what we are currently testing. Might change a bit but most of this is the new direction of the deck.

sorry for the delay, we were building decks and testing em with what we had on hand just for fun.

casual_competitive on Muldrotha Rats Commander

4 hours ago

lands gone, relentless rats in

TreG0 on Tezzeret's Artifacts

4 hours ago


abiblestudent on Relentless Marrow-Gnawer

4 hours ago

casual_competitive is this intended to be serious and/or helpful?

NoSoyYucateco on Copy that, Copycat!

4 hours ago

Here are some ideas!

Creatures I would add: Thassa, Deep-Dwelling (She will probably be cheaper when she rotates out of Standard, but she's a natural fit for the deck).

Purphoros, God of the Forge (This card won me so many games with my Riku creatures deck)

Avenger of Zendikar (Also a win con)

Solemn Simulacrum (For repeatable ramp and the bonus draw)

Prime Speaker Zegana (Draw. Even if if you copy and her and sacrifice one she's great)

Mystic Snake (You don't really have counters here. This one costs a lot of mana but it has recursion potential, especially if you add things like Cackling Counterpart)

Woodfall Primus or Brutalizer Exarch are both great.

For instants and sorceries, I would cut your extra turn stuff if it is causing issues with your play group. The untap stuff like Early Harvest can be a stand-in for these, as they practically do the same thing but aren't technically extra turns. Nevertheless they can bother people.

Epic Experiment is hit or miss even in a deck with a lot more instants and sorceries. If you're going for more creatures, this should definitely be cut.

Primal Command might not make the cut (personally, if you want to combo off with creatures, I would pick Shared Summons over this anyway.)

Clone Legion costs a lot and is not consistent. I love this card, but for 9 mana, I want to win the game with some degree of certainty.

Brass's Bounty can probably go. You should be able to ramp in other ways, and this isn't an artifact deck.

I would also swap Explosive Vegetation for Migration Path, because it's strictly better. But personally I would make sure I have Rampant Growth in here before this.

As for Spitting Image, it's fine, but it is going to be on the high end of your ideal mana curve. I'd put in some cheaper clone effects first.

Let me know what you think. It might be time do a revision to the deck and see how things are looking, to get a clearer picture of the direction it's going and what it still needs.