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lactobacillus on List of all Mana Dork ...

a few seconds ago

kamarupa, thanks for the comment and suggestions. I will keep this list exclusive to dork creatures, although i understand your purpose on pointing noncreature spells. Feel free to create a similar list including these, i'd appreciate that.

Mullac on Eternal affliction

27 minutes ago

I would take out Ever After as it is a bit slow and I'm not sure you'd ever play it especially in modern (unless this is more of a casual deck which is understandable). I think you can cut out Merciless Eternal too, is it apply enough pressure I think, compared to your other afflict cards. You can take a hint from standard and have Curious Obsession to even further pressure if that's what you like. Also I would change Encrust to better forms of removal such as Cast Down , Murder , Fatal Push or Bedevil . Another addition would be to remove Crippling Chill for Blink of an Eye which I think is better overall as you can remove a creature and force the opponent to play it next turn, or remove something like Ensnaring Bridge or another artifact/enchantment that affects you or your creatures. I hope this helped, and this looks like a super fun deck!

muse99 on [cEDH Primer] To Infinity & ...

35 minutes ago

No problem, glad to be able to contribute as I love how this list is shaping up. By the way, have you been goldfishing? How is that working out?

Yiphix on Ends justify the means

38 minutes ago

It might be a bit of a hassle, but you can always share cards between decks.

Pikobyte on Muldrotha, the „Fun“ in „Funeral“ ...

45 minutes ago

Hey there DubbaDub,

Im glad you like it and thx for the suggestions. Speaking of your cards:

Had Constant Mists in the deck before and it’s a beast for sure. But as soon as I added Lion's Eye Diamond it started to underperform since i basically discard my hand every turn, so it stays in my graveyard. So great Card but not with LED.

Necromancy is a card I play at instant speed during my turn. The reason is simply that I want to sacrifice that creature at the end of my turn. That allows me to get full use out of Protean Hulk , Mindslicer and Aura Thief without having a sac outlet on the field. For this flexibility I like it more than Animate Dead .

For Mimic Vat and Living Dead: tested the vat but since I don’t have that much etb creatures it relies too much on good creatures from opponents. And living dead is a card that is a bit too situational for me while rise is always a good card to play.

I hope this helps a bit to understand my choice.

AJe11y on Azusa, Lost But Seeking Fun ...

1 hour ago

Good morning, DoWell. Thanks for commenting. THe reason I don't run those cards is because I run a lot of boardwipes, and Torpor Orb , which really kills Avenger of Zendikar . But I feel if people don't run these cards, they should definitely run Avenger of Zendikar and Craterhoof Behemoth especially with Tooth and Nail .

I specifically am running a stax-style deck in which the wincons aren't necessarily buff creatures, but through direct damage like Squall Line , lands attacking like Sylvan Awakening , and funny dumb things like infinite squirrels Earthcraft + Squirrel Nest . I mean, squirrels and forests are buddies here. :)

Sir_Flash on [cEDH Primer] To Infinity & ...

2 hours ago

muse99 so talked to one of my buddies about the point you made and will make the change (damn you logic). I appreciate the advice.

Profet93 thank you buddy.

biderchurch on Tatyova, Benthic Druid *Primer*

2 hours ago

mvp1221Thank you very much for your response, it helped me to understand how Taty works in cEDH !!! Have a nice day and have fun !

DubbaDub on Muldrotha, the „Fun“ in „Funeral“ ...

2 hours ago

Very nice deck! Was happy to find some new toys for my own Muldrotha deck, and some more input and discussion on the deck. A few notable misses that didn't get mentioned:

Constant Mists is one of the most criminally underrated green cards in commander, especially in a recursive deck like Muldrotha. While it feels kind of bad to mill it over, it is really worth the times when you can play it. Every single time I draw it, I feel extremely safe, and there's not much anyone will do about it.

While I saw Animate Dead in your notable exclusions, I'm honestly baffled as to why it's worse than Necromancy . You do know that you can only play cards from your graveyard during /your/ turn, right?

Speaking of ETB effects, Mimic Vat is a slam dunk in this deck.

