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merrowMania on Gitrog Dredge Combo [Primer]

4 minutes ago

Simply put, Bitter Ordeal is only good when we are trying to win. It has little to no value outside of the combo. Praetor's Grasp, on the other hand, is useful as a tutor, either by getting what we want out of an opponent's deck or getting a tutor for our deck. Grasp itself is already a contentious slot as some Frog pilots choose to eschew a sorcery speed wincon since they can generate infinite green with Lotus Petal to win in a myriad of other ways.

Titus7007 on Grixis Fires

11 minutes ago

BaneOfLordran I love Storm's Wrath and it seems like it's not currently getting the love it deserves, but I don't think it's a great fit for this deck. One, because it hits my planeswalkers, and two because the 4 cmc cannot be recast by Chandra, Acolyte of Flame (who I think I'll probably add 1 more of)

Whirlwind_2100 on [[Primer]] - Jund Midrange

13 minutes ago

not a russian foil stomping ground? Shame

totterygrain on Consult Scepter Thrasios

15 minutes ago


I'm curious on what is the optimal number of lands for this deck. I've heard a lot of other CST lists run 29-30 lands. Also why not run all 10 fetches and 6 OG duals?

irish_trunks on Simic Hydra commander

29 minutes ago

I would agree on the Primal Vigor and Doubling Season. Also for flavor and out of control counter generation, maybe work in Hydra's Growth.

R0xas16 on k'rrik lichdom

29 minutes ago

And yeah I imagine if the lich lands and I have a way to gain a lot of life like kokusho or gray merchant, I'll draw 15 cards and probably win from there

R0xas16 on k'rrik lichdom

31 minutes ago

I think if I am going to doomsday I want to win using Lich or Liches Mastery. The five cards could be rain of filth or such rituals, dark ritual, lich and repay in kind or something like that

Corrosive_Cat on Big Weaklings [Budget Azorius Jank]

39 minutes ago

It’s good fun, yeah! Have a bit, mostly against my own decks, which sucks because most of the time it thrashes them and I spent so much more time on them!

But yeah it’s decent, seems to win around turns 6-8; long as you draw a High Alert and Tetsuko you’re generally set. Only thing it lacks currently is card draw; any suggestions would be great :)

saturn999 on Varolz's Shadow

40 minutes ago

Rancor does sound good and I see you already have it for maybe. Funeral Charm too situational? It really is if opponent doesn’t have a swamp. Nvm. +1 though!

Bighippo6 on Pharaoh's Tomb

41 minutes ago

Love the deck brotha. Mono Black for life. Similar to mine but with total anti-creature package (tabernacle, abyss, lethal vapors etc.) First of all, I like One-Eyed better than Sidisi (personal preference really) Suggestions- I think you've gone a little overboard with creature removal. Also considering your commander is a tutor, I don't think you need 9 tutors (not including expedition map). I think you should add these key cards 1. exsanguinate 2. scroll rack 3. Snow-Covered Swamps 4. extraplanar lens 5. Gauntlet of Power/Crypt Ghast (Because I'm assuming your main finishers are exsanguinate/torment of hail fire, its gonna be important to have the proper mana ramp incase you don't go infinite) This is also why i like One-Eyed. Black doesn't have much diversification in spells (mostly creature removal/tutors), therefore it is paramount that your able to play the important ones (torment/exanguinate/Planeswalker removal) over and over again to try and finish.

Yasiko on Sharuum Midrange EDH

41 minutes ago

Just wanted to say I love your build - refreshing to see a Sharuum list that isn't pure combo. Have you found the bounce lands to be worth it? I'm considering taking them out of my list for something else.


BreakthroughArtist on k'rrik lichdom

42 minutes ago

I imagine I've been looking at this the wrong way entirely.

if you can resolve a tutor on enough mana and life to win, you're just going to go for that. Liching out is probably something you'd do while waiting for a winning line, yea?

Dead of Winter and Snow-Covered Swamp Toxic Deluge are effectively lich effects to battlecruiser nonsense.

BreakthroughArtist on k'rrik lichdom

47 minutes ago

Diamond Mare Copper Gnomes?

I imagine we can cut a bunch of cards for stuff like Treacherous Blessing, maybe even Liliana's contract?

I'm not really comfortable with so few tutors for Lich's Mastery - is there any way where resolving Behold the Beyond just wins us the game?