Living Death is, from my experience, a better Rise of the Dark Realms . Not when you play it, of course, but wiping the Maelstrom Wanderer player's board and reanimating 10 creatures has proven to be very powerful, and also very cheap for 5 mana.

donnici on Zur Doomsday

3 hours ago

Hello, what about the new Jace? Doesn't he have a slot in this deck since he does almost the same a Lab Maniac?

toxicliam on Ezuri League

3 hours ago

Have you thought about Hardened Scales ? It seems like a better way to consistently add more counters to your creatures if that’s what you’re going for, and in the same vein Pir, Imaginative Rascal helps. Personally I’d put them in over one-shot effects like Hunting Triad . Also, Contagion Engine and Doubling Season are both very good value engines here, with the engine providing the added bonus of eventually removing opponent’s creatures. On top of that you can proliferate experience counters, so things like Karn's Bastion could be very potent. Personally, I think that Spawnwrithe , Whirler Rogue and Patagia Viper could easily be replaced by these effects. Also, have you considered running Chain of Vapor instead of or alongside Sidisi's Faithful ? It gives you the added benefit of permanent bounce and possibly putting your opponents a land behind if they choose to retaliate. Finally, Birds of Paradise could definitely replace Arbor Elf because you aren’t running things like Utopia Sprawl , so the color fixing and flying creature far outweigh the elf creature type for Priest of Titania . Sorry for the long message, just got a lot of ideas all at once. Good luck in the league, I’m playing Kami of the Crescent Moon as of now!

ImHereToNetdeck on I Talk to the Wind

3 hours ago

...My words are all carried away...!

Vlasiax on The Ur-Dragon

4 hours ago

I see, this might be the swap I'll also make.

For other cards - do you think we can go without Anguished Unmaking as a "catch all" spell? And for cheap card advantage I think about running Impulse until I get some more expensive tutors.

Do you think we need some more card selection like Ponder or is it pushing too far?

RNR_Gaming on Captain K'irrk's Doomsday [Primer]

4 hours ago

omg...I've been brewing this for so long and I guess I forgot the most important part thanks man.

DreamingDragon on Semi-competitive varina budget queen

4 hours ago

What is the theory for not playing Dramatic Scepter in this deck along side the main wincon of Mystic Forge ? Would taking out two cards to add in the infinite mana not be worth it? Is it because infinite mana does not immediately win us the game? Would the upside of simply having Isochron Scepter not be enought?

Also, why don't we play Future Sight is it because it's not an artifact so we won't fizzle?

As always, love your content and love the educational portion of the videos!

lynden on Breakfast Hulk

4 hours ago

May i know is there an infinite loop with Postmortem Lunge now that there is only one Memory's Journey and no more timetwister or krosan reclamation?

How do you win other than by lab man? Is there an infinite loop demonstrable that i missed?

Thanks in advance.

kamarupa on List of all Mana Dork ...

4 hours ago

I'm sorry marrrkk, I don't see how you're supporting your assertion. It's clearly evident from my comment above that I am aware that "Dorks are creatures." However, the fact that dorks are creatures has zero relevance to whether or not non-creature ramp spells are relevant to those looking for ramp solutions for Commander or any other format. Why would it make any difference to anyone building a Commander deck if a ramp spell is a creature, enchantment, artifact, etc? I put forward that considering all ramp options while brewing in any format is the only proper method to building the most successful deck possible within one's budget. Limiting ramp to dorks is arbitrarily narrow for the utility of this list. All that said, if lactobacillus is uninterested/unwilling for whatever reason, I'd be happy to create my own broad[er] list. It just seems rude to recreate what someone else has already started. Consider ForgotenWaffle's All the lands in a sorted list - it's got 800+ upvotes because it's freaking super useful. This list could easily have similar upvotes, but only if it's actually comprehensive.

Demarge on Aurelia's Angelic crusade

4 hours ago

yeah linvala is pretty decent at stopping up some strategies. The skirmisher might be a better early cut than one of the akroma though.

Now Oketra's Monument is kind of good for mana ramp (these monuments proc their ability off any creature cast, not just the ones it discounts) and you can run cards like Kor Skyfisher or Whitemane Lion to abuse it and go wide on tokens, it gets extra weird when someone I suggest this to also has Divine Visitation (1 mana make an angel when the synergy is built). There is also Hazoret's Monument , while the discount pretty much only hits your commander having a loot engine can help out your minor reanimator strategy and smooth out your draws somewhat closer to that of blue. (it also works to turn land tax's land draws into non lands)

Oh yeah Thalia's Lancers is also a pretty decent tutor.

Profet93 on [cEDH Primer] To Infinity & ...

5 hours ago

Nothing to say about the deck except it LITERALLY scared the shit out of me when the song came out of nowhere. Remind me not to huff and puff the devils lettuce while looking at this.

Deck seems solid, +1

thatFigureS on Draw A Card, Punch Your ...

5 hours ago

I like this a lot. Might build this in Commander since I have a bunch of these cards already. Instead of Curiosity you could use Curious Obsession for the +1/+1; the only downside being the fact that if you dont attack it gets sacrificed.

chopsueyrice on Doc Brown (Black to the ...

5 hours ago

how about self-milling with Basalt Mobolith and Mesmeric Orb?

lynden on Selvala Brostorm

5 hours ago

Great primer and thanks for the write up and updates!

tspalding on The Enchanted Fungus

5 hours ago

Not sure how you are viewing your wincon in this deck but these are some cards that came to mind that work with both your enchantment theme and Ghave, Guru of Spores :

  1. Abzan Ascendancy
  2. First Response
  3. Necrogenesis
  4. Ooze Flux
  5. Aura Shards
  6. Oath of the Ancient Wood
  7. Death's Presence

jakethewhale007 on The Price of Blood

5 hours ago

Have you considered Tainted Strike ? Functions similarly to Hatred in that it can one-shot a player out of nowhere (assuming you play Licia, pump her to 7 power, then pump her to 10 power the next turn when she isn't summoning sick). Seems pretty worth it for the low cost of 1 mana

enpc on Bed Hair: cEDH Edition

6 hours ago

Joe_Ken_: Yeah, the boros counterspell stuff is due to my playgroup (and the cEDH community in large) being very blue heavy. But if your playgroup doesn't play a huge amount of control then more power to you.

I run Conjurer's Bauble primarily as a way to recur lost combo pieces. White white can kind of do it, I like bauble as it acts not only as a cantrip but also forms a recursion loop with Auriok Salvagers (and a combo loop if you include Lion's Eye Diamond ). Objectively its ok, but subjectively I really like the card.

As for Umezawa's Jitte , it's basically just repeatable removal. It's great for killing mana dorks/stuff that's causing you issues and it also turns Aurelia into a 3 hit clock since you can give her +4/+4 every time she connects.

PhyrexianGameplay on Pauper Bant Morph Brew

6 hours ago

this is way better than the other list, but the sideboard needs some work, mainly for countering tron and 4c ephemerate control decks. in addition, you should play Ash Barrens over the 3x blossoming sands and a forest, and cut a forest for a plains, because you're base white.

marrrkk on List of all Mana Dork ...

6 hours ago

I think that would be a separate list. Ie seething song is a sorcery. Dorks are creatures. I think this list is appropriate for Commander building.

PhyrexianGameplay on T&K: Bear-Weaver

6 hours ago

i think this deck is clasm fragile. Have you tested against curious control?

Paramount-TC on (Competitive) 5C Ad Nauseam Combo

6 hours ago

Yep, all the lines are not that easy, there are a lot of them. One of the weaknesses with this deck is it's lack of strong resilency and big focus on speed. Being a traditional 'fast combo' deck it is fairly glass cannon. I often play this deck, when I am planning to leave and want to win quickly. Flash Hulk, Reanimator, Storm, and Food Chain are all a little more consistent. Those decks arent restricted to low cmc costs and limited nonland spell counts. Meaning more slots for resilency/control.