Mausoleum Secrets into Mortal Combat ^_^

Sidisi, Undead Vizier

Demonic Consultation

is it worth it to us to run Liliana Vess?

dirty doomsday pile: Infernal Contract into Sacrifice or whatever ritual, then Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Viscera Seer + Walking Ballista

Cravinovv on Kiora Commander

57 minutes ago

Is Kiora legal in your playgroup?

lehdantes on SBT Combo

1 hour ago

how CAN YOU get extra green mana if to pay for necromancer ability you need to sacrifice him? You cant respond the sacrifice by putting a counter on it with wall of roots

Azeworai on Rakdos artifacts

1 hour ago

Ah, artifacts are always delectation to pilot. Though, I do heed some hindrances (in my eyes, at least) that I would like to note.

Whilst I am not too averse to Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse, they are ultimately lacking. In their lieu, try Renegade Map and Traveler's Amulet. They make Mystic Forge more consistent whilst having more value later on. Mycosynth Wellspring, too.

My final note is the exclusion of Expedition Map. Fetches Tron lands, and, again, has quite a bit of utility depending on your mana base.

Fare thee well and good luck!

Lordeh on Kaalia, Angel Tribal

1 hour ago

Bruna, the Fading Light and Gisela, the Broken Blade are solid includes that won't break the bank.

If you have some extra budget look at Platinum Angel as a way to stall out the game and Avacyn, Angel of Hope to blank a lot of removal spells.

As you are in mardu colours I would definitely look at adding some more removal. Path to Exile Swords to Plowshares Utter End Anguished Unmaking Austere Command and maybe even Crackling Doom.

I would also definitely get some haste enablers such as Swiftfoot Boots or Lightning Greaves to acutally get some value off Kalia before she is removed. She is a massive means of drawing aggro from other players as she doesn't play fair.

MLGDolphinStudios on Jeskai Elsha Eggs

1 hour ago

I think you could make some use from cost reducers so you aren't so reliant on Krark-Clan Ironworks. Helm of Awakening, Jhoira's Familiar, Foundry Inspector, Herald of Kozilek, and Etherium Sculptor are all fairly good.

johneybzifejbz on Urza Feeling Lucky - cEDH ...

1 hour ago

Hey brother I have a full grip Urza deck myself, still using twister and codex though. I like the CMC reductions You pointed out and will test it against my Breya and King Kenny decks too. All these have to be my favs, for cEDH... and najelaa is a sweet brew also. I noticed the other comments here and am wondering did you ever consider taking out Future Sight, an enchantment, and use Mystic Forge? It is a great artifact that does have secondary usage to burn away an unwanted land on top if not needed your next turn and of course tap for a blue when Urza is out. Because a 5 cost enchantment never will!! Should you not like that you could also throw in a staff of domination, which is another colorless Mana outlet if Urza is not online or turned off by an opponent. If you have one of the monoliths or scepter producing infinite colorless, you still draw the whole deck with Staff of D, get answers and interaction, then WIN!! Take care hope this helps!

MrDimir on A Song of Turns and ...

1 hour ago

How do you feel about Reap instead of Regrowth or Reclaim? Or is your meta not very B-heavy?

PabloEscobar666 on Surprise infect with Meren!

1 hour ago

Really like the direction you went with this. Using one of the most broken mechanics with one of the most broken commanders, love it.

Enchantments like Dictate of Erebos and Grave Pact really lock down the board with a reanimator deck. Black Market will ramp you into some serious mana as well if you get it out early.

Made a Meren deck as well if you want to check it out (shameless plug).

Meren, Necrosis Queen

Gattison on Wall Flinger

1 hour ago

Awesome and original idea! Love it, +1!

The only other "Fling-like" effect I can find in Pauper is Soul's Fire from Shards of Alara. If you need more fling-effects, that may be of use, plus you get to keep the creature when it resolves... and then Fling it lol.

Also, here are some more Pauper walls you might like: Cinder Wall, Blistering Barrier, Oona's Gatewarden, Tidal Wave and maybe Torpid Moloch.

Andrew30001 on Burn them all...

2 hours ago

Torment of Hailfire if you can afford and your playgroup is ok with it.

SideBae on SupER DuPer FrIEnds :)

2 hours ago

So a land you may want to consider is Cascading Cataracts... if you fetch it with Golos you can use it to make sure you have the chromatic mana you need to activate him.

You may want to consider running "draw-sevens" like Wheel of Fortune, Windfall, Diminishing Returns or Timetwister (if you're loaded). They're really, really good with Narset, Parter of Veils.

If you end up with a lot of mana on your turn you don't know what to do with (I'm having trouble envisioning how this deck plays) you might want Karn's Bastion in the mix.

Depending on your moral compass you might also consider Stasis. It's a hard lock with Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and an almost-hard-lock with Smothering Tithe.

I'm surprised with all your dual lands you're not running moxen... is there a reason why? I feel like Mox Diamond, Mox Opal and even Mox Amber have a pretty reasonable chance of being busted in this deck. Also Mana Crypt.

Savor the Moment is a good way to get extra value from your planeswalkers.

djroguelike on Maverick

2 hours ago


Para as próximas semanas, vou tentar não mudar a lista (talvez umas cartas de SB) para ver como o deck responde. Três jogos por semana é uma amostra muito pequena para ter ideia de como as cartas performam.

Como os jogos contra Miracles demoram muito, dificilmente se joga a terceira partida. Por isso, o deck vai preparado com algumas cartas boas contra Miracles no MB, deixando os hates para outros decks no SB.

Inclusão de Batterskull porque acredito que o Maverick quer ter a maior variedade de respostas possíveis, é o que você assina quando escolhe o deck.

Garruk MB porque a carta é boa contra a maioria dos decks da Versus: control e midrange. Normalmente a lista tem só uma carta com custo 4 (eu escolhi Ceratops pelo match contra Miracles), mas eu achado que é uma forma do Maverick aproveitar as ferramentas que tem.

Palace Jailer não parece ser uma boa agora, principalmente com Miracles jogando com Ice-Fang Coatl. Se não for para usar contra Miracles nem D&T, não acho que vale muito a pena. Vou com duas Sylvan Libraries porque é uma carta que você sempre quer comprar quando joga de Maverick.

Mandei Oophe e Maze para o SB para valorizar o match contra Miracles. Ainda estou com um Silêncio Ensurdecedor só, gostaria de ir para o segundo, mas não sei o que cortar (ainda quero três GY hates e um Prelate a mais).

BaneOfLordran on Grixis Fires

2 hours ago

What if you traded out the flame sweeps for Storm's Wrath ?

Scytec on Mayael's Monster Mashup

2 hours ago

@kashmyrr - Ancient does indeed look like a lot of fun. Stonehoof kind of feels like a win more card to me..but if I manage to snag one I will give it a try. Thank you for the comment and the +1!!

ThatGrimGuy on Landlord Korvold [Primer]

2 hours ago

Wouldn't Command Beacon be really good in this deck?

Jasmo2881 on {PRIMER} Prison Break

2 hours ago

Ahhh, yes, I didnt see that we had lands dependent on basics, cool man. Cant wait to build and test it out, it's my first time playing Pioneer :)

jrc1123 on White/Black angels

2 hours ago

Please give me feedback on how to improve this deck

djroguelike on Maverick

2 hours ago

1-2-bye na Versus dia 18/2:

1-0 BG Depths (2-1): Primeira partida contra um jogador que estava na primeira vez na Versus, aprendendo a jogar com o deck dele. Na primeira partida ele me deu um turno a mais para ganhar o jogo com Sejiri Steppe, e nas outras duas partidas eu comprei todos os hates, não tive problemas (Wastelands e Karakas).

1-1 Jeskai Breach (1-2): Esse deck usa Underworld Breach para ciclar Lion's Eye Diamond, fazer mana para burro e ganhar com Brain Freeze. Scavenging Ooze não faz nada, porque o jogador tem prioridade para castar LED do cemitério e Brain Freeze é uma instantânea, ele pode castar uma segunda cópia caso eu tente exilar a primeira. Partida difícil, principalmente porque pós-board ele traz Monastery Mentor, e GW Maverick não tem como lidar com os tokens. Thalia, Prelate (para 0 no game 1, para 1 nos outros games), Silêncio Ensurdecedor e o que tiver de GY hate é a forma de ganhar o jogo.

G1 descobri o que o deck fazia. G2 comprei todos os hates, G3 perdi para Mentor. Esqueci de trazer StP para o jogo três depois de ver o Mentor, mas não sei se é o que eu quero se pretendo castar Prelate para 1. Pareceu um jogo justo, com a mão certa dá para ganhar.

1-2 Fractius (0-2): fui atropelado por Fractius, e nesse match senti falta de Batterskull: por duas vezes castei Stoneforge Mystic, por duas vezes não tive o que buscar. Jogo dois dei keep em uma mão com Phyrexian Revoker e 4 lands, Revoker tomou FoW, não tive chances. Keepar mãos especulativas contra fractius é um terror, porque você não tem muito tempo para comprar cartas.

Preciso pensar mais nos mulligans. Sair com a mão certa é meio caminho andado, e se eu não tenho a carta que eu quero, nem uma chance para buscá-la, é melhor devolver. Talvez valha a pena fazer uma lista de cartas importantes em cada match, só para passar pela cabeça uma vez e ter o que lembrar na hora do jogo.

Yarok on I am you, but ur ...

2 hours ago

This deck is one of the most fun decks I have ever developed! It was really fun when I beat my friend over FaceTime 3 times! The main game plan is to create clones of your opponents cards, and of the expensive big artifact - creature cards. The Many cards have abilities, like, when this creature enters the battlefield, it becomes a copy of target creature on the battlefield, so you can use Thassa, Deep-Dwelling’s non-mana ability to phase the cards with abilities like these (which are most of the good clone cards in this deck), phase them out, and when they phase back in, you can choose new targets for their etb triggers. Using cards with imprint, u can phase out, get the etb trigger, exile a permanent, and all will be swell, because you’ll get an imprinted card like duplicate, remove your opponent’s big cards with the imprint effect of a card like duplicant, and even get a big creature at moments. Hope you all like this deck, and remember to visit the deck that inspired this clone deck.

Phule451 on Commander Tribal

2 hours ago

as someone who is obsessed with lieutenant cards I love what you've done here, kinda surprised you don't have Stormsurge Kraken in the mix...

xSKINCOLLECTORx on Funny prank - Your hand ...

2 hours ago

Sadistic Hypnotist, Augur of Skulls, Noxious Toad, Yarok's Fenlurker, Black Cat, Mind Slash, Oppression, most specter creatures, Dark Deal with Maralen of the Mornsong then stop them from tutoring somehow. like ob nixilis or i use stranglehold with red. i use these effects in a Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker deck

TheLordStormCrow on {PRIMER} Prison Break

2 hours ago

@Jasmo2881, thanks for the feedback, good luck with your tournament!

I'm only running 1 Castle Ardenvale because we need to keep our forest and plains count high enough to consistently have Fortified Village and Sunpetal Grove enter untapped, and extra copies would have to replace basic plains to keep enough dual lands for good consistency in the mana base.

Mill_For_Life on the multitude, the swarm

2 hours ago

If you go WG, you can also add March of the Multitudes. I love seeing a home for Divine Visitation!

Ohnonot on Hate

2 hours ago

Depending on how poor I become after the semester I might have to cut some of the overgrown tombs

lfritzsche on pioneer enchantress

2 hours ago

I run a similar build and Mana Bloom is amazing. You only ever put one counter on it and then remove it so you can put it back in your hand and cast it again next turn for free triggers.

onlythirtyonecharactersallowed on Wait, this isn't black

3 hours ago

asalkay801 Thanks for the suggestion but it's a bit too much cmc altogether for the effect. Do you know any other card which does the same effect¿ preferably in creature form

Jasmo2881 on {PRIMER} Prison Break

3 hours ago

Hey, really like the deck, alot. So much so, I'm gonna run it in my lgs pioneer tourney later this month.

If you dont mind me asking, why not run 1 or 2 more copies of Castle Ardenvale? It could be late game saving chump blockers.

Thanks for the build :)

battlesong72 on Yawgmoth, Thran Physician

3 hours ago

Oh, I forgot, I really think Astral Cornucopia is a trap. My son was running it in his Vorel of the Hull Clade deck, which has a metric ton of proliferate and it was really underwhelming. Not to mention that you lose a whole turn when you cast it. I'd really just go Charcoal Diamond there and call it a day. Also, look into Bubbling Muck....

battlesong72 on Yawgmoth, Thran Physician

3 hours ago

First and foremost, it looks to me like you need more card draw: Phyrexian Arena, Sign in Blood, Read the Bones, etc.

The synergy with Contagion Clasp and Contagion Engine should not be overlooked and I'd run them with Yawgmoth

Temporal Extortion looks good on paper, but I've never had much luck in getting the extra turn.

Yawgmoth is also disgusting for getting Bloodchief Ascension active in a hurry, I would run this in a heartbeat.

I don't think you're going to get much mileage out of Weaponcraft Enthusiast and I would think this deck is begging for Massacre Girl instead.

Ichor Rats is good because it gives everyone a counter, but I wouldn't run Tainted Strike unless you were going for a dedicated infect build - this spot would be better used for either another targeted kill spell or another board wipe.