A.Turn 1,7 mana and a tutor to hand for a turn 1 win. B.Turn 1 mana + tutor. Mana turn 2 for a turn 2 Ad Nauseam C.lots of mana turn 1, Golo for Bosiju, to make ad nauseam uncounterable. D. Use a sorcery speed tutor with lions eye, crack it in resp. you discard, add mana then tutor for the card you want.

NOTES: Summonors Pact grabs ESG (esg #2) Unless you will lose, you can sit for silence or golo to make ad nauseam uncounterable. This is just as risky. So attempt to win without them.

MrCuddlefish on Mono White Control

6 hours ago

A weird flex, but what do you think of Gideon's Lawkeeper and Summary Judgment as part of the control package?

Randy-Riot on Landfall Ramp

6 hours ago

Do you think Courser of Kruphix could fit into this deck?

Sir_Flash on [cEDH Primer] To Infinity & ...

6 hours ago

muse99 you make a ton of sense but do remember we can bounce our own stuff as well. Would you think Blood Moon would be better suited than B2B, also yeah a ton of builds have been dropping StP lately. I'm just not as big on it as i used to be. But this is all still in testing so I won't say it will not be in this build again. I just need to make sure it is the right call is all.

PhyrexianGameplay on Shuffle Panini

6 hours ago

would Recruiter of the Guard be good in this deck? I noticed imperial recruiter and wondered what it did differently.

hardworlder on Ayula, Queen Among Bears

7 hours ago

Oh, and Metallic Mimic and Adaptive Automaton. They won't trigger Door or Banner effects, but they enter as bears all the same for Ayula.

hardworlder on Ayula, Queen Among Bears

7 hours ago

16 ways to trigger Ayula seems very low. I would up the count to 25+ to have her consistently trigger, and to be able to use her ability as spot removal. And if you don't need spot removal, they're hyper efficient beaters for the most part.

Universal Automaton, Grizzly Bears, Bear Cub, Runeclaw Bear, Alpine Grizzly, Golden Bear, Changeling Titan, Game-trail Changeling, Webweaver Changeling, Bearscape, Kamahl's Summons,

PhyrexianGameplay on Tron at pauper

7 hours ago

i think you should also play snow-covered islands over snow-covered mountains due to the fact that you are playing exactly 1 red card with 2 symbols and 5 blue cards with 5 symbols

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Rocket Science

7 hours ago

Seasoned Pyromancer is definitely an upgrade for this deck. This deck probably also wants to find room for Force of Negation since you can tap out and still keep up countermagic.

Nonetheless, the graveyard decks are absurd in modern right now and I can't play this deck while people have Leyline of the Void in their main

wolfboy193 on Elephant Graveyard

7 hours ago

KrimeFyta luckily I bought mine before the big buyout that caused the Graveyard to go from a $30 card to a over an $100. Good luck on getting one though. I've been making changes to the original list that was posted in the Budget Commander article by Tomer, as sets have been releasing new elephants/elephant related cards.

artichoker on Anje Filter

8 hours ago

Yeah I'm considering cutting Cut, my only lingering concern there is we're reducing wincon density which makes Consult riskier in some cases. Also, you can see my description for how to get hellbent with Priest to win. Phantasmagorian is definitely not needed.

Songs of the damned does seem pretty cool!

-Zardoz- on Dralnu Doomtide

8 hours ago

I run a very similar deck and am wondering what you slotted in now that paradox engine is banned?

Swim_ish on Yarok Ramp + Big Boy ...

8 hours ago

I also recently built a Yarok deck. You can take a look at mine for some guidance as there are some pretty nasty combos in mine (albeit more for Landfall triggers). Yarok, the Desecrated- Landfall Abuse

PeepeeBoySupreme on Kethis

8 hours ago

This is my non Cedh Kethis. A lot of good stuff in here but it isnt meant to compete with the big boys. I just love Kethis as a commander concept and basically made a goodstuff list that is much better than I had originally anticipated it would be. As long as I know my matchups this can run with casual decks and not be too annoyingly good too, you just have to hold back a bit if your into that sort of thing. Feedback welcome, I've only been playing MTG for about one year so if im missing anything obvious, don't be surprised. Hope you like the list